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LibraryThing Recommendations on work page

Feb 16, 4:50pm

I went looking for the conversation threads concerning the updated works pages, without success. I think I maybe perhaps self-inflicted a setting that displays an endless list of LT Recommendations every time I go to a work page. I can make it go away with a few clicks each time, but geez! Can someone help me make it stay gone?

Feb 16, 4:54pm

>1 2wonderY:

It's not just you. That's been driving me nuts, too. The list just won't stay closed!

Feb 16, 5:09pm

I only see a long list when choosing the checkmark option on the right, Normally, I have the cover display (the first icon with for squares) and it shows only one row. The middle option is a list, but shorter one, Does that help or is that what doesn't stick?

Closing the module altogether indeed doesn't stick, which seems peculiar to this module. Others stay closed in my experience.

Moving the module to the bottom of the page might help too.

Feb 16, 5:39pm

>4 SandraArdnas: That was it! I’ve always had it set to covers, and must have changed it inadvertently. Gawd, what a relief!!!
Thank you Thank you!!!