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Adding Special Edition

Mar 10, 5:27pm

Not sure where to put this, sorry if wrong place. I joined today.

I have several books that are special editions and I read somewhere where a editor said each edition gets it's own ISBN. I've tried adding these books over and over but they don't show up. Is this something where I will just have to add them manually? Thanks in advance.

Mar 10, 5:31pm

That depends on what kinds of editions they are.

You can try to find them in different sources but if they are the kind of editions that libraries do not carry, your choices are Amazon (which is very crappy on these) or adding manually. I prefer to add mine manually in this case.

Mar 10, 5:35pm

>1 JG_Carse:

If you'll give us the title/author and ISBN, we can try to help you find a source.

Mar 10, 5:45pm

>3 lilithcat:

Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of Jedi by Charles Soule (9780593356470) (Special Edition)

Star Wars: Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray (9781984800817) (Special Convention Edition)

As of now these are the two I'm having issues with

Editado: Mar 10, 5:53pm

>4 JG_Carse:

The first is the signed one, right? It never made it to Amazon I believe and it has almost zero chance of being in a library system somewhere (at least for now). And Convention editions tend to be exclusive to the convention (and then the publisher site if there are left-overs).

I'd add these manually if I had them -- if the auto-combine does not kick in, we will easily combine them where they belong after they are added.

Mar 10, 5:56pm

>5 AnnieMod: Yes, signed and exclusive dust cover. Ok fantastic thanks for help!

Mar 10, 6:00pm

>4 JG_Carse:

I think you're going to have to add those manually. I searched for those ISBNs on Worldcat, and they don't appear to be in any of their sources.

Theoretically, you could add a regular edition and then edit your copy, but I expect it would be simpler just to add it manually to begin with.

Mar 10, 6:05pm

>7 lilithcat: Thanks! Yeah I'm just gonna come back to them and manually add them.