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Mar 18, 5:21pm

Perhaps someone can explain this to me.

So, I have catalogued a fair amount of audiobooks as I listen to a lot of those. Anyway I make sure to always include any narrators as 'other authors' with any title. But I have noticed when I follow the links to their author pages, at least sometimes the author pages don't list all the titles where I have given them a 'other author' entry.

I'm wondering why that is. As someone who follows audiobook narrators, finding titles a person narrates would be pretty handy.

Mar 18, 5:39pm

Besides listing the narrators in your catalogue, you have to confirm them on the work page for the work to show on the author page.

To do this, go down the main work page to the Other Author area, click on Add other authors.

You will probably need to also click on Recalculate. You can then confirm or edit the author you know about. Narrators are usually secondary authors of some editions.