best parctice for catalogging public domain ebooks?

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best parctice for catalogging public domain ebooks?

Ene 11, 12:32am

are there best practices for catalogging public domain ebooks. I just acquired, read, and catalogged a book to my collection from Standard Ebooks ... I used the pub date for the ebook version i read and uploaded their cover. I used add a book manually to enter it and it got connected to the work, which is cool, but i feel like there have to be guidelines or best practices for catalogging these books and that others have run forged a path ... any hints? Here's the book I added:

Ene 11, 1:01am

I tag each of mine with "ebook" and "public domain book". Otherwise, they're catalogued like all other books.

Ene 11, 1:08am

They are not really different than any book without ISBN.

Incidentally, Project Gutenberg is among the sources, but I didn't like the data as imported from them, so I don't use them. Your mileage may vary.

Ene 11, 3:48am

>3 SandraArdnas: I've found recently searches fail on the Gutenberg source, even for books I got off Gutenberg in the first place. I had to fall back onto manual entry...

Ene 11, 9:20pm

So for this book the original pub date is October 5, 1934, the date the first Standard Ebooks version was released is January 5, 2016, the date of release for the version I read is December 29, 2020, and the Standard Ebooks version was "produced in 2007" based on transcription from Project Gutenberg.

It is a little dizzying.

Is there a best practice for setting the pub date?

Editado: Ene 12, 12:25am

>5 pdever: I would suggest:

For all editions: Original Publication Date is 1934-10-05 (ymd format for exact dates)

For your copy: use the same publication date if you have a first edition print copy, use the edition date if it's not a first edition print copy, for the Gutenberg text use the Gutenberg date (I usually note in the publication field it's the Gutenberg edition with the text they digitised from if it's a single source), for the Standard text use 2016-01-05, and note in the publication field it's the 2020-12-29 Standard release.

Although you can enter multiple dates in the OPD field, see this thread ( for why it's not a very good idea to do so.

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Feb 15, 10:24am

>6 Maddz: Thanks! Super helpful.