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Change language (Vietnamese)

Ene 19, 5:46am

Hi i see that under settings, i can change language. I wonder if you have Vietnamese and can include that in. Thanks

Editado: Ene 19, 6:20am

Vietnamese is not one of the available languages. If it were added, you and other members would need to translate each little bit of site text. See for an example of a language site that is still in the process of being translated.

Ene 19, 6:43am

>2 MarthaJeanne: I think this was meant as an RSI to add Vietnamese. But good that you point out that there is nothing automatic about it, we members have to do all translations ourselves.

Ene 25, 1:28am

I am not sure what is meant by RSI. I meant for adjusting the Primary Language under Account Settings under Settings in Home. I see several options tho most are European languages. I will have them adapt somehow then.

Tho i presume adding Vietnamese should be simple enough as it doesn't involve characters like Chinese has. I think the diacritic marks are similar to French? Sorry am no expert so i may be making broad assumptions.

Editado: Ene 25, 1:33am

>4 SAIGONSTAR: "RSI" = "Recommended Site Improvement"
After the name of the group dedicated to such requests.

Editado: Ene 25, 2:01am

>4 SAIGONSTAR: Adding it will be easy but unless someone translates every single piece of text on the site (including menus and buttons and labels and so on), it won't be different than the English site (except that it will have a lot of yellow where the English does not).

LT does not use automatic translations - every single existing language site is translated by the members of the community. Someone will need to do all the work so the site appears in Vietnamese.

Are you volunteering to start working on the Vietnamese translations? If so, I am sure that they can start a site for Vietnamese...

If you expect the language to be added and to have the text in Vietnamese, then see my explanation above (And >2 MarthaJeanne: as well for an example) - this is not how LT works.

Editado: Ene 25, 2:06am

I'd say the most notable language omissions are Vietnamese, Thai, Bengali, and Malayalam. Not the first time this issue has been raised, but this is the first time we've had a volunteer for any of them, as far as I know.

Additions might stand some chance of happening once LT 2.0 has rolled out. Very doubtful before then.

Mar 10, 10:27pm

Thanks for all the good ideas on this query. Sorry, i am not conversant enough to volunteer for the Vietnamese translation. i was asking this on behalf of my Vietnamese compatriots who, because of this lack, have chosen not to take on LT sadly.

Editado: Abr 8, 11:24am

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