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Francis (2021)

Ene 7, 11:01pm

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On Epiphany, pope says church needs healthy dose of ‘theological realism’ (Crux)

Pope Francis during a Mass for the feast of the Epiphany advocated what he called an attitude of “theological realism,” which, he said, fosters trust in God and looks for deeper meaning rather than getting caught up in one’s own problems...

a way of viewing reality “that transcends the visible and makes it possible for us to worship the Lord who is often hidden in everyday situations, in the poor and those on the fringes.” It is a way of seeing things, he said, “that is not impressed by sound and fury, but seeks in every situation the things that truly matter”...

Ene 9, 1:29pm

Pope Francis 'astonished' by violent attack on US Capitol (National Catholic Reporter)

Pope Francis says he was left "astonished" by the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6, expressing surprise in his first interview since the riot that such a scene could unfold in a country with a long history of practicing democracy.

"I was astonished because they are people so disciplined in democracy," the pontiff told Italian news channel TgCom24 as part of an interview that will air Jan. 10.

Francis suggests the riot, which led to the deaths of five people, shows "something isn't working … {with} people taking a path against the community, against democracy, against the common good. Thanks be to God that this has burst out and there was a chance to see it well, because now you can try and heal it"...

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Pope Francis: Ministries of lector and acolyte to be open to women (Vatican News)

With a Motu proprio released on Monday, Pope Francis established that from now on the ministries of Lector and Acolyte are to be open to women, in a stable and institutionalized form through a specific mandate.

There is nothing new about women proclaiming the Word of God during liturgical celebrations or carrying out a service at the altar as altar servers or as Eucharistic ministers. In many communities throughout the world these practices are already authorized by local bishops.

However, up to this point, this has occurred without a true and proper institutional mandate, as an exception to what Pope St Paul VI had established when, in 1972, even while abolishing the so-called “minor orders”, he decided to maintain that access to these ministries be granted only to men because both were considered to be preparatory to the eventual admission to holy orders.

Now, in the wake of the discernment which has emerged from the last Synods of Bishops, Pope Francis wanted to formalize and institutionalize the presence of women at the altar...

Vatican formalizes ability for women to be lectors, altar servers (Crux)

Pope Francis issued a new law formalizing the ability for women and girls to be lectors and altar servers at Mass on Monday, something which has long been common practice in Western countries such as the United States but had yet to be written formally into law...

As these articles say, this has been common practice for decades, but lex orandi, lex credendi, so I suppose it's always good when the bureaucratic expression of our faith catches up with the actual praxis.

Ene 23, 2:15am

>3 John5918:

Joy, frustration and humor: reactions to Vatican law change on lectors, altar servers (NCR)

In the wake of Pope Francis' announcement Jan. 11 that officially opened altar serving, lectoring and eucharistic ministries to all "lay persons," rather than just men, Catholic organizations and individuals expressed a mix of emotions, including joy, disappointment and a bit of wry humor — or just plain surprise...

Prior to the pope's recent apostolic letter, titled Spiritus Domini, all laypeople could serve temporarily as lectors and acolytes (altar servers and eucharistic ministers), but bishops had the option of restricting such ministries to men. Now, people of any gender can be formally installed in these roles... this step by Pope Francis does send a clear message to more conservative churches that it's time to end gender discrimination among altar servers and lectors... Some Catholics were shocked to find out that women had still been barred from being officially installed as lectors and altar servers even after Vatican II...

For some LGBTQ Catholics, the gender-neutral language of the law change (its use of "lay persons" instead of "lay men and women") was welcome... "Why don't you just put 'person' every time you say 'man' in all the documents — that would solve a lot of problems"...

Ene 25, 12:39am

Pope at Mass: God’s Word a love letter from the One who knows us best (Vatican News)

Pope Francis invites Christians to make time for Sacred Scripture, and emphasizes that God’s Word is one of consolation but also a call to conversion...

Ene 29, 11:28pm

Pope says money at root of opposition to annulment reform (NCR)

The potential loss of money and authority are often at the heart of the opposition against reforming the Catholic Church's annulment process, Pope Francis said.

Departing from his prepared remarks during a Jan. 29 meeting with members of the Roman Rota, a tribunal handling mostly marriage cases, the pope said that after implementing reforms that streamlined annulments in 2015, he "received many letters" and encountered "so much resistance."

"Almost all of them were lawyers who were losing clients. And therein lies the problem of money," he said. "In Spain, there is a saying, 'Por la plata baila el mono' — 'Monkeys will dance for money.' It is a saying that is clear."

The pope also said he was saddened to see "resistance in some dioceses by some judicial vicars who with this reform would lose, I don't know, a certain form of power because it became clear that he is not the judge, but the bishop is"...

Ene 31, 11:17pm

Pope criticises Catholics who reject Vatican II (Tablet)

Those who reject the teaching of the Second Vatican Council are placing themselves outside the Church, Pope Francis has said. Francis’ remarks are his strongest criticism yet of Catholics who have called Vatican II into question including some “conservative” Catholics who oppose the direction of his pontificate. “Either you are with the Church and therefore you follow the council, or you interpret it in your own away – according to your desire – {and} you do not stand with the Church”...

Ene 31, 11:42pm

>7 John5918:

Honestly, why hasn't Francis removed Vigano from his position as a cardinal? He's now agitating explicitly against V2.

Feb 1, 12:30am

I find it interesting how the "conservative" wing who used to accuse the average Catholic of "cafeteria Catholicism" (an accusation which I think was inaccurate) are now doing exactly that on a grand scale.

Feb 1, 12:50am

Indeed. The cafeteria Catholics of days gone by didn't want to eat certain dishes, they didn't try to take over the restaurant.

Feb 1, 10:47pm

Francis: 'No concession' to those who deny Vatican II teachings (NCR)

"The council is the magisterium of the church," said the pope. "On this point we must be demanding, severe. The council cannot be negotiated"...

Feb 3, 11:34pm

Christianity without liturgy is absent of Christ, pope says (NCR)

The liturgy is not a spectacle to be observed but a prayerful event where Christians encounter Christ's presence in their lives, Pope Francis said. Throughout the Catholic Church's long history, people have been tempted to practice a private or "intimist Christianity" that failed to recognize the importance of the liturgy in spiritual life, the pope said Feb. 3 during his weekly general audience. However, "I would dare say that Christianity without liturgy is a Christianity without Christ"... Continuing his series of talks on prayer, the pope reflected on the significance of the liturgy in Christian life...

Feb 5, 1:27am

Pope Francis: Mass is never just ‘listened to.’ It’s ‘celebrated’ by all the faithful (not just priests) (America Magazine)

The Mass cannot simply be "listened to”: it is also an expression incorrect, “I’m going to listen to Mass”. Mass cannot merely be listened to, as if we were merely spectators of something that slips away without our involvement. The Mass is always celebrated, and not only by the priest who presides over it, but by all Christians who experience it. And the centre is Christ! All of us, in the diversity of gifts and ministries, join in His action, because He, Christ, is the Protagonist of the liturgy...

That the Mass is always celebrated, and not only by the priest who presides over it, but by all Christians who experience it, was being taught in seminaries in the 1970s, although it seems to have been sidelined in the intervening years. Many priests of that generation, if they are not the one presiding at the Eucharist, tend to celebrate mass sitting in the pews with the community rather than dressing up and formally concelebrating. The presiding priest has a key liturgical role, but large numbers of concelebrants just clutter up the sanctuary and draw attention away from the role of the entire community in celebrating the Eucharist.

Feb 5, 12:52pm

To understand Pope Francis, you have to know what he actually means by the word ‘fraternity’ (America Magazine)

When Pope Francis uses the word fraternity, the touchstone in his latest social encyclical “Fratelli Tutti,” he means it in the fullest sense of the word... Francis’ understanding of fraternity is of a more practical nature. Although in one aspect fraternity is a “given” due to our common human nature irrespective of country of origin or religion (“Fratelli Tutti,” No. 1), it is also something that is actively wrought as we forge our relationships with others... the extended reflection on the Good Samaritan that runs throughout the second chapter of “Fratelli Tutti.” The crux of that well-known parable is that Jesus turns the scribe’s question on its head. Jesus does not answer the question “Who is my neighbor?” but instead invites the scribe to become a neighbor to the person in need (No. 62)... By understanding ourselves as brothers and sisters we are impelled to practice mercy toward each other, and to build structures that do just this. Now that we know that we are all kin, we cannot just look the other way.

The Pope of Rome, the Grand Imam of Cairo, and the official World Day of Fraternity (Vatican News)

Cardinal Michael Czerny reflects on the significance of the first International Day of Human Fraternity marked on Thursday...

Feb 6, 11:46pm

'A door has opened': Pope Francis appoints first woman to senior synod post (Guardian)

Breaking with tradition, Pope Francis has appointed Frenchwoman Nathalie Becquart as an undersecretary of the synod of bishops, the first woman to hold the post and have voting rights... Saturday’s appointment signals the pontiff’s desire “for a greater participation of women in the process of discernment and decision-making in the church”, said Cardinal Mario Grech, the secretary general of the synod. “During the previous synods, the number of women participating as experts and listeners has increased,” he said. “With the nomination of Sister Nathalie Becquart and her possibility of participating in voting, a door has opened”...

Feb 7, 11:42pm

Pope Francis: Caring for the sick is not optional (Vatican News)

Pope Francis reflects on Jesus’ ministry of healing...

A message to those who oppose free universal health care, perhaps?

Feb 8, 11:08pm

Opposition to Francis rooted in opposition to Vatican II (NCR)

At the end of January, Pope Francis delivered an important address to participants in a meeting of the National Catechetical Office of the Italian Bishops conference. It warrants attention from all the local churches because it shows, I think, why the opposition to Francis is rooted in the desire to put the Vatican II toothpaste back into a pre-conciliar tube.

In the address, the pope presented an understanding of catechesis that is so far from the dry appeals to chapter and verse that tend to characterize a certain kind of apologetical, conservative Christianity. "Thanks to the narration of catechesis, Sacred Scripture becomes the 'environment' in which we feel part of the same salvation history, encountering the first witnesses of faith," Francis said. "Catechesis is taking others by the hand and accompanying them in this history. It inspires up a journey, in which each person finds his or her own rhythm, because Christian life does not even out or standardize, but rather enhances the uniqueness of each child of God"...

The Holy Father quoted his predecessor, St. Pope Paul VI, who in 1971 addressed the first International Catechetical Congress, saying: "It is a task that is constantly being reborn and constantly renewed for catechesis to understand these problems that arise from the heart of man, in order to lead them back to their hidden source: the gift of love that creates and saves." Francis adds, "Therefore, catechesis inspired by the Council is continually listening to the heart of man, always with an attentive ear, always seeking to renew itself."

Renewal is not reinvention. The council did not plop out of the sky. The reforms were built upon the ressourcement, the return to the sources of Christian doctrine, the Scripture first and foremost and secondly the writings of the church fathers. You can spot a follower of the council, irrespective of their ideology, quite easily: They, like those early Christians, display wonderment at the amazing claim at the heart of our faith, the Crucified lives, the tomb is empty. That is why Francis is so appealing, is it not? He talks and acts like one who has believes the tomb is empty.

Francis continues, and I cite this paragraph in its entirety:

This is magisterium: the Council is the magisterium of the Church. Either you are with the Church and therefore you follow the Council, and if you do not follow the Council or you interpret it in your own way, as you wish, you are not with the Church. We must be demanding and strict on this point. The Council should not be negotiated in order to have more of these... No, the Council is as it is. And this problem that we are experiencing, of selectivity with respect to the Council, has been repeated throughout history with other Councils...

Feb 20, 7:49am

Voices of Iraqis awaiting Pope Francis: He comes to say, 'I am with you' (NCR)

Christians across Iraq are eagerly anticipating Pope Francis' planned March 5-8 visit to their country, the pontiff's first sojourn abroad since 2019...

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Pope Francis accepts the resignation of Cardinal Sarah as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship (America Magazine)

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Robert Sarah as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, but he has not yet named his successor... It came as no surprise in Rome that the pope would replace the cardinal in this key post, which oversees the celebration of the liturgy in the church, soon after Cardinal Sarah had reached the retirement age...

A number of the cardinal’s public statements on the liturgy and other topics reflected a pre-Vatican II traditionalist outlook that at times openly contrasted with the direction given by Pope Francis, who is continuing to implement the teachings of the Second Vatican Council...

Cardinal Sarah steps down from Vatican liturgy post (Tablet)

Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Holy See’s liturgy prefect whose vision of the Church clashed with the one articulated by Pope Francis, is leaving his post...

Feb 26, 10:05am

Pope can’t make ends meet with a ‘no firing’ policy (Crux)

From the beginning, Pope Francis has been committed to financial reform of the Vatican. It was the first study commission he created, it was the first major appointment he made, and it’s been a constant of his papacy over what’s now almost eight years. Yet after all this time, Francis faces the same fundamental dilemma he did at the beginning: There’s no way to cut expenses and increase income, thereby reducing the incentives for suspect maneuvers, without trimming payroll, i.e., firing people – a step this pontiff (like all of his predecessors) has proven extraordinarily reluctant to take...

Feb 28, 12:06am

Pope Francis expects to remain pontiff until his death (Guardian)

Pope Francis expects to die in Rome, still the Catholic pontiff, without returning to spend his final days in his native Argentina, according to a new book titled The Health of Popes... “I will be pope, either active or emeritus, and in Rome. I will not return to Argentina”...

Anonymous bishops take potshots at pope (NCR)

Sometimes that peek requires anonymous sourcing, and we journalists all rely on it. But the ends for which anonymity is used matters. It is one thing to rely on an anonymous source to break a story, and it is another to allow anonymity as a means to assassinate someone's character. Where is the accountability? If someone tells me anonymously that X is going to happen tomorrow and I print it, and X doesn't happen, I am on the hook for having published a false rumor. But casting anonymous aspersions against others offers no built-in mechanism of accountability, not for the sources and not for the writer. It is an approach that is inherently — you might even say intrinsically — sinister...

Mar 2, 11:44pm

Pope's prayer intention for March: The sacrament of reconciliation (Vatican News)

Pope Francis' prayer intention for March seeks to highlight the joy that the Sacrament of Reconciliation brings, and reminds us that it’s a loving and merciful encounter between us and God...

It’s a message full of hope, in which he invites us to rediscover the power of personal renewal that the Sacrament of Confession has in our life. “Let us pray that we may experience the Sacrament of Reconciliation with renewed depth, to taste the forgiveness and infinite mercy of God,” Pope Francis asks...

Mar 3, 6:13am

Former pope Benedict says 'fanatical' Catholics still won't believe he's not the pope (Guardian)

Former pope Benedict has chided conservative Roman Catholics who have not accepted his decision to resign, calling them “fanatical” and reminding them there is only one pope and it is Francis. Benedict, now 93, became the first pope in more than 600 years to resign instead of ruling for life, saying he no longer had the strength to govern the 1.3 billion-member church.

Some hardline conservatives unhappy with the more liberal pope Francis have often voiced doubts about whether Benedict stepped down willingly in 2013, even though he has said several times in the past eight years that he did. “It was a difficult decision. But it was a fully conscious choice and I think I did well {to resign},” he told Italy’s Corriere della Sera in an interview published on Monday. “Some of my more fanatical friends are still upset, they have not accepted my choice”...

Of course there's also a small strand of "conservative" Catholics who claim that none of the popes since 1958 have been legitimate - John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis - and that Pius XII was the last genuine pope. They've created a conspiracy theory about the 1958 conclave being rigged (by French communists or some similar fantasy) and that someone other than Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was actually elected but was forced to step down (maybe that's where Trump got the idea?) A couple of ex-religious brothers in the USA started a movement called Sedevacante (the Seat {of Peter} is vacant), and I believe it has a few thousand adherents, mostly in the USA (where else?) We have one LT member of the Sedevacante persuasion who has posted regularly in this group in a series of threads entitled "Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church". I believe we are currently on the ninth incarnation of that thread, although there has been nothing from that poster for several months now - I hope and pray that they are still alive and well in these COVID-infested times. Many of them also believe that the Second Vatican Council is invalid because it took place under an "antipope", choosing to ignore the fact that almost all the bishops who took part in it had been appointed by their hero, Pius XII.

Mar 3, 9:47am

Can you please try to be more positive? Look for accomplishments, good news, wise quotes, uplifting prayers.

Editado: Mar 3, 11:09am

>23 John5918:

Thanks. Yes, you're right, it's quite negative that there are Catholics who question the legitimacy of the pope, although perhaps the more positive side of it is that they form a very small minority of Catholics globally. But I think the general trend of the posts on this thread is to focus on "accomplishments, good news, wise quotes and uplifting prayers", from the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

Mar 3, 11:20pm

Pope Francis in Iraq: Everything you need to know about the historic trip (America Magazine)

Pope Francis is making history with his trip to Iraq. The apostolic visit will include a number of firsts: the first pope to visit the birthplace of Abraham, the first pope to celebrate Mass in the Chaldean rite and the first papal trip since the beginning of a global pandemic that is very much still ravaging the world...

‘The Iraqi people are waiting for us’: Why Pope Francis is determined to take this historic trip...
Pope Francis’ visit will assure Iraqis they have not been forgotten...
Covid spike and rocket attack complicate Pope Francis’ Iraq trip...
A brief history of the Christian sites Pope Francis will visit in Iraq...

Mar 5, 1:36am

Why Pope Francis chose Cardinal Tobin for Vatican appointment (NCR)

No one should be surprised by the news that Pope Francis named Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey, to be a member of the Congregation for Bishops. There are three reasons why the appointment makes perfect sense.

First, from 1991 until 2009, he worked in the curia of the Redemptorists in Rome, initially as general consultor and then for two terms as superior general. In that post, he would have become acquainted with the situation of the church throughout the world in ways few American bishops have...

Second, the Redemptorists are a missionary order and Francis is the fourth pope in a row to be urging the Catholic Church to conceive of itself in missionary terms...

Third, Tobin is not only the kind of leader Francis wants — someone close to the people, not a culture warrior, and with a heart for the poor and the marginalized — he is also genuinely well liked by his brother bishops...

I had the privilege of meeting Tobin at a conference in Rome a couple of years ago, and sitting with him on a drafting committee. He appears to be committed to the Social Doctrine of the Church (Catholic Social Teaching). I also found him to be a humble man who preaches down-to-earth homilies, so it doesn't surprise me that he is well liked.

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Pope Francis and top Shia cleric Ali al-Sistani discuss safety of Iraqi Christians (BBC)

Pope Francis has held a symbolic meeting with one of the most powerful figures in Shia Islam on the second day of his landmark trip to Iraq. The office of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, spiritual leader of millions of Shia Muslims, said the talks had emphasised peace...

During talks which lasted around 50 minutes Grand Ayatollah Sistani "affirmed his concern that Christian citizens should live like all Iraqis in peace and security, and with their full constitutional rights". Iraq's Christian minority have been hit by waves of violence since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq...

Mar 7, 12:34pm

'The Church in Iraq is alive': Pope Francis at Mass in Erbil (Vatican News)

At the conclusion of his Apostolic Journey to Iraq, Pope Francis celebrates Sunday Mass with the Iraqi faithful in Erbil’s Franso Hariri Stadium. “Today, I can see at first hand that the Church in Iraq is alive, and that Christ is alive and at work in this, His holy and faithful people”...

Pope Francis visits regions of Iraq once held by Islamic State (BBC)

Pope Francis has visited parts of northern Iraq that were held by Islamic State (IS) militants on the third day of his historic trip to the country. Christians were among those targeted by IS when they seized the region in 2014, carrying out human rights abuses.The Pope prayed among ruined churches in Mosul, the former IS stronghold, before meeting Christians in Qaraqosh. Celebrating Mass at a stadium in Irbil, the last big set piece of his visit, he said Iraq would remain in his heart...

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Pope Francis meets Iraq’s Shia leader al-Sistani

Pope Francis has met with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, one of the most senior leaders in Shia Islam, in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf to deliver a message of peaceful coexistence, urging Muslims to embrace Iraq’s long-beleaguered Christian minority. The historic meeting on Saturday in al-Sistani’s humble home was months in the making, with every detail painstakingly discussed and negotiated between the ayatollah’s office and the Vatican.

After the meeting, al-Sistani office released a statement that said religious authorities have a role in protecting Iraq’s Christians and that the Shia leader “affirmed his concern that Christian citizens should live like all Iraqis in peace and security, and with their full constitutional rights”. The Vatican said Francis thanked al-Sistani and the Shia people for having “raised his voice in defence of the weakest and most persecuted” during some of the most violent times in Iraq’s recent history. He said al-Sistani’s message of peace affirmed “the sacredness of human life and the importance of the unity of the Iraqi people”...

Pope Francis urges Iraq’s Muslims, Christians to unite for peace

Pope Francis has urged Iraq’s Muslim and Christian religious leaders to put aside animosities and work together for peace and unity during an interfaith meeting in the traditional birthplace of the Prophet Abraham, father of their faiths. “This is true religiosity: to worship God and to love our neighbour,” the pontiff told the gathering on Saturday...

Both from Al Jazeera

Pope Francis’ homily on the final day of his historic Iraq visit (America Magazine)

Saint Paul has told us that “Christ is the power and wisdom of God” (1 Cor 1:22-25). Jesus revealed that power and wisdom above all by offering forgiveness and showing mercy...

In the power of the Holy Spirit, he sends us forth, not as proselytizers, but as missionary disciples, men and women called to testify to the life-changing power of the Gospel. The risen Lord makes us instruments of God’s mercy and peace, patient and courageous artisans of a new social order. In this way, by the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit, the prophetic words of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians are fulfilled: “God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s wisdom is stronger than human strength” (1 Cor 1:25). Christian communities made up of simple and lowly people become a sign of the coming of his kingdom, a kingdom of love, justice and peace...

Baghdad professor: Pope Francis teaches us that change must come from us (Vatican News)

The Holy Father's visit to Iraq, a land which has suffered wars, persecution, terrorism and destruction, for a Baghdad professor is a pure "act of love". Speaking with Vatican News' Massimiliano Menichetti, Anan Alkass Yousif notes that it takes courage to make a journey such as the one the Holy Father is currently making to "the land of Abraham". This courage, she says, "gives us courage", and renews in us "the spirit of love of this country"... This is a message for all Iraqis, she adds: the Pope's trip, despite it's difficulties, will not be in vain. "It will make all the difference, because hearts will be converted and minds will begin to rethink their previous thoughts". But, she concludes, "it must all start from us ... Where there is no peace there is no justice. The change must start from us"...

Francis in Iraq arguably the most emblematic papal trip of all time (Crux)

Every papal trip is, in a sense, an exercise in storytelling. A pope chooses to travel to a given destination in part because he believes it has a story the world needs to hear, and, for a few days, he lends it his spotlight, so the global media pay attention. Pope Francis’s March 5-8 trip to Iraq, currently in its third day, is no exception. Iraq’s story is harrowing, made up of upheaval, violence, and unimaginable human suffering, all of it compounded by global neglect...

Yet one could make the argument that the most important story being told on this trip, at least from a strictly Catholic point of view, isn’t actually about Iraq but about Pope Francis himself. No matter how much longer he remains in office, and despite all the drama we’ve already seen and whatever is yet to come, there will be no better synthesis of who Francis is and what he’s about as pope...

Whatever else Pope Francis is, he’s also a crafty Jesuit politician, and nothing he ever does is without its logic. No doubt the pontiff grasps that in a moment in which other world leaders generally aren’t making high-profile public trips, and in which the global media is starved for good news stories to tell, his presence in Iraq has maximum resonance...

The Vicar of Christ Calls on the Grand Ayatollah (New Yorker)

espite marauding isis fighters and a raging pandemic, Pope Francis made a historic pilgrimage this weekend to Iraq, the birthplace of Abraham, who was the first prophet to embrace belief in a single God, and the patriarch of the world’s three great monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Vatican News called it the “most difficult and most important journey” of Francis’s eight-year pontificate. It was taxing physically, too. The eighty-four-year-old Pope, hobbled by sciatica, limped badly as Iraqis sang in Aramaic, the language of Christ, and (unmasked) dancers from Iraq’s diverse tribes, religions, and ethnic groups performed along a red carpet. “I am the pastor of people who are suffering,” the Pope told Catholic News Service last month, when asked why he insisted on making the trip. En route to Iraq, Francis told reporters, “This is an emblematic trip, a duty to this land so martyred for so many years.” isis once boasted that it would invade Rome and defeat Christianity. Instead, the Bishop of Rome went to the heart of what had been the Islamic State caliphate...

the Iraqi government ecstatically welcomed the Pontiff. “Muslims are more excited than Christians,” President Barham Salih told me, on the eve of the Pope’s arrival. “It will show that extremists can’t invoke the name of God or Abraham”...

Mar 9, 10:30am

Great post, many thanks, for this and all you do.

Mar 10, 7:10am

Pope: "Charity, love and fraternity are the way forward" (Vatican News)

Speaking to journalists on the flight to Rome, Pope Francis retraces the stages of his historic visit to Iraq: the meeting with "the wise and man of God" Al Sistani, his feelings before the destroyed churches in Mosul, his emotion at the words of the Christian mother who lost her son and forgave his killers, the promise of a trip to Lebanon... Charity, love and fraternity are the way forward...

The symbolic power of the papal visit to Iraq (Washington Post)

Popes have not always yearned for coexistence with the peoples living in what is now Iraq. Around 1263, Pope Urban IV issued a papal bull that cautiously welcomed Hulagu Khan, a Mongol warlord who the pope hoped would convert to Christianity. To the enthusiasm of onlookers in Christendom, Hulagu and his allies had sacked and slaughtered their way through some of the greatest cities of the Islamic world... But on Sunday, on the final full day of a visit to Iraq layered in history and symbolism, Pope Francis arrived in the environs of Mosul as a self-styled “pilgrim for peace,” carrying out the first papal visit to a land teeming with traces of biblical antiquity...

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Pope Francis and Islam: three cornerstones of a magisterium (Vatican News)

A common thread links Pope Francis' keynote speeches given in Baku, Cairo and Ur, which indicate the need for an authentic religiosity to worship God and love our brothers and sisters, and a concrete commitment to justice and peace...

Editado: Mar 13, 9:26am

Pope Francis: Love at the heart of a good confession (Vatican News)

During the audience, which was held in the Paul VI Hall, the Pope dwelt on three expressions that explain the meaning of the Sacrament of Reconciliation: the first, "abandoning oneself to Love"; the second, "letting oneself be transformed by Love"; and the third: "corresponding to Love"... The first step for a good Confession, he said, “is precisely the act of faith, of abandonment, with which the penitent approaches Mercy”...

Vatican says general absolution still permissible during pandemic (NCR)

Offering general absolution to the faithful without having them personally confess their sins first may still be done in places seeing serious or increasing levels of coronavirus infections, a Vatican official said. While "individual confession remains the ordinary way of celebrating this sacrament," serious situations caused by the pandemic can be considered cases of "grave necessity," which allow for other solutions...

Just a personal note - I have experienced General Absolution on a number of occasions and have found it a meaningful and moving experience.

And another reflection on the papal visit to Iraq, this one from a media outlet in the Global South:

The Pope in Iraq: Fraternity between all faiths (Indian Express)

During his recent visit, the Pope presented a version of Christianity which is more inclusive, non-denominational, non-sectarian and non-Europeanised...

Edited to add another reflection on the Iraq trip:

Pope Francis' pilgrimage to Iraq improves relations with Muslims (NCR)

Despite the naysayers who opposed the pope's visit, Pope Francis' pilgrimage to Iraq (March 5-8) went beyond expectations in achieving the three goals of his trip: showing pastoral solidarity with his suffering Christian flock, calling for peace and reconciliation for the Iraqi people and establishing improved relations between Christians and Muslims...

Inside Iraq, it was harder to find people opposing the papal visit. The government wanted to show, by hosting such a high-profile world leader, that Iraq is safe and open for business. Christians wanted their pastor to comfort them and showcase their great suffering. Muslims wanted him because they see him as someone who respects Islam and promotes reconciliation and peace. Long after the COVID-19 pandemic is forgotten, Christians and Muslims will look back at the papacy of Francis as a turning point in their relationship...

Mar 13, 11:55pm

Our very human and evangelical pope (La Croix International)

the first pope ever to call himself Francis has shown over the past eight years that taking this name was indeed a programmatic choice. Even at 84, slowed by the "baggage" of increased physical limitations that come with age, the pope continues to chide the Church, like an Old Testament prophet, to leave the comfort and false security of its anachronistic structures and ways of doing things. Like a teacher in a high school classroom, he has used the pedagogy of repetition to slowly convey his simple, yet radical program of changing the mentality or ethos within the Church. He has tried to liberate Catholics from the clericalists and elitists who don't want anything significant to change that might loosen their control or lessen their influence over the direction of the Church...

Dear Pope Francis: Thank you for 8 years of challenging and healing the church. But women still deserve more (America Magazine)

Thank you for having given yourself completely in these eight years... Thank you for letting yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit, as the Saint of Assisi... Thank you for trying to purify and heal the open sores of the Church, the atrocities of modern abuses and slavery, the violations of the dignity of women and our detachment in living the Gospel daily... Thank you especially for trying to give the Church the feminine face that identifies her by her tenderness, closeness and mercy...

Can I share a dream of mine with you? I dream of a Church that has suitable women as judges in all the courts in which matrimonial cases are processed, in the formation teams of each seminary and for exercising ministries such as listening, spiritual direction, pastoral health care, care for the planet, defence of human rights, etc., for which, by our nature, women are equally or sometimes better prepared than men. Not only consecrated women, but how many lay women in all regions of the globe are ready to serve! And I dream that, during your pontificate, you will inaugurate, together with the Synods of Bishops, a different synod: the synod of the People of God, with proportional representation of the clergy, consecrated men and women, and lay men and women...

Mar 15, 12:21am

Eight years with Pope Francis: The joy of the Gospel for the whole world (Vatican News)

On March 13, 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected to the Chair of St. Peter. He is the first Jesuit, the first Latin-American Pope, and the first with the name Francis. These eight years of his Pontificate have been marked by initiatives and reforms to engage all Christians in a new missionary impetus with the goal of bringing the love of Jesus to all humanity...

Mar 20, 12:21am

Pope Francis honours Ireland’s Knock Shrine with special status (Vatican News)

The Pope on Friday evening will deliver a special message via video link recognising Knock Shrine as an International Marian and Eucharistic Shrine...

Pope’s message for World Vocations Day: ‘St. Joseph an example of faithful service' (Vatican News)

The Pope held up the husband of the Virgin Mary and foster-father of Jesus as a model for all members of the clergy and religious men and women. He drew heavily on his Apostolic Letter Patris Corde, released on 8 December 2020, which seeks to “increase our love for this great saint.” St. Joseph, said the Pope, is an extraordinary figure, not because of any astonishing charism or special status, but because he accomplished extraordinary acts of service in his daily life. “God looks on the heart,” he said, “and in Saint Joseph He recognized the heart of a father, able to give and generate life in the midst of daily routines.” Vocations, he added, have the same goal of begetting and renewing the lives of others...

Mar 22, 12:05pm

Pope Francis calls for clean drinking water and sanitation for all (Vatican News)

Pope Francis called for clean drinking water and sanitation for all on Sunday, remarking on how clean water is something “too many of our brothers and sisters do not have access to”...

Mar 23, 11:58pm

Pope Francis: Moral theology must concern reality and people, not just principles (America Magazine)

Pope Francis today called on Catholic moral theologians, missionaries and confessors to follow the example of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, the famous moral theologian and founder of the Redemptorists, who showed how “to keep together the demands of the Gospel and human fragility.”

He invited them, following the example of the saint and bishop, “to enter into a living relationship with the members of God’s people and to look at life from their perspective in order to understand the real difficulties they encounter and to help heal their wounds.”

Moral theology, the pope said, cannot be only about principles and formulations, but must respond to the reality of the person in need, “because knowledge of theoretical principles alone, as St. Alphonsus himself reminds us, is not enough to accompany and sustain consciences in discerning the good to be done”...

Mar 31, 1:12pm

Pope orders pay cut for cardinals (Tablet)

Pope Francis has ordered a 10 per cent pay cut for cardinals along with a reduction in salaries of senior priests and religious working in the Vatican in order to save jobs of employees as the Covid pandemic hit the Holy See’s income. Francis has insisted he does not want to fire any staff in difficult economic times...

Abr 1, 7:55am

Pope Francis writes to Julian Assange (Rome Reports)

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, received a personal message from Pope Francis...

Editado: Abr 3, 12:52pm

Cardinal, at pope's Good Friday service, decries divisions within church (NCR)

"The most common cause of the bitter divisions among Catholics," the 86-year-old cardinal said, "is not dogma, nor is it the sacraments and ministries — none of the things that by God's singular grace we fully and universally preserve." Instead, he said, "the divisions that polarize Catholics stem from political options that grow into ideologies taking priority over religious and ecclesial considerations and leading to complete abandonment of the value and the duty of obedience in the church."

"This is sin in its primal meaning," said Cantalamessa...

Benedict XVI ‘grateful’ to Pope Francis for year of St. Joseph (Crux)

In a rare new interview with a German newspaper, retired pope Benedict XVI praised his successor’s devotion to St. Joseph and thanked Pope Francis for launching a special year dedicated to his namesake...

Abr 5, 12:25am

Pope decries spending on arms during pandemic in Easter message (Guardian)

Pope Francis has urged countries in his Easter message to speed up the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, particularly to the world’s poor, and called armed conflict and military spending during a pandemic “scandalous”...

Editado: Abr 9, 11:49pm

Pope Francis: Too much exclusion for a world in which all are equal (Vatican News)

Pope Francis sends a letter to the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund as they begin their virtual spring meetings. In his letter, the Pope stresses the importance of developing a just and equal society for all...

Editado: Abr 12, 8:24am

Pope: “Having received mercy, let us now become merciful” (Vatican News)

On the feast of Divine Mercy on Sunday, Pope Francis urges Christians to open themselves to Christ’s mercy, which He grants through peace, forgiveness, and His wounds. In turn, they are asked to share this mercy with others...

Pope Francis describes the type of priest the world will need after the pandemic (YouTube)

He discussed the priesthood during a meeting with priests from Mexico.

Abr 12, 5:08pm

>45 John5918: Is there a consistent logic that you follow in combining some articles in a post, and separating others? Can you comment on why these two are combined? Have you considered it may be confusing to all concerned if people might want to reply to praise one but express concern about another?

Abr 12, 11:58pm

>46 eschator83:

Thanks for the question. No, there is no logic. When I log on to LT in the morning if there are two articles which have come to my attention which I want to post, I usually post them in a single post so as not to unduly lengthen the thread. Sorry if you find it confusing, but I think if you reply to a post it would normally be clear to everyone to which article you are referring.

Abr 13, 12:07am

Wasn't sure where to post this one but I think it follows on perhaps from the second article in my >45 John5918:

Vatican to host major conference on the theology of the priesthood in 2022 (America Magazine)

Increasing vocations to the priesthood, improving the way laypeople and priests work together and ensuring that service, not power, motivates the request for ordination are all possible outcomes of a major symposium being planned by the Vatican in February 2022.

“A theological symposium does not claim to offer practical solutions to all the pastoral and missionary problems of the church, but it can help us deepen the foundation of the church’s mission,” said Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops and the chief organizer of the symposium planned for Feb. 17-19, 2022.

The symposium, “Toward a Fundamental Theology of the Priesthood,” seeks to encourage an understanding of ministerial priesthood that is rooted in the priesthood of all believers conferred at baptism, getting away from the idea of ordained ministry as belonging to “ecclesiastical power,” the cardinal said at a news conference April 12...

Abr 15, 12:06am

God is alive and working in Iraq, pope says to patriarch (Crux)

Pope Francis has sent a letter to Iraqi Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako voicing thanks for his visit to Iraq last month and praising the local church for its charitable activities and its role in working to rebuild the country... “I was able to see and touch with my hand how Christ is alive in the church in Iraq, working in his holy and believing people,” the pope said...

Pope approves early ordination for seminarian sick with Leukemia (Vatican News)

A young Nigerian religious, Livinius Nnamani, was ordained a priest on 1 April in Rome, after Pope Francis gave his approval for the seminarian's early ordination. The recently-ordained priest suffers from Leukemia, a cancer of blood cells...

Abr 27, 11:04am

Pope praying for Bishop-elect of South Sudan after shooting attack (Vatican News)

Unknown armed men have shot and wounded the Bishop-elect of South Sudan’s Rumbek Catholic Diocese. The Italian-born Fr. Christian Carlassare, a Comboni Missionary, was attacked on Sunday night in Rumbek. The gunmen went to his residence, shot at his bedroom door till it opened, and when Fr. Carlassare came out, they shot him on both legs...

There have been new developments since that article was written (see below). The police have arrested about a dozen people, including a couple of Catholic priests of the diocese. I know the bishop-elect, of course, and also the arrested priests. Carlassare is a fine young missionary who lived for 15 years in a swamp in the middle of a war zone in one of the most isolated places in the world in a different South Sudanese diocese, where he was much loved. His new diocese is known for inter-clan violence, and the arrests suggest that there is some jealously on the part of the clans of one or two priests who thought they might become bishop. Very sad all round.

South Sudanese Catholic Clerics among a Dozen Arrested Following Bishop-elect’s Shooting (ACI Africa)

Abr 28, 5:01am

>49 John5918:

Priest with Cancer Dies 23 days After his Hospital Room Ordination (ACI Africa)

Fr. Livinius Esomchi Nnamani, who was ordained to the priesthood in his hospital room on Holy Thursday with special permission from Pope Francis, has died of leukemia at the age of 31. The young priest’s funeral was held in Rome on April 26 at the parish of San Giovanni Leonardi. He had dedicated the last 23 days of his life to offering Mass from his hospital bed, a priest who knew him recalled...

Abr 29, 9:37am

Pope Francis at General Audience: Christian meditation “not a withdrawal into ourselves” (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis said Wednesday that Christian meditation is a way of encountering Jesus and not “a withdrawal into ourselves”...

Abr 29, 11:34pm

Pope announces ‘envelope culture’ crackdown at Vatican (Guardian)

Vatican employees must not accept any work-related gift worth more than €40 (£34) under new anti-corruption rules announced by Pope Francis.

The limit on the value of gifts is a crackdown on an “envelope culture” at the Vatican in which cardinals, bishops and officials have routinely accepted cash sums and other items from patrons.

The new rules also require cardinals and managers to regularly declare they have no investments in companies whose policies run counter to church doctrine.

“Faithfulness in matters of little consequence is related to faithfulness in more important ones,” the pope wrote in a legal document issued under his personal authority. The new measures were necessary to “prevent and fight, in every sector, conflicts of interest, methods of patronage, and corruption in general”, he said...

Editado: May 1, 3:14am

Is Pope Francis warning the Roman Curia? (La Croix)

Pope Francis made it clear recently that unless one accepts the magisterial authority of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), one is not "with the Church". He was speaking to the catechists of Italy, but that part of his message was clearly addressed to a wider audience. The media understood this and gave it widespread coverage. The pope said there could be "no concessions" or "selectivity" and that "we must be demanding and strict on this point". His uncharacteristically stern call for acceptance prompts speculation as to where he has encountered resistance to the Council. It is not among the laity. The many organizations calling for reform that have sprung up around the Catholic world are characterized by a demand for the full and honest implementation of the Council. The outstanding need for Francis' exhortation is located much closer to home: in the Roman bureaucracy. Nowhere have the deliberations of Vatican II encountered more resistance and prejudicial reinterpretation than in the papacy itself.

Nowhere has the lack of respect for the authority of the Council been more apparent than in the actions and inactions of the Roman Curia. Every bureaucracy prioritizes its own power and authority and tries to control or suppress competing power centers. The curia is no exception...

Pope Francis Amends Law to Allow Vatican City Court to Judge Cardinals, Bishops (ACI Africa)

The prior law meant that criminal trials of cardinals and bishops were judged by other cardinals. With the April 30 update, Vatican City judges -- typically lay people -- will be competent to rule on the cases...

May 12, 7:22am

Pope Francis Institutes New Ministry of Catechist (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis issued an apostolic letter Tuesday formally instituting the new lay ministry of catechist... The pope said that the institution of the new lay ministry would “emphasize even more the missionary commitment proper to every baptized person, a commitment that must however be carried out in a fully ‘secular’ manner, avoiding any form of clericalization”...

The catechist is the backbone of the Church in Africa, and has been for at least a century, so it's good to see this ministry being formally acknowledged.

May 16, 11:58am

>52 John5918: Have you noticed that the Vatican's English version of this is more charitable and less negative than both ACI and the EWTN version. I encourage you to quote the Pope's words (or the VA version) in preference to newspapers/magazines.

May 17, 2:23am

>56 eschator83:

Thanks for the comment. I simply draw attention to stories relating to Pope Francis which look interesting, but I don't pretend to provide comprehensive coverage of any of them. I assume that people who are interested can find more information on each story, as you have obviously done in this case. Could you post the link to Vatican News for us?

May 17, 9:25pm

I'll try. but I'm not very adept at copying and pasting links so it might take a bit of time. A friend posted it to me at another forum. Thanks for your comment about fireman- I've read a lot of your posts over the years- and congratulate you on your consistent effort to share your faith and interests.

Editado: Jul 2, 12:59pm

I tried posting Vatican news in the search box at upper right and get a pretty sad list of publications. Can you imagine why?
Here's the link to Pope Francis on Meditation 4/28/21: 20210428 udienza-generale.html
(I pray) Why won't it go? Back soon.

May 20, 2:17am

>56 eschator83:

Regarding your comment on EWTN, they are of course known to be a very "conservative" Catholic media house, espousing right wing causes, fuelling the US "culture war", and not a great supporter of the current Holy Father. I have known the editor of ACI Africa since long before it was taken over by EWTN (we were missionaries together in South Sudan) so recently I contacted him to ask about editorial independence. He informs me that the EWTN news department, separate from its US TV and radio network, follows modern professional journalistic practices. He assures me that ACI Africa has been encouraged to provide "independent and fearless reporting" and also positive stories about the current Holy Father.

May 24, 4:38am

>55 John5918:

People in the Global North may not be familiar with the work of catechists throughout the Global South, so this article may be of interest.

Catechists in Troubled African Countries Paying with Their Lives for Love of Apostolate (ACI Africa)

Catechists serving in a number of African countries experiencing violent conflicts are risking their lives and the lives of their family members to help in evangelization, Catholic pastoral charity organization, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) International, has established...

May 25, 12:18am

Pope Francis queries Vatican media’s ability to reach an audience (Guardian)

Pope Francis has challenged Vatican media employees to justify their continued work, asking them how many people actually consume their news in a critique of the office that costs the Holy See more than all its embassies around the world combined...

May 26, 11:18pm

Pope Francis kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo (Guardian)

Pope Francis has kissed the tattoo of an Auschwitz survivor during an emotional meeting at the Vatican. Lidia Maksymowicz, a Polish citizen who was deported to Auschwitz from her native Belarus before the age of three, showed the pope the number tattooed on her arm by the Nazis, and Francis leaned over and kissed it. Maksymowicz, 81, told Vatican News she did not exchange words with the pope. “We understood each other with a glance,” she said...

May 29, 12:23am

The pope's ambitious plan to heal the world and its people (La Croix International)

Francis launches program to put "Laudato si'" into action throughout Church...

There is a thread on Laudato si' in this group at

In case anyone fancies re-reading it, the whole document can be found at

May 29, 2:07am

South Sudan's Catholics still hope for long-delayed papal visit (NCR)

Despite a recent escalation in violence across South Sudan, including a spate of attacks against clergy, Catholic leaders in the country continue to hope that Pope Francis will be able to finally undertake a long-planned voyage there. Jesuit Fr. Augustine Ekeno, who serves at St. Teresa Parish in the Rumbek Diocese, told NCR that the visit, in the works since 2017, would "bring some hope to the people in this country who have suffered for many years and who feel abandoned"... In April 2019, Francis hosted a retreat at the Vatican for South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and several of the opposition leaders, during which the pontiff literally knelt at their feet, begging for them to maintain peace. Although a later January 2020 peace deal seemed to pave the way for the papal visit — potentially to be organized alongside a visit by Archbishop Justin Welby, the leader of the Anglican Communion — the violence has increased over the past year.

This month, attackers stormed the northern village of Dungob Alei, killing 13 people and injuring nearly 10 others. In April, the Catholic bishop-designate of the Rumbek Diocese, Fr. Christian Carlassare, was attacked by assailants who shot him in both legs for no apparent reason. Carlassare, an Italian-born Comboni Missionary, is now recovering at a Kenyan Hospital. In an interview with Italian Catholic channel TV2000, the priest addressed his diocese and called for people there to work on efforts at reconciliation and peace...

The article says the bishop-elect was shot "for no apparent reason". In fact it is widely believed that he was shot by supporters of a diocesan priest who had aspired to be bishop of the diocese, which had been vacant for several years after the death of the former bishop, also a foreign missionary. The priest is under arrest as a suspected accomplice to the shooting.

Jun 27, 12:12pm

Marginalizing the poor threatens “the very concept of democracy”: Pope Francis (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis said Monday that “the very concept of democracy is jeopardized” when the poor are marginalized and treated as if they are to blame for their condition... “This is a challenge that governments and world institutions need to take up with a farsighted social model capable of countering the new forms of poverty that are now sweeping the world and will decisively affect coming decades,” he wrote. “If the poor are marginalized, as if they were to blame for their condition, then the very concept of democracy is jeopardized and every social policy will prove bankrupt”...

Jun 29, 3:22am

Witness of Growing Communion Between Christians “a sign of hope”: Pope Francis (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis told a delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople that the witness of growing communion between Christians would be “a sign of hope for many.”

“Dear brothers, has not the time come for giving further impetus to our efforts, with the help of the Spirit, to break down ancient prejudices and definitively overcome harmful rivalries?” the pope said in the meeting with the Orthodox delegation on June 28.

“Without ignoring the differences that need to be resolved through charitable and truthful dialogue, could we not begin a new phase of relations between our Churches, marked by walking more closely together, by desiring to take real steps forward, by becoming more willing to be truly responsible for one another?” he asked...

Jul 4, 11:24pm

Pope Francis ‘reacted well’ to intestinal surgery (Guardian)

Pope Francis “reacted well” to planned intestinal surgery on Sunday evening at a Rome hospital, the Vatican has announced. In a statement late in the evening, Matteo Bruni, a Holy See spokesman, said Francis, 84, had general anaesthesia during the surgery necessitated by a stenosis, or narrowing, of the sigmoid portion of the large intestine...

Editado: Jul 5, 11:18am

Victor Gaetan has just alerted me to the publication of his new book, God's Diplomats: Pope Francis, Vatican Diplomacy, and America's Armageddon* published by Rowman & Littlefield this month. There's a chapter on South Sudan, where Francis has played an active role in peacebuilding, and according to VIctor I am "extensively quoted" in that chapter. I'd be interested to see it, but according to Amazon it's very pricey at USD 49.

* No touchstone yet.

Jul 5, 10:47am

>69 John5918: I just added it. You should fill out the author page some.

Jul 5, 11:19am

>70 2wonderY:

Thanks! The touchstone has now appeared.

Ago 4, 3:51am

Pope Francis Asks Catholics to Pray for Church Reform “in the light of the Gospel” (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis is inviting Catholics around the world to pray this month that the Church receives the grace “to reform herself in the light of the Gospel”...

Speaking in Spanish, the pope said: “The specific vocation of the Church is evangelization, which isn’t proselytism, no. Its vocation is evangelization; even more, the Church’s identity is evangelization”...

He continued: “Let us begin reforming the Church with a reform of ourselves, without prefabricated ideas, without ideological prejudices, without rigidity, but rather by moving forward based on spiritual experience -- an experience of prayer, an experience of charity, an experience of service... I dream of an even more missionary option: one that goes out to meet others without proselytism and that transforms all its structures for the evangelization of today’s world”...

Ago 5, 12:13am

Pope Francis: Crises are signs that church is still alive (America Magazine)

Difficulties and crises within the Catholic Church are not signs of a church in decline but one that is alive and living through challenges, just like men and women today, Pope Francis said. “Let us remember that the church always has difficulties, always is in crisis, because she’s alive. Living things go through crises. Only the dead don’t have crises,” he said...

The church’s call to evangelize and not proselytize, he said, is more than just a vocation; it is a part of the Catholic Church’s identity... “Let us begin reforming the church with a reform of ourselves, without prefabricated ideas, without ideological prejudices, without rigidity, but rather by moving forward based on spiritual experience -- an experience of prayer, an experience of charity, an experience of service,” the pope said. Before reciting his prayer intention, Pope Francis expressed his hope for “an even more missionary option” that “goes out to meet others without proselytism”...

Ago 9, 1:46pm

Does Francis believe in hell?

Ago 10, 2:46am

>74 brone:

He probably finds the Vatican bureaucracy to be an experience of hell on earth.

But on a more serious note:

Envelope with Three Bullets Addressed to Pope Francis Intercepted in Milan (National Catholic Register)

An envelope addressed to Pope Francis and containing three bullets was intercepted in Milan late on Sunday night, according to Italian media reports... The newspaper said that the envelope contained three pieces of 9 millimeter ammunition, of the kind used in a Flobert gun, and a message referring to financial operations in the Vatican...

Ago 10, 12:51pm

The Head of the Holy Catholic Church has a mail box, He is so isolated from regular mail. This was a message from one of the multitude of isms that so infect our society that petty soon you won't be able to send a Mass Card....JMJ.... Marty

Ago 10, 8:40pm

In october Argentinian bishop Gustavo Zanchetta was charged with sexually abusing seminarians. He is charged with "aggravated continuous sexual abuse". Forty witnesses are expected to testify. Z was appointed in 2013 by Francis. In 2015 Z was summoned to Rome to explain how videos of young people engaging in sexual acts happened to be on his cell phone. Francis apparently accepted Z's explanation saying, "he was hacked", Z returned to his ministry in Oran. His Vicar General was having none of this cover up. Z continued his predation. Z finally resigns his ministry citing poor health, a couple of months later Z feeling much better is appointed by Francis to be an assessor in the Treasury and the Vatican bank, yes the same outfit now going through a trial involving a number of priests and one cardinal. By the way how did a person charged with these crimes leave Argentina, Yep you guessed it Vatican intervention. Where you might ask is Z now nobody has the foggiest idea where the Pontiff's Argentine Paisan is. So This story is out there for our enemies to gloat over, Bullets in the mail. The sexual predation of the young continues, pornography, We must pray for the One True Church through the intercessions of Padre Pio, John Vianney, Maximillion Kolbe, St Theresa the little flower, St Peter Damion. Our Lady Of Good Remedy Pray for us..... JMJ.... Marty

Ago 11, 4:02am

Sender of Envelope with Bullets Addressed to Pope Francis Identified, Italian Police Say (ACI Africa)

Italian police announced Monday that the sender of the letter addressed to Pope Francis containing three bullets has been identified. The police have not released the name of the individual, but said Aug. 9 it is a French citizen "already known to Vatican security, with whom the Carabinieri of Milan will now coordinate to evaluate the meaning of the gesture and its possible danger." At the moment, according to the Italian news agency ANSA, "the information that most interests investigators is knowing where he is, because it would raise a different level of alarm to know if he were in France or in St. Peter's Square in Rome"...

Ago 15, 3:17am

Pope Francis Cautions against Misuse of Liturgy that Emphasizes on Ideology (ACI Africa)

“Let us not forget that a faith that is not inculturated is not authentic. For this reason, I invite you to participate in the process that will provide the true sense of a culture that exists in the soul of the people,” Pope Francis said in the video sent on Aug. 13. “When this inculturation does not take place, Christian life, and even more so the consecrated life, ends up with the oddest and most ridiculous Gnostic tendencies. We’ve seen this, for example, in the misuse of the liturgy {where} what is important is ideology rather than the reality of the people. This is not the Gospel”...

The conference focused on inculturation, a concept which John Paul II described as the process by which "the Church makes the Gospel incarnate in different cultures and at the same time introduces peoples, together with their cultures, into her own community."

Pope Francis said that many men and women in religious life can be tempted to focus on the decline in numbers of vocations in their orders. He urged them to “renounce the criterion of numbers... Otherwise it can turn you into fearful disciples, trapped in the past and giving into nostalgia. This nostalgia is fundamentally the siren song of religious life,” Francis said. Instead of focusing on numbers, religious should focus on evangelization and “leave the rest to the Holy Spirit,” the pope said.

“I would like to remind you that joy, the highest expression of life in Christ, is the greatest witness we can offer the holy people of God whom we are called to serve and accompany on their pilgrimage toward the encounter with the Father,” he said. “Peace, joy, and a sense of humor... How sad it is to see consecrated men and women who have no sense of humor, who take everything so seriously … To be with Jesus is to be joyful,” Pope Francis said...

Ago 15, 11:12am

Francis's liturgical directions and policy matters that affect the faith, are not matters of faith themselves. There is no guarantee of infallibility for Francis's policies this in no way implies that his directives are "unimportant" they just are not matters of faith in and of themselves; they can, in fact, be good, bad or indifferent, ....JMJ.... Marty

Ago 16, 9:33pm

The Uyghur people are surely not being inculturated they are being murdered, by an atheistic communist program of genocide and experimentation. The Catholic priests ordained apostolicly are in jail or in hiding, Appointed Bishops of the brutal regime have a dialogue with Rome. Is this how we make the Gospel incarnate in different cultures. Has the Church quit the fight against godless communism? The Blood of its martyred priests in Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, China, So. East Asia. is eloquent testimony to communism's fear and hatred of them. Communists know that where Catholic charity and teaching get into the same territory as communism, religion wins." Otherwise great errors will be spread throughout the world giving rise to wars and persecutions of the Church" (remember Her) Marty....JMJ....

Ago 17, 10:45am

>81 brone:

Just wondering what practical suggestions you have for the Church to help the Uyghur people? If not dialogue, what are the other options?

When the Holy Father was speaking of inculturation it was in a video message for Latin America. It was not directed at the situation in China.

Ago 18, 1:02am

Pope expresses sadness over murder of two sisters in South Sudan (Vatican News)

The Pope expresed his deep sadness in receiving news of the “brutal attack" on a group of Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that resulted in the deaths of Sister Mary Abud and Sister Regina Roba. In the telegram, sent through Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, the Pope offered his “heartfelt condolences” to their families and religious community in the wave of this “senseless act of violence”. He expressed his hope that “their sacrifice will advance the cause of peace, reconciliation and security in the region” and offered prayers for “their eternal rest and the comfort of those who grieve their loss”.

The two sisters were killed following an ambush on the road that connects the South Sudanese capital Juba to Nimule, on the border with Uganda. The nuns, along with some sisters and several faithful, were returning to Juba after participating in the celebration of the centenary of the establishment of the parish of Loa, in the diocese of Torit, where the church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. They were traveling on a bus that was attacked by armed men. Local sources reported that Sister Mary, Sister Regina and three other people were killed as a result of the assault.

I knew Sr Mary Abud well. RIP.

Ago 18, 3:12am

The pope is expected to attend the “world leaders summit” in the opening days of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place in Glasgow in November

Pope Francis Not Expected to Offer Public Mass During His November Visit to Scotland (ACI Africa)

“I can confirm that the Scottish bishops are not planning a public Mass with Pope Francis in November,” Peter Kearney, spokesman for the Scottish bishops, told CNA on Aug. 17.

“The pope will visit as a guest of the UK Government who will be responsible for the arrangement details. We understand he will only be a few hours in Scotland to attend the COP26 gathering and expect he will have only a very short part of this time to meet with the Scottish bishops,” he said...

Ago 20, 12:04am

Pope: 'Personal responsibility key to improving post-pandemic world' (Vatican News)

Pope Francis said the pandemic has reminded people of the need for personal responsibility, to which many have given witness in various situations. “Faced with sickness and pain, faced with the emergence of a need, many people unflinchingly said: 'Here I am.'” The Pope added that people are at the heart of society, and that without the person, society is merely a casual aggregation of beings. The end result of this situation would be a society based solely on self-centeredness and greed...

Ago 22, 12:44am

Pope Francis Chooses Fr. Martin (First Things)

a personal letter that Pope Francis had sent to Fr. James Martin, S.J.... Pope Francis wrote in Spanish, and Fr. Martin provided this translation:

" I want to thank you for your pastoral zeal and your ability to be close to people, with the closeness that Jesus had, and which reflects the closeness of God. God’s “style” has three elements: closeness, compassion and tenderness. This is how he comes closer to each one of us. Thinking about your pastoral work, I see that you are continually seeking to imitate this style of God. You are a priest for all, just as God is a Father for all. I pray for you to continue this way, being close, compassionate and with great tenderness. And I pray for your faithful, your “flock” and all those whom the Lord places in your care, so that you protect them, and make them grow in the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ"...

It’s the kind of thing that clever Jesuits are good at—both saying and not saying something at the same time. Pope Francis offered something relatively neutral to someone who would put it to his own purposes... The pope has an unrivaled reach; his voice literally goes out to the end of the earth, as the psalmist says. Yet there is always a matter of interpretation. How to apply in practice the general vision propounded? The pope cannot address every matter, and everyone wants to claim that the pope is on his side. Favored interpreters give extra guidance. Pope Francis has clearly chosen Fr. Martin for that role, at least in the English-speaking world and in relation to issues of sexuality, which is Fr. Martin’s pastoral focus. Others thus have to take notice, interpreting papal teaching and priorities through the prism of Fr. Martin’s teaching and priorities. The two are not identical, and the Holy Father himself remains far more important, but it is not wrong to understand that Pope Francis sees in Fr. Martin something appealing about what he thinks the Church and the pastoral ministry should be...

Different popes, different interpreters... But I don’t choose who interprets the pope; the pope is free to do that for himself. Pope Francis has chosen Fr. Martin for that role. That’s significant, and bears noting when evaluating the ministry of Fr. Martin—and of Pope Francis.

Ago 27, 7:11am

Pope Francis Meets Nobel Peace Prize Winner Championing Women Rights in Iraq, Afghanistan (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis on Thursday met with Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad, a human rights advocate who has been speaking out on behalf of women and girls in Iraq and Afghanistan. Murad’s meeting with the pope on Aug. 26 comes as the survivor of ISIS enslavement has expressed concern for the future of Afghan women under Taliban rule. “I know what happens when the world loses sight of women & girls in crises. When it looks away, war is waged on women’s bodies. This must not happen in Afghanistan. The international community must act so that the Taliban doesn’t continue to rob women of their rights & freedoms”...

The private papal audience at the Vatican was Murad’s third meeting with the pope. She also met with Pope Francis in Dec. 2018 shortly after receiving the Nobel Prize for her “efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.” Murad said that she had an “in-depth discussion about the Yazidi community’s experience of genocide” during their last meeting. Pope Francis told journalists in March that he was inspired to travel to Iraq partly by Murad’s memoir, “The Last Girl”...

Islamic State militants captured Murad six years ago after killing six of her brothers, her mother, and more than 600 Yazidis in her Iraqi village. She was enslaved, along with most of the young women in her community, and repeatedly raped by the ISIS fighters. After being sold as a slave multiple times and suffering both sexual and physical abuse, Murad escaped ISIS at the age of 23 after three months of captivity. After relocating to Germany, she used her freedom to become an advocate for Yazidi women who remained in ISIS captivity...

Ago 31, 4:12am

Pope says nurse saved his life, brushes off ‘hurricane’ of resignation rumors (Crux)

Addressing the rumors spread recently by a handful of Italian journalists regarding his resignation, Pope Francis said that whenever a pontiff is sick “there’s a breeze, or a hurricane” regarding a new papal election. Referring to his July colon surgery, he also revealed that “a nurse saved my life”...

Sep 1, 12:51pm

Rumors of resignation actual calls for resignation are nothing new these days since they lowered the bar with Benedict, After providing evidence for the wide spread corruption in the hierarchy- corruption claims, Pope Francis knew about and enabled, Archbishop Carlo Vigano has called on Francis to resign: " he must acknowledge his mistake and, must be the first to set a good example for cardinals and bishops who covered up Uncle Ted's abuses and resign along with all of them......JMJ.....Marty

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>89 brone: wide spread corruption in the hierarchy- corruption claims, Pope Francis knew about and enabled

That's an interesting claim. I would have said that Pope Francis is trying very hard to reform the corrupt Vatican hierarchy, although it's obviously an uphill struggle in which he needs our prayers.

Pope after operation: 'It never crossed my mind to resign' (Vatican News)

Pope Francis was interviewed by Carlos Herrera on Radio COPE. For the first time, he talks about the July surgery and also discusses Afghanistan, China, euthanasia, and the reform of the Roman Curia...

A couple of interesting quotes from the interview:

But I didn’t invent anything; what I did from the beginning is to try to put into action what we cardinals said in the pre-conclave meetings for the next Pope: the next Pope has to do this, this, this, this. And this is what I started to do. I think there are several things still to be done, but there is nothing invented by me. I am obeying what was set at the time. Maybe some people did not realize what they were saying or thought it was not so serious, but some topics cause pain, it is true. But there is no originality of mine in the plan. And my working roadmap, Evangelii gaudium, is one thing in which I tried to summarize what we cardinals were saying at the time...

I believe that today progress has been made in the consolidation of justice in the Vatican State. During the last three years, progress has been made in such a way that justice has become more independent, with the technical means, even with recorded witness statements, the current technical things, appointments of new judges, of the new public prosecutor’s office... and this has been moving things forward... Let’s hope that these steps we are taking in Vatican justice will help to make these events happen less and less.... Yes, you used the word corruption and, in this case, obviously, at least at first sight, it seems that there is corruption...

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>89 brone: to set a good example for cardinals and bishops who covered up Uncle Ted's abuses and resign

I haven't been following the McCarrick case in detail, so I've just looked it up and done a little reading. One can certainly question why it took so long for it to be addressed, but that question can be asked about many cases of historic sexual abuse.

This is what Wikipedia has to say:

The apparent lack of action from the Church hierarchy in this case sparked demands for action against Church leaders believed to be responsible. On October 6, 2018, the Holy See announced that Pope Francis had ordered "a thorough study of the entire documentation present in the Archives of the Dicasteries and Offices of the Holy See regarding the former Cardinal McCarrick, in order to ascertain all the relevant facts, to place them in their historical context and to evaluate them objectively". The resulting report of the Secretariat of State, published in November 2020, stated that Pope John Paul II was made aware of allegations against McCarrick but did not believe them, and that Benedict XVI, in 2005, upon learning of newly surfaced allegations, urgently sought a successor for McCarrick. The report absolved Pope Francis.

Far from implicating Francis, the report absolves him. John Paul II and Benedict XVI appear to share some culpability. I think Francis also has to be given credit for the fact that very senior churchmen such as McCarrick and Pell (subsequently acquitted by the Australian courts) have been held accountable during his papacy.

Interesting that you reference Cardinal Vigano. The report states that during his term as Nuncio in the USA:

Cardinal Ouellet, the new Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops... in 2012... instructed Viganò to take certain steps, including an inquiry with specific diocesan officials and Priest 3, to determine if the allegations were credible. Viganò did not take these steps and therefore never placed himself in the position to ascertain the credibility of Priest 3... Nuncio Viganò first claimed in 2018 that he mentioned McCarrick in meetings with the Holy Father in June and October 2013, but no records support Viganò’s account and evidence as to what he said is sharply disputed... Until 2017, no one – including... Archbishop Viganò – provided Pope Francis with any documentation regarding allegations against McCarrick, including the anonymous letters dating back to the early 1990s or documents related to Priest 1 or Priest 3. Pope Francis had heard only that there had been allegations and rumors related to immoral conduct with adults occurring prior to McCarrick’s appointment to Washington. Believing that the allegations had already been reviewed and rejected by Pope John Paul II, and well aware that McCarrick was active during the papacy of Benedict XVI, Pope Francis did not see the need to alter the approach that had been adopted in prior years...

In June 2017, the Archdiocese of New York learned of the first known allegation of sexual abuse by McCarrick of a victim under 18 years of age, which occurred in the early 1970s. Shortly after the accusation was deemed credible, Pope Francis requested McCarrick’s resignation from the College of Cardinals. Following an administrative penal process by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, McCarrick was found culpable of acts in contravention of the Sixth Commandment of the Decalogue involving both minors and adults, and on that basis was dismissed from the clerical state...
(pp 12-15)

The full report is available here. It makes for sobering reading.

Sep 2, 12:29pm

Closeness, compassion, and tenderness James Martin Style, All sorts of heretical quotes and anti church statements are out there in the public domain but just to refresh youse guys on a few of dem, 8/29 Martin asserts chastity is not required of homosexuals claiming chastity has'nt been received by the LBGT community so according to Martin church dogma is dependent on how it is received hmnn. How bout canon 1055 just to start. 8/15/17 on the feast of the Assumption(I wonder how he feels about this dogma) at Fordham U Martin states that catholics should reverence "gay marriage". On 10/2/17 Martin states that young children whose parents claim them to be transgender have a right to catholic education regardless what gender the Baptism certificate says. In early 2017 Pope Francis declared," Gender ideology demonic", Martin rants at those who disagree with his fellow Jeby Greg Boyle as "missionaries of hate". At another "catholic" college Villanova Martin condones homosexuals kissing each other at mass he irreverently states "why not".On 6/16/17 he declares a dissident gay nun should be declared a saint,Martin in a tweet on 9/21/17 supports Dr Shawn Copeland who wrote in her book "on Easter God made Jesus queer' So I guess Martin would support this Blasphemy, Heck next time he lectures at Notra Dame,His theme could be Jesus came out of the the closet not the tomb and claim it as liberation theology....JMJ....Marty

Sep 4, 12:50am

Pope: Euthanasia legislation in Europe is sign of 'throwaway culture' (NCR)

Increasing calls to legalize euthanasia in several European countries, as well as the disregard for vulnerable people and the unborn, are signs of a "throwaway culture" that is gaining ground across the continent, Pope Francis said. "What is (deemed) useless is discarded. Old people are disposable material; they are a nuisance. Not all of them, but of course, in the collective subconscious of the throwaway culture, the old, the terminally ill, and unwanted children, too; they are returned to the sender before they are born," the pope said in an interview... This throwaway culture has marked us. And it marks the young and the old. It has a strong influence on one of the tragedies of today's European culture," he said...

Sep 4, 2:17pm

A clear statement from the Vicar of Christ.

Sep 5, 5:43am

Promote a Culture That Prioritizes Human Dignity: Pope Francis (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis said Saturday that politics needs a renewal after the pandemic through the promotion of a culture that prioritizes human dignity.

“The pandemic, with its long aftermath of isolation and 'social hypertension,’ has inevitably also challenged political action itself, politics as we know it,” Pope Francis said on Sept. 4. “It is therefore a question of working simultaneously on two levels: cultural and institutional,” he said... “It is important to promote a ‘culture of faces,’ which places the dignity of the person at the center, a respect for his or her story, especially if they are wounded and marginalized,” he said in an audience with the group at the Vatican. “It is also a ‘culture of encounter’ in which we listen to and welcome our brothers and sisters, with trust in the reserves of good that are in the hearts of the people”...

Sep 5, 10:28am

Sounds like Socialism to me.

Editado: Sep 5, 12:19pm

>96 brone:

Sounds like a "clear statement from the Vicar of Christ" to me. Respect for the dignity of the human person is a key aspect of Catholic Social Teaching, based on the fact that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. As the old pre-Vatican II Penny Catechism used to say (#3), "To whose image and likeness did God make you? God made me to his own image and likeness."

Edited to add: Your mention of socialism brought to mind a dear old Italian missionary priest whom I wrote about in another thread recently. He was working in Palestine when World War II broke out, and he was interned by the British. Until his dying day he could not understand why they interned him, because, "I was not a fascisti, I was a socialist!"

Sep 7, 12:42pm

Pope Francis is preparing a radical reform of the church's power structures (NCR)

In 2001, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was a rapporteur for the summit of bishops at the Vatican — and he did not like what he saw. The Catholic Church had adopted a top-to-bottom approach that stripped local churches of any decision-making power, and the synod of bishops was reduced to nothing more than a stamp of approval for prepackaged conclusions made in Rome. When Bergoglio emerged as Pope Francis in the 2013 conclave, the synodal process was high on his list for reform. "There was a cardinal who told us what should be discussed and what should not," Francis said about his experience at the 2001 general synod in an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Nation in 2014. "That will not happen now," he added.

On Oct. 9-10, Francis will inaugurate a three-year preparation process for the 2023 synod, which will focus on reforming the synodal process. The preparation process and the 2023 synod, with the theme "For a synodal church: Communion, participation and mission," have the potential to revolutionize the way decisions are made in the Catholic Church and promote a more decentralized structure of authority... The three-year synodal review process will take place in three phases: a local phase at the diocesan and parish level, a continental phase engaging bishops' conferences around the world and a universal phase, when bishops and lay people will convene in Rome to discuss the findings and topics developed in the first two phases. To coordinate and guide the entire process, Francis created a five-member steering committee flanked by two commissions on methodology and theology...

Sep 7, 7:05pm

On Oct 21, 2020 Pope Francis said," what we have to do is support a civil coexistence law, they have a right to be covered legally. I defended this". Did this statement open the doors of traditional Catholic morality to a certain situation ethic. So Francis creates a five member steering committee flanked by couple of commissions on methodology and theology, we can all rest good tonight knowing the Holy Roman Catholic Church will be steered by committees and commissions....JMJ....Marty

Sep 7, 11:49pm

>99 brone:

Is that how you interpret it? I would rather say the Holy Roman Catholic Church will be steered by a Synod comprising all the bishops of the world, with the Pope as the first amongst equals, in consultation with the Catholic laity, priests and religious. Looks good to me.

Sep 7, 11:50pm

Pope and ecumenical leaders: Caring for God’s creation requires commitment (Vatican News)

In a joint message for the 2021 Season of Creation, Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury stress the importance of cooperation and valuing sustainability over short-term advantages as essential parts of our common response to the threat of climate change and environmental degradation...

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Deleted this post and reposted in the new Synod on Synodality thread.

Sep 8, 9:35pm

I wish during this season of creation Francis would address the year of destruction of American Catholic churches, 93 catholic churches have been the recent targets of arsonists graffitti artists usually a swaztica numerous statues defaced toppled over gas poured over them and torched. My parish pays armed off duty police officers to protect us during sunday mass. I myself am always armed but only recently have I been armed in church, So John it is quite obvious we are at antipodes on the direction of our church and we both pray the Holy Spirit guides Francis in the coming months and years to the Unity for which Our Blessed Lord prayed....JMJ.... Marty

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>101 John5918:

Full statement available here

And a different topic:

Mary Teaches us to Listen to “the voices of the forgotten”: Pope Francis in Message (ACI Africa)

“The true joy that comes from the Lord always gives space to the voices of the forgotten, so that together with them we can build a better future,” Pope Francis said in the message published Sept. 8. “Mary, in the beauty of following the Gospel and in her service to the common good of humanity and the planet, always teaches us to listen to these voices, and she herself becomes the voice of the voiceless.” The pope sent a message to participants in the 25th International Mariological Marian Congress, taking place online on Sept. 8-11. “The mystery enclosed in the person of Mary is the very mystery of the Word of God incarnate,” he said...

Pope: Virgin Mary encapsulates mystery of Incarnate Word of God (Vatican News)

The theme for the event is “Mary between Theologies and Cultures Today: Models, Communications, Perspectives”... Mariology acts as a platform for dialogue between cultures, one which is able to nourish fraternity and peace...

Sep 12, 8:26am

Pope Francis meets Viktor Orban in worldview clash (Star)

The head of 1.3 billion Catholics will have a half-hour meeting with Orban -- accompanied by Hungarian President Janos Ader -- in Budapest's grand Fine Arts Museum, in what could be an awkward brief encounter. On the one side, Orban, a self-styled defender of "Christian Europe" from migration. On the other, Pope Francis, who urges help for the marginalised and those of all religions fleeing war and poverty.

But the approach, eminently Christian according to the pope, has often been met with incomprehension among the faithful, particularly within the ranks of traditionalist Catholics. Over the last few years, there has been no love lost between Orban supporters in Hungary and the leader of the Catholic world...

Sep 12, 7:42pm

Incomprehension, particularly within the "ranks" of traditionalist Catholics, funny how Traditional Catholics are more incomprehensible than you woke guys.

Sep 12, 11:54pm

>106 brone:

Yes, sweeping generalisations are usually pretty meaningless. When i write it myself as opposed to quoting a news article, I usually put "traditionalist" in inverted commas. All Catholics are traditionalists in the truest sense of the word. Our reliance on both scripture and tradition is one of the defining characteristics of Catholicism as opposed to most flavours of protestantism. I find "woke" to be a meaningless word, usually used as a pejorative.

Sep 13, 11:02am

You are right woke is or can be taken as an insult forgive me for that.....JMJ....Marty

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We Need "creativity of the Gospel," Not "a defensive Catholicism": Pope Francis (ACI Africa)

Pope Francis told Slovakia’s Catholics on Monday that the Church should respond to secularization with the “creativity of the Gospel,” not “a defensive Catholicism”...

Pope in Slovakia: Religions must unite in contemplation and action (Vatican News)

Pope Francis urges an ecumenical gathering to resist the temptation of interior slavery with the twin forces of contemplation and action...

The headline about religions uniting in contemplation reminds me of an occasion nearly thirty years ago when I found myself on the fringes of an inter-faith encounter between Buddhist and Benedictine monks. When they talked about theology they found they had nothing in common. When they shared their experiences of contemplation, they found themselves on the same page.

Sep 15, 11:13am

The pope's advice to the Catholics of old Europe (La Croix International)

Pope Francis urges Church leaders on the Old Continent to embrace "freedom" and "creativity", not "hide behind a defensive Catholicism"...

Pope Francis urged priests to limit homilies to 10 minutes in a speech to religious in Slovakia (America Magazine)

Departing from his prepared text, Francis spoke at length about the vital need for pastors to prepare their homilies well and told them to limit homilies to 10 minutes. When he finished speaking on this, they applauded vigorously, but he quipped, “It was the nuns who applauded most because they are the victims of our homilies!”...

I shared this last snippet with a few South Sudanese bishops and priests this morning, and generally they shook their heads in bewilderment and muttered that this only works for Europe, although one senior priest did concede that it might just be possible to reduce one's homily to ten minutes in some circumstances. I used to teach homiletics in the seminary thirty years ago, and I taught that they should preach for a maximum of ten to twelve minutes and only try to make on key point, which the people would then remember, but I have to confess that I failed completely in that regard!

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Pope Francis says bishops should be pastors, not politicians in US debate on denying Biden communion over abortion (CNN)

Pope Francis on Wednesday said bishops debating whether to deny communion to public figures who support abortion rights, such as President Joe Biden, should make their decisions from a "pastoral" viewpoint and not a political one. "The problem is not theological, it's pastoral," Francis told reporters while traveling from Slovakia to Rome on Wednesday. "How we bishops deal with this principle. We must be pastors, also with those who are excommunicated. Like God with passion and tenderness. The Bible says so... The pastor knows what to do. In every moment that he leaves the church's pastoral path he immediately becomes a politician"...

Edited to add: Pope: Abortion is murder, the Church must be close and compassionate, not political (Vatican News)

I have never refused the Eucharist to anyone... Communion is not a prize for the perfect - think of Jansenism - Communion is a gift, a present, it is the presence of Jesus in the Church and in the community... The second problem, that of abortion: it's more than a problem, it's homicide, whoever has an abortion, kills. No mincing words... But the problem is not theological, it is pastoral, how we bishops manage this principle pastorally. And if we look at the history of the Church, we will see that every time the bishops have not dealt with a problem as pastors, they have taken sides on a political front... When the Church defends a principle, when it does so in a non-pastoral manner, it takes sides on a political level, and this has always been the case, just look at history. What must the pastor do? Be a pastor, don’t go condemning. Be a pastor, because he is a pastor also for the excommunicated. Pastors with God's style, which is closeness, compassion, and tenderness. The whole Bible says so... But if you go beyond the pastoral dimension of the Church, you become a politician, and you can see this in all the non-pastoral condemnations of the Church... If you say you can give or not give, this is casuistry...

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A new outlook on confession, the sacrament of joy (Vatican News)

It is not the sacrament, scarcely frequented these days, that is changing. What the Pope proposes is a completely different outlook on confession, different from the experience of so many Christians and different from a certain historical legacy...

From shame to celebration, from humiliation to joy. This does not come from Pope Francis, but from the Gospel, where we read of the father who anxiously awaits his sinful son, constantly scanning the horizon, and even before the son has time to humble himself by meticulously detailing all his faults, he embraces him, lifts him up and celebrates with him and for him.

Pope to lay associations: Be aware of the Apostolic power you have (Vatican News)

Pope Francis meets with the moderators of associations of the faithful, ecclesial movements and new communities and urges them to stay out on the existential peripheries, warning them of the danger of the desire for power...

Ayer, 3:57pm

Dear Pope Francis, Do you think the Sermon On the Mount took only ten minuets ?...JMJ ....Marty

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