Why Collections and/or Tags Text in Pink not Black?

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Why Collections and/or Tags Text in Pink not Black?

Ene 20, 9:04am

I've been away from LT and now am back to work on my home library. Fun! But, I see some Collections and Tags are colored pink/purple. I understand what green text means for Dewey Decimals, but why the pink/purple text for Collections and Tags? Did something break? What can I do about it to fix it? Thanks so much for any clarification.

Ene 20, 9:16am

Those are links.

Ene 20, 10:20am

Visited links change color, but it's purple, not pink. (I shudder at the idea of pink links)

Ene 21, 8:20am

>4 bnielsen: It would rhyme, though.

Ene 21, 8:24am

I vote crimson for collections and turquoise for tags.

Ene 21, 2:12pm

Ha, ha. I like crimson and turquoise for colors. So, what is my collection linking to? How can I find out? What is it linking to that makes my collection name, "Hard Cover", a magenta color? Thanks to all for your comments and any suggestions!

Ene 21, 3:01pm

Your collection name is linking to the collection itself. If you have clicked on that link, it will turn the visited link color. I cannot think of another reason why the link color would have changed.

Ene 22, 12:27pm

Can you share a screenshot? Are links anywhere else pink?

Ene 23, 11:51pm

I was able to clean up the "magenta text" on my "Your Books" page. I don't really know how I did it. I do know that the values in the Title field will turn magenta if I go to work or detail page AND return to Your books using the browser back function. I found out I can prevent this from happening after going to the work or detail page if, instead, I used LibraryThing's menu bar to go to "Your books" page. The only way I could "reset" the title values to blue was to create a duplicate book entry and delete the old entry. I also had magenta text in my tags and collections fields. By going to the Home page I added new tags and collections, then from my Your books page I would add them to books which had magenta text values. I followed that up by deleting the old values. It was easier to do this for tags than for collections. If I renamed a collection, it would turn magenta. I'm not sure what I did to fix my collection values. However, all values for titles, tags and collections are now colored blue. Keep in mind that the magenta text did NOT break any functionality for things worked just fine except for being differently colored text. But, as you may guess, I can be picky about text color. My last, remaining problem with magenta text remains on the Home page's list of tags and collections. I have yet to figure out how to get them reset to blue. But, they do work and I'm tired of backtracking to "clean up" after magenta text. It's not worth the trouble, me thinks.😟

Ene 24, 12:26am

>9 boyerjh: A much simpler way of getting your links to turn back to blue is to clear your browser history.

Ene 28, 12:26am

>10 amanda4242: That is great to know! I was thinking there was some sort of connection to my recent edits. Terrific solution, kudos to you! Wish I had known sooner and save myself a lot of unnecesary effort. Oh well, live and learn.

Ene 28, 1:35am

>11 boyerjh: I believe you can turn off color changing altogether (or just adjust the colors) in browser settings, but that affects any links whatsoever, not just on LT