children's picture book

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children's picture book

Ene 20, 10:19am

Children's picture book where a few woodland animal friends find that they need to relocate their library. The main character convinces a friend's grandfather (maybe a badger) to let them move it to his property. In the end the whole town helps the children move it.

Ene 20, 10:43am

What about it?

Ene 22, 11:20am

>2 lilithcat: I need help with the title. I don't remember it.

Ene 22, 11:22am

In that case, you want the Name That Book group:

Be sure to follow the guidelines, with particular attention to Enter a helpful Subject line that includes a genre and a clue . . . Words like 'Help' or 'Find this book' or 'Search' are not helpful in a subject line and should be avoided.

Many members of this group only open topics they think they can help with, so your subject line is important for getting the right people to read your post — the ones who probably know your book!

Ene 22, 11:23am

>4 lilithcat: Thank you so much. I fixed the error.

Ene 22, 11:24am

You're very welcome.

I hope you find your book!