The end of COAs in DLE

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The end of COAs in DLE

Ene 7, 6:29pm

Does anyone have a date when EP stopped including COAs with numbered DLEs?

Ene 7, 11:37pm

I think it is sporadic. Sometimes I get one and sometimes not. They’re meaningless anyway. The limitation page is all the guarantee we need.

Ene 22, 11:00am

I've picked up a DLE (Tom Sawyer) that was clearly removed from the "official" rotation. Bought it as part of a lot where the entire lot of 9 or so cost maybe $200 and included a specific one i was after and on its own would have spent half that for. So basically got it for $10-15. It has a few gold flecks on the back cover and no slipcase but everything else looks perfect so im guessing maybe they had a batch with paint trouble (because the same seller had more than one available). Has the Limited Edition page, says it is one of 800 and a blank number line where anyone can theoretically write in a number just like EP does. So the COA really is useful IMO.

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