what's going on here, and how do i fix it?

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what's going on here, and how do i fix it?

Feb 21, 9:51am

hello everyone,

looking at this work here:

the description is clearly for a different book altogether.

what should a conscientious lt-er do when they see this sort of thing?


Feb 21, 10:08am

Flag it as "belongs to some other work".

To the right of the description, you'll see icons for "thumbs up", "thumbs down", and a flag. Click on the flag and you'll see various options. Pick "belongs to some other work".

Feb 21, 10:45am

>2 lilithcat: You got me worried. Looking at the main page from the link in the OP I couldn't see any icons to the right but going to the main menu on the left and clicking on to the 'Descriptions' page, there they were. Another page that is new to me!

Feb 21, 11:01am

>1 elahrairah: off topic, but I love your user name. Oh, Hazel.

Feb 21, 11:14am

In general, it's worth checking the editions page to see if the problem is caused by a bad combination. That is not the problem here.

Feb 21, 12:57pm

>5 MarthaJeanne: Ditto for wrong covers. It's the most common way I spot wrongly combined works

Feb 22, 4:58am

thanks everyone :)

Feb 22, 5:26am

>4 susanbooks: 's my favourite novel!

Feb 22, 9:09am

>8 elahrairah: Not a bad favorite at all! I can't count how many times I've read that, as a whole or just in parts, like just reading about them at that creepy warren where they liberate the does. Here's my question, though: If they couldn't count past three or four, why was Fiver named Fiver? That never ceased to bug me.

Oh, but, yeah, I love that book. I started reading it when I was pretty young, when the whole world was my neighborhood. I was astonished & disappointed to find out it took place across the ocean and not in the fields near my house. I also remember puzzling over what a Deus ex Machina was & only appreciating the cleverness of that chapter title so many years later.

Feb 22, 2:47pm

>9 susanbooks: Fiver's name in Lapine is "Hrairoo", with "hrair" meaning "a thousand" (any number bigger than four), and the "-oo" as a diminutive.

Editado: Feb 22, 4:36pm

Right, but how does that become Fiver? It's a translation but it's weird to translate his name into a word he himself wouldn't even be able to imagine. Like, I don't know, referring to Benjamin Franklin as the Astronaut or something, as a hyperbolic and bad example.

Feb 22, 9:42pm

>11 susanbooks: It's a number greater than four but a small one since it's diminutive. Fiver sounds like a reasonable translation.

Feb 23, 9:27am

Okay, I'm being nitpicky, perhaps, but it seems an extreme example of translation as betrayal. He can't even conceive of his own name in translation. I couldn't have put it into these words as a kid, of course, but it seems profoundly alienating. If Fiver were to pick up Watership Down (on audible because, y'know, with the paws, ebooks & printed books just don't work. And with his abilities, if any rabbit could listen to audiobooks, he could) he wouldn't even comprehend his own name much less recognize it. It doesn't seem respectful of Fiver or his point of view. (I thought too much as a kid & it just hasn't stopped.)