How does MDS assignment for a new book work?

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How does MDS assignment for a new book work?

Feb 26, 2:47pm

Here on LT, how do books get assigned a particular MDS number?

I understand how to edit my own book information to add an MDS number. I wondering: Does my doing that help others figure out what the MDS number should be? …my chosen MDS number shows up as my data, rather than data from LT, how does an MDS number get assigned eventually?

(I don't see anything about MDS in the help. :)

Feb 26, 3:10pm

It doesn't get assigned. The number is whatever people decide it is. Then they all end up on the Work Details page.

Feb 26, 3:27pm

…so my assigning an MDS to my book's page, that's doing the right thing? Others will see what I think a good MDS would be for a book?

For the particular book I'm touching most recently, how does the "cannonical DDC/MDS" get set on this page…

Editado: Feb 26, 3:42pm

Yep. And if they feel it belongs somewhere else, they'll put that on their copy.

ETA: You know, I think that's the first time I noticed that field. I'm sure people fill that in, but I don't know where they get the data from unless they go to WorldCat...

Feb 26, 4:29pm

>4 gilroy: I've noticed it when it was introduced a year or two ago, but never got an answer if it's desirable to fill it, or like other canonicals it's supposed to be used just in some situations. The best place to get one would I assume be , which gets you all DDC and LC numbers used by Worldcat libraries.

As for the OP, I'm a bit confused by the use of MDS. If you mean the DDC field of your book details, it is imported with the rest of the data if you use a library source. You can of course add or edit it yourself. If none is imported but there's available data from other records, it is offered in green in that field for your book.

CK canonical DDC/MDS is entered by members as the rest of CK.