SilverWolf28's 2021 Books, part 1

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SilverWolf28's 2021 Books, part 1

Ene 1, 8:08pm


I had a lot of fun on LibraryThing in 2020 and look forward to lots more in 2021!

I host the Social Distancing Readathons in the 75ers group every weekend.

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Monthly threads that I will be hosting:

Yearlong - Louis L'Amour 2021 Shared Read Challenge - My Thread

Yearlong - GeoKIT - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Polar

January - March - KITastrophe - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Technology/Industrial/Man-made

February - SFF-KIT - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Sentient Things

March - RandomCAT - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: It will be a surprise.

April - HistoryCAT - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Ancient 8th C BC to 6th AD

June - GenreCAT - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Historical Fiction

September - Reading Through Time - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Time Travel/Prehistoric

October - MysteryKIT - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Minorities/Diverse

November - Reading Through Time - Main Thread - My Thread - Topic: Reader's Choice

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I'll be trying BingoDog:

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1. Delphi Colony by Bob Blanton
2. The Honor of Duty by A. R. Rend
3. Her Christmas Phoenix by Zoe Chant
4. The Silver Ships by S. H. Jucha
5. Libre by S. H. Jucha
6. Delphi Challenge by Bob Blanton
7. Trying Times by Jan Stryvant
8. Firestarter by Jan Stryvant
9. Times Like These by Jan Stryvant
10. Meridien by S. H. Jucha
11. Haraken by S. H. Jucha
12. Gamer for Life by Daniel Schinhofen
13. Forming the Company by Daniel Schinhofen
14. Alpha Company by Daniel Schinhofen
15. Playing for Keeps by Daniel Schinhofen
16. Fractured Spirit by Daniel Schinhofen
17. Path to Peace by Daniel Schinhofen
18. Aether's Blessing by Daniel Schinhofen
19. Aether's Guard by Daniel Schinhofen
20. The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell
21. Lost Bonds by Daniel Schinhofen *
22. Suited for Luck by Daniel Schinhofen
23. Sol by S. H. Jucha
24. In Fury Born by David Weber
25. The Land of the Undying Lord by J. T. Wright
26. Espero by S. H. Jucha
27. Passages by Mercedes Lackey
28. Allora by S. H. Jucha
29. Champion for Hire by John Van Stry
30. The God Game by John Van Stry
31. Of Temples and Trials by John Van Stry
32. The Sea of Grass by John Van Stry
33. Celus-5 by S. H. Jucha
34. Omnia by S. H. Jucha
35. Vinium by S. H. Jucha
36. Nua'll by S. H. Jucha
37. Children of Steel by John Van Stry
38. The Broken Gun by Louis L'Amour
39. Artifice by S. H. Jucha

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Ene 1, 8:12pm

And keep up with my friends here, Silver. Have a great 2021.

Ene 1, 8:20pm

Happy New Year, Silver!

You are hosting a lot of threads. I like a shared read, will have a look at them.

Ene 1, 8:26pm

>5 PaulCranswick: Thank You

>6 EllaTim: Happy New Year to you too!

Ene 1, 8:27pm

Here's the New Years Readathon:

Ene 2, 8:00am

Happy reading in 2021, Silver!

Ene 2, 9:16am

Welcome back, Silver!

Ene 2, 12:32pm

Dropping off my and wishing you the best of new years in 2021!

Ene 2, 12:51pm

A happy and healthy 2021 to you, Silver, and lots of good reads.

Ene 7, 3:48pm

Ene 7, 4:35pm

Calling in to say thanks for hosting the readathons. I've enjoyed participating.

Ene 7, 4:42pm

>15 avatiakh: You're welcome! I have a lot of fun hosting them.

Ene 14, 8:14pm

Ene 16, 6:35pm

Happy Thingaversary, Silver!

Ene 16, 7:46pm

>18 FAMeulstee: Thank you!

Ene 17, 9:56am

Thanks for hosting the readathons, Silver. I will be in on the next one; promise. x

Ene 17, 1:01pm

Hope you had a great Thingaversary haul!

Ene 18, 8:00pm

>20 PaulCranswick: I'll send you a reminder.

Ene 18, 8:03pm

>21 thornton37814: I'm still debating what to get. I have two or three different books that I really want and can only get one right now.

Ene 19, 9:40pm

>23 SilverWolf28: You are entitled to one for each year and one to grow on!

Ene 19, 10:24pm

>22 SilverWolf28: Please do. I need to make this coming weekend and the next one count!

Ene 21, 2:36pm

Ene 22, 12:01pm

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>4 SilverWolf28: Silver, I'm not familiar with any of your reads. Any recommendations there?

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>31 PaulCranswick: The Silver Ships series is fun, also I really liked the Delphi in Space series. What genres do you like? I'm going to be updating my January reads soon, probably Thursday, so let me know if you're curious about anything else. If I don't like something I won't finish it so if it's here I liked it at least somewhat.

Feb 1, 9:12pm

Hi. I'm stopping by to see what you are reading and to say hello.

I'll stop by more often now that I've found your thread.

Feb 1, 9:21pm

>34 Whisper1: Welcome!

Feb 1, 9:35pm

I like pretty much most things other than chick-lit, self-help books and very science based science fiction. I prefer to be told a good story than try to understand stream of consciousness type stuff.

Feb 4, 2:14pm

Feb 4, 4:28pm

Year to Date: 39 books read.

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1. Empire: Renewal by Richard F. Weyand *
2. Empire: Resistance by Richard F. Weyand *
3. The Guppy Prince by C. W. Gray
4. Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
5. The King of Las Vegas by John Van Stry *
6. Outcasts and Gods by Pam Uphoff
7. Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews
8. One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews
9. Sweep With Me by Ilona Andrews
10. Sojourn by S. H. Jucha
11. Alliance by S. H. Jucha *
12. Empaths by S. H. Jucha
13. Light Online Book One: Farmer by Tom Larcombe
14. Light Online Book Two: Keeper by Tom Larcombe
15. True Smithing by Jared Mandani
16. Light Online Book Three: Leader by Tom Larcombe
17. Light Online Book Four: Defender by Tom Larcombe
18. Light Online Book Five: Ruler by Tom Larcombe
19. Dungeon World by Jonathon Brooks
20. Dungeon World 2 by Jonathon Brooks
21. Messinants S. H. Jucha
22. A Talent for War by Jack McDevitt
23. Jatouche by S. H. Jucha
24. Limitless Seas Book 1: Privateer by Dean Henegar
25. Empire: Intervention by Richard F. Weyand *
26. Empire: Investigations by Richard F. Weyand *
27. Empire: Succession by Richard F. Weyand *
28. Empire: Imperial Police by Stephanie Osborn *
29. Fledgling by Sharon Lee
30. Saltation by Sharon Lee
31. Agent of Change by Sharon Lee
32. Carpe Diem by Sharon Lee
33. The Iron Wolfe by C. J. Petit
34. Grip Taylor by C. J. Petit *
35. Law of the Desert Born by Louis L'Amour

* Touchstone Not Correct

Feb 4, 5:45pm

>38 SilverWolf28: A spanking pace to set, Silver, and one I hope keeps up for you.

Feb 5, 2:35pm

Wow, 39 so far. I'm about 20% of that pace...

Feb 11, 3:37pm

Feb 18, 7:47pm

Feb 25, 9:22pm

Mar 4, 2:09pm

Mar 4, 2:40pm

Year to date: 74 books read.

Mar 4, 2:45pm


1. Empire: Resurgence by Richard F. Weyand *
2. New Realm Online Book 1: Re-roll by Robyn Wideman
3. Veil Online - Book 1 by John Cressman

* Touchstone Not Correct

Mar 4, 2:48pm

>46 SilverWolf28: That is an astounding figure! Congratulations!