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Ene 31, 10:15am

Shoo, Tim!

Hmmm. Admin powers are exaggerated

Ene 31, 10:20am

Ha! So there!

Ene 31, 10:24am

I feel more irritated than I should that I spotted a typo in a comment I wrote in the Dyspeptic group, and now I can no longer correct it.

Ene 31, 10:29am

I already feel bad that whatshisname never got a chance to be silly.

Ene 31, 11:12am


Ene 31, 11:23am

I wanted to give Tim a flag--
Crimson makes a rotten post nicer
Looking (don't you think?)--
But he pushed me far away
Beyond the sight of the flag link.
The "monster" will have no red
Warning color above its nest of words.

Ene 31, 11:26am

Poet's Note:

Hey, we can't flag a post in a closed group where we aren't a member. At least one where we've been kicked out. TIL.

Ene 31, 1:55pm

Howdy y’all. Welcome to the Sillys. Do you think we should give Timmy a second chance? Hmmm. How would that work? I don’t see a good button for that.

Ene 31, 3:04pm

>8 2wonderY: Honestly, I'm angry at him at the moment, not feeling silly at all, anymore. (The poem above was a joke, inspired by a check of what the system would do. This isn't a joke.)

Today has has rough across the internet, and there's a common theme to the turbulent discussions. Tim is adding to the upsets here.

I'm going to head out of this group for a while.

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