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Ene 31, 10:02am

I was going to tell this one in that other group; but I missed my chance.

My brother owns the house we grew up in. It’s a modest post-Victorian era two story frame. He has been feuding with the neighbor across the street forever. That neighbor also grew up and inherited his house. Anyway, my brother is an avid scroll saw craftsman and he decided to express his ire with gingerbread trim. Repeated anatomical design; and it’s not the middle finger. Google Earth refuses to show the house. The street view skips right past it. Censorship? Embarrassment? Do you know of any other places this occurs?
I bear some guilt, as I gave him a book that inspired him. ••blush••

Editado: Feb 1, 2:27pm

>1 2wonderY: When I saw the name of this group I felt I would like to be a member.

When I saw you were using my ex-wife's driving license photo as your header I was not too sure. :)

BTW, I think I may live across the road from your brother .. .. ..

Editado: Feb 4, 9:49am

>1 2wonderY: Loved your story and the idea of lots more, so here is my offering:

Some years ago I bought one of the very first Kindles.
Wonderful idea, except for the owners (beginning with a big A)
One day checking through my Kindle books I noticed that my copy of “1984” was missing. I had bought and paid Big A for it, read it a few times and enjoyed it, now it was gone.

What would you do?

Big A took a lot of contacting and after months of nonsense admitted that they had taken it back. It took a lot of emails to convince them that this was called “stealing”.
I think it was someone on LT who eventually posted that big A had no legal rights to the book and had problems, so they decided to just steal everyone’s copy back.

Years later I was offered a refund but how I was supposed to get it was never mentioned and I never did see any result. Talk about business crime? You couldn’t make it up, could you?

The irony of the title never escaped me. :-)

Feb 4, 9:54am

>3 Novak:

I had bought and paid Big A for it

But you hadn't bought the book. "Kindle Content is licensed, not sold, to you by the Content Provider."

Editado: Feb 4, 10:06am

>4 lilithcat: Thanks for that info.

So - they did not steal my book, they stole my license.

One more reason never to deal with the thieving rats again. :-)

Feb 6, 12:26pm

For books published before 1921 (or something like that) that are no longer copyrighted, try MobileRead. Yes, they are the same books as on Gutenberg, but better formatting and proofread for errors. is also a source.

Happy kindle reading!

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