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Amazon Universal Import

Ene 18, 3:57pm

I cannot import my Amazon WishList into my Library. I have tried multiple times at different times of the day...etc. It comes back and says, 'no books found'. It has worked in the past, but not recently in the last month or so. Has something changed on Amazon where I cannot import the data? I welcome any feedback.


Ene 19, 9:42am

Quite possibly. What's the process you're using? Can you give step-by-step?

Ene 19, 1:55pm

>3 lesmel: Ah, okay. Will ping that bug report for devs.

Mar 1, 3:13pm

Any update? I just tried again.

Mar 2, 8:49am

>5 paupersgrave: Are you able to give a step-by-step of your process as I mentioned in >2 kristilabrie:? Please include any page URLs you're submitting to the Universal Import, for example.


Mar 19, 10:23am

in amazon, goto to list, send list to others, view only, copy link,, in librarything, more, universal import, paste url get error no books in file.