Changing media but preserving original entry date

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Changing media but preserving original entry date

Mar 16, 9:23am

When I first joined I added some books as audiobooks instead of paper books. Can I correct this without changing the entry date? Thanks.

Mar 16, 9:26am

Yes, if you click on the book title in your catalog, it will take you to the book page where you can Edit Your Book to change any of the details of the file, including the media type. None of this editing will alter your original entry date.

Mar 16, 9:30am

In fact, there is no way to change the entry date for an existing book in any way. The closest you could do is to delete and re-enter the book entirely, in which case it will change to the current date. So there's no worry about anything accidentally changing it.

Mar 16, 9:31am

>2 rosalita: So helpful, thank you! x.

Mar 16, 9:54am

>3 lorax: I thought that was the case but did not feel confident enough to say it. So thanks for confirming, lorax!