Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Kafka's Metamorphosis

Ene 22, 1:18pm

I missed out on the deluxe edition of this title. Does anyone know if the sellout was of a first run and there might be more published at some future point? The secondary market prices on eBay are astronomical

Ene 22, 5:57pm

I think it was completely sold out.

Ene 22, 7:01pm

Well, it seemed to be one of the slower-moving titles in the series (as well as one of the more expensive titles at $395), so running out of the whole limitation in just 2 years and 7 months seems highly unlikely (so far, only A Christmas Carol and Tarzan of the Apes, which had a limitation of 800, have beaten that).

More likely, Metamorphosis was just rested at the halfway point (the same applies to Jekyll & Hyde). Since it has been out of stock for 20 months now (Jekyll 21 months), there is a fair chance that it might reappear later this year - assuming, of course, that EP opts to do the whole limitation, that is.

Feb 6, 8:36pm

I'm pretty sure Metamorphosis is sold out. They did pull it briefly when they printed the second half (as it seems they did with all the DLEs during this time), but then they had it on the final chance countdown and sent several emails on it, so I am pretty sure this one is gone.

Feb 7, 10:44am

4: It could be gone for good, to make room for better selling titles, but I am pretty sure there are not 1200 copies out there. I bought my copy about four months before it sold out, and was both surprised and pleased to get a copy with an unexpectedly low number (in the mid hundreds; actually, the same applies to Jekyll & Hyde which, in any case, seemed to be following a very similar sales trajectory). With few exceptions (Tarzan of the Apes, A Christmas Carol & Gilgamesh), titles in the series have taken 4-5 availability years to sell out. Many titles have been taken down for a longer break after the first 2.5-3 years, while a short glitch in availability rather tends to mark the end of a quarter rather than a half (I think I noticed one of these glitches with Inferno quite a bit before they were discussed here on the board, so they really may not be that new a phenomenon). Of course, whether all titles will return from the break is another question entirely - time will tell.

Feb 7, 11:35am

>5 supercell: I wish as a customer service that EP would keep active on their website “sold out” items which did not sell out, but which are simply on a hiatus — and attach a note that the remaining printing will occur in the future. This might prevent people from paying higher prices in the secondary market for items which are not OOP. The more recent example is Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Feb 7, 12:02pm

>6 HugoDumas: great point. Was pleasantly surprised when I saw Hunchback back with ep. we purchased it right away. I thought that it was only available in Europe through MBI. EP need to provide more info on their website. As well as to have an option to leave reviews for their books.

Feb 7, 1:38pm

>7 fancythings: yes I bought mine in Europe through Danbury Mint. Thankfully due to value of Euro I got it for less than U.S. retail. The other example was Count of Monte Cristo. I paid extra on eBay only to discover from this forum that it was returning from hiatus.

Editado: Feb 7, 1:49pm

>8 HugoDumas: I have the count of monte cristo EP 5 volumes next to hunchback. Most beautiful LE’ s from ep. My parents bought Count after hurricane Sandy. This is when it was still available from ep. Was a long time ago. Glad you had good deal from Danbury mint. Both editions are well illustrated and pleasure to read.

I was in Zurich on vacation in 2017 with my relatives and one of the book stores there was selling EP used regular editions for the price of EP limited editions

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