Cover images not always showing

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Cover images not always showing

Abr 2, 5:25am

Apologies if this has been covered before but I didn't see it on a quick scan.

A number of people in our group have commented that if they're on an iPhone or iPad they're not always seeing cover images when we're loading them to our threads as part of discussions. Some people thought it was just images copied from Amazon that were creating the problem, but even with images copied from LT it seems some people are seeing them in the thread but others aren't.

I'm not sure if this is solely an Apple issue, but these happen to be the cases on the most recent discussion on this.

Any suggestions?

Editado: Abr 3, 1:18pm

Are the cover images red even though there are true covers on the site? I ask because that is what I often see on the app or even on the Helpers/Cover flagging page and created a thread also. {removed my link since it's not the same as OP was talking about}

Abr 2, 1:08pm

Not sure - I've never any problem seeing them on my Mac, but just a couple of people commented on my thread, whilst others have no problem seeing them.

Editado: Abr 2, 6:40pm

Let me help here a bit :)

The message in question is

For the record:
- I see it from my Windows laptop (and always did).
- I could not see it from my Iphone until yesterday - no errors or anything red - just empty space; today it is visible from the phone as well.

It is an Amazon cover.

>1 AlisonY:

This is why I never use Amazon images in my thread :) I just bring them in LT if they are not here and then link to the LT version.

Abr 3, 11:20am

>4 AnnieMod: Annie, I just realised the second image I grabbed from LT was an Amazon one too - I didn't realise. Cheers!

Hmm - weird that it seems to be the Amazon covers that are randomly creating blanks, and stranger still that it's inconsistent across browsers and device types. Oh well - I will try to avoid the Amazon ones going forward.

Abr 3, 12:46pm

>5 AlisonY: Not that weird - they are in a different domain and some browsers can be a bit too protective until they are sure you want to see them indeed. I suspect that this is what is causing this whole inconsistency here. Or who knows. :) I may also be WiFi vs LTE combined with the cross domain protections (in my case anyway - and once the browser knew I am ok with the image, I can now always see it).