Talk sort randomly changes

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Talk sort randomly changes

Ene 20, 9:32am

My sort is not sticking like it used to. I always have it on last message, but now it goes to new/total for no reason. I use the talk page set to groups and posts for the most part and so when I click on that, the sort changes. And once instead of going to groups and posts it went to hot topics. Bah.

using fairly new version of Chrome and Windows 10 Pro.

Ene 20, 11:37am

Are you having the same problem as reported here?

Ene 21, 9:52am

Should be the same issue noted in >2 lauralkeet:. We're looking! Thanks for the report.

Ene 21, 6:35pm

Let me know if it's now good. It now has three sort settings—home, the talk tab, and groups. They stick for each of those.

Ene 22, 10:49am

Seems more stable now. Will pipe up if it switches again. Thanks much!