Anyone want to be a BookBalloon group administrator?

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Anyone want to be a BookBalloon group administrator?

Ene 20, 4:55pm

Hi all!

Obviously, I'm not around here very often so if anyone wants to step in as administrator you are more than welcome!


Ene 22, 1:02pm

What does that entail?

Ene 22, 1:45pm

>2 laurenbufferd: here is the thread about it:

My sense is "not much" but the site doesn't want groups in use to disappear or be effectively orphaned if their creator disappears

Ene 29, 4:36pm

Oh gosh, I can do it. Just let me know what I need to do, if anything.

Editado: Ene 29, 6:07pm

>4 laurenbufferd: Go to the group's page and click the button on the right that says "apply to be group administrator" or something like that:

Oh, it is the "looking for an admin" link

Feb 1, 2:41pm

Thanks, Lauren!