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Ene 20, 6:48am

Are there people still involved in this group? InigoMontoya are you still around and want to carry on administrating? TIM will give you new powers soon.

Or should we just let us fade away into the vast number of dormant groups :-(

Ene 20, 6:42pm

I'm still here, just extremely terrible at getting around to my most recent book selection!

May 6, 6:24pm

Have been in a terrible book slump for months. Popped back in here and have decided that my next book is the book picked out for me here!

May 7, 4:00pm

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s almost exactly 3 years since I was challenged to read Where the Shadows Lie. It’s still on my to read list, so I’ll read it next. I’ve been in a reading slump too.