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Dic 27, 2020, 2:17pm

Welcome old friends to the 2021 Audiobooks thread. This is our 3rd year discussing what we love to listen to. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

What are you looking forward to listening to?

Dic 27, 2020, 3:07pm

At the moment, I've been waiting (on hold at the library) for The Crossing Places / Elly Griffiths. Waiting for a couple of weeks but had hoped whoever currently has it out would finish with it sooner. Sigh. (I did listen to a short 3 hour one for a couple of days, but am - once again - currently without.)

"The Crossing Places" will fit a January challenge for me, anyway, but I hate being in between audios!

Editado: Dic 27, 2020, 3:30pm

I recently started Dickens' Little Dorrit, read by Simon Vance. This will be a long project, as there are 25 CDs.

Editado: Dic 27, 2020, 3:31pm

I will be listening to An American Marriage soon.

Dic 27, 2020, 4:54pm

I've cued up A Legacy of Spies, by John le Carré, read by Tom Hollander.

Editado: Dic 27, 2020, 5:02pm

I received an Audible gift card for Christmas, so I purchased the following and am anxious to choose my next "listen":

The Librarian of Auschwitz
Cold Mountain
The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris
The Book of Eels
Owls of the Eastern Ice
The Personal History of Rachel Dupree

Dic 28, 2020, 10:58pm

I'm currently listening to The Once and Future King, it's a big listen so I'll be continuing through the New Year.

Dic 29, 2020, 4:34pm

I'm going to start the year off with listening to Enter Three Witches by Caroline Cooney. This is a YA story based on Macbeth.

Ene 4, 12:46pm

Happy New Year everyone! I'm currently listening to The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande. I'm about three quarters through it. I like it. I have requested Peace Talks by Jim Butcher from the library. I also have from the library, Fierce, Free and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker. It's a book club read and I'm lukewarm about it right now.

Ene 4, 1:10pm

Hey everyone. Hope the new year will be better for all of us.

Currently listening to The Long Way Home by Louise Penny. Well read as always by Ralph Cosham.

Ene 4, 2:37pm

I'm listening to Battle Ground by Jim Butcher, narrated by the fabulous James Marsters (for Buffy fans, he plays Spike!).

Ene 4, 8:14pm

I've listened to An American Marriage, Over Sea, Under Stone, and In a Free State. Off to a good start for audios this year.

Ene 5, 7:30am

>11 Crazymamie: Mamie: I love Marsters, but hearing him without the fake British accent weirds me out. Now, if he were to play Spike reading novels to me, well, that's...another story. *sigh*

I'm listening to Silas Marner just now and should be finished in the next couple of days.

Editado: Ene 5, 7:38am

I am currently listening to The Son by Phlipp Meyers. The narrators are Will Patton, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Shepherd, and Clifton Collins, Jr. Audio book is 17 hrs 48 mins. It's a Western. Author is trying to capture the "mythology of the creation of America". He believes that the cowboy is our creation myth. It is really a family saga covering 3 generations.

Ene 5, 7:40am

>13 scaifea: This made me laugh! I would pay for those audiobooks, and listen to them over and over again.

Ene 5, 5:03pm

>13 scaifea: Mamie: I love Marsters, but hearing him without the fake British accent weirds me out. Now, if he were to play Spike reading novels to me, well, that's...another story. *sigh*

LOL! I kind of have to agree with this! It's just not the same without the accent!

Ene 6, 9:55am

>16 LibraryCin: Right!? It's the same for me with Alexis Denisof (he played Wesley on both Buffy and Angel, as you likely know): his actual American accent sounds *so* strange.

Ene 6, 5:07pm

>17 scaifea: Oh, I don't know if I've heard him speak without the British accent! Did I know he's American!? I'm not sure I did - LOL!

Ene 22, 1:12am

I hope everyone's new year is going well. I had Peace Talks in from the library via Overdrive and I missed it. They skipped me and I have one more chance at it. Now, I'm checking everyday. I decided to DNF the Hatmaker book. She is too much for me right now and I have enough non-fiction on my plate that I want to listen to. I'm about 3/4 of the way through Driven to Distraction by Ned Hallowell. It's a slog in places but I suppose that is necessary. There are multiple tables, lists, criteria and symptoms to discuss relevant to ADHD. It is mostly helpful. He has a new book out. I saw his YouTube video about it. He says it is much more concise. I may give it a listen to, but I want to listen to a book on sleep before that. I borrowed The Earl I Ruined by Scarlett Peckham from Hoopla. I listened to the first book The Duke I Tempted during the summer when I had Audible Romance. I don't like the main character very much, but we will see. I wanted some brain candy to balance out the non-fiction and school. This should still do.

Ene 22, 11:01am

Hoping you get Peace Talks soon, Roberta, and be ready to want to go right into the next installment. I finished Battle Ground by Jim Butcher, narrated by James Marsters. Oof. As the title suggests, there is lots of battle going on. A little too much battle for me, but the story is good and I am excited to see where Butcher takes us next with Harry Dresden.

Next up on audio will be Dead I May Well Be by Adrain McKinty, narrated by Gerard Doyle. I absolutely LOVE McKinty's Sean Duffy series on audio, so I have decided to try another of his that is narrated by the same narrator. Both series are crime fiction set in Ireland. Seriously, if you have not read any of the Sean Duffy books, and you are a fan of crime fiction, give them a try. The first is The Cold, Cold Ground - police procedural set in Ireland in the time of the Troubles. I dare you not to fall in love with the main character.

Editado: Ene 22, 1:11pm

>20 Crazymamie: Dead I May Well Be and the other two titles in the trilogy are a couple of my all-time favorites in audiobooks! They are a bit grittier but also much more poetic than the Sean Duffy series... and yes, Gerard Doyle absolutely nails them! :-)

Ene 22, 12:36pm

>21 Tanya-dogearedcopy: I am very excited to read this!

Ene 23, 2:39am

>20 Crazymamie: Mamie my copy of Peace Talks came in today. I'm still on nightshift. I will start on Sunday when I've had a day to recover and switch back to days. I took your advice and requested a copy of Battle Ground. Library says 10 weeks. I imagine it might be sooner, but at least it's requested. I love a good police procedural and I haven't really read one in a long time. I will look into this series as well as the Sean Duffy series. Thanks for that!

>21 Tanya-dogearedcopy: Good to see you here! It feels as if the 2021 thread is official now.

Editado: Ene 31, 7:25pm

>23 luvamystery65: Hi! It's good to be back! I had been a little freaked out that my listening mojo had been damaged after 2020; so I'm taking it slow on my "road to listening recovery"! Unfortunately, I started Ministry for the Future in audio and oh, boy. I adore Kim Stanley Robinson for his intelligent writing and this is no exception. KSR takes the concept of "ideology" as a tool to shape the topic of climate change. The book is speculative fiction: Climate change has now reached the point of climate crises and we see how idealogical approaches to resolve the issue are working... or not. But man, the audiobook is terrible: The narrator voicing the main character of Mary Murphy performs with such and exaggerated Irish accent/brogue, it would be comical if it weren't embarrassing. The only place you hear an accent like that is in noir-y B-movies where the cops all sing Danny boy in their beers. Then too, the other narrators (this is a multi-voice audio) are so un-differentiated in style and tone that you have to pay very close attention to the material to denote a change in the section or POV. You aren't going to get an auditory cue otherwise. And finally, the mispronunciations are egregious: "recognizance" is pronounced "recognize ants", "Army Corps" as "Army Corpse", "diaspora"... and so many others. I'll finish up the audio because I'm too cheap to buy yet another edition of the book, but I would recommend the title strongly-- just in print.

Ene 24, 3:48pm

I just finished Furiously Happy / Jenny Lawson (4 stars - I laughed out loud!).

Have just started a book for one of my Feb challenges already: The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter / Theodora Goss.

After that will be Helter Skelter / Vincent Bugliosi (a reread for me... from decades ago! First read in high school, this time will be via audio).

I also hope to get to (in Feb), another reread from high school, this time on audio: The Stranger Beside Me / Ann Rule. I may or may not get to this one, though.

Ene 24, 10:36pm

>25 LibraryCin:, I read The Strange Case of the Alchemist daughter last year and really liked it. Look forward to your thoughts.

Editado: Ene 31, 7:01pm

I finished my “hate-listen” of Ministry for the Future (by Kim Stanley Robinson). I loved the book but the audio was one of the worst professionally produced audiobooks I’ve encountered in decades of listening. I’m just stunned that a title with such a high profile wasn’t handled better.

Ene 31, 10:57pm

Finished listening to Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake, read by Simon Vance. He did a great job. This is a fantasy, gothic novel.

Feb 1, 4:39pm

I'm still listening to A Legacy of Spies but wanted to pop in to mention that a new audiobook of The Hobbit is available, narrated by Andy Serkis! I bought it on my subscription :)

Editado: Feb 5, 1:54am

I’ve started So Cold the River (by Michael Kortya; narrated by Robert Petkoff). I picked this up a couple of years ago on the recommendation of an audiobook blogger. We were exchanging all-time personal favorites... Anyway, I got it without knowing anything about it other than it was in their “Audiobook Pantheon”. For whatever reason, I thought this was a mystery/thriller but it seems to have a supernatural, perhaps even a horror element to it! A failed filmmaker heads out to the West Baden hotel & casino where the subject of his next film assignment ostensibly grew up.
Robert Petkoff sounds much younger, smoother and blander than I remember; but it’s been a few years and, it’s not a deal-breaker by any measure (I think I was just surprised not to hear his “bark & growl”!)

Feb 2, 5:40am

I have a lot of audios on the deck for February. Currently listening to The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse narrated by David Colacci. And A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum.

Feb 2, 7:38am

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Luke Daniels and Simon Vance as narrators? Gosh, they both do a great job of differentiating characters. Currently listening to Simon read The Blinding White.

Feb 2, 7:42am

>32 majkia: I love Luke Daniels narration of the Iron Druid Books!

Feb 2, 5:05pm

>25 LibraryCin: And I repeat! (Ugh!) Well, not sure if I've ever said it here (but it's possible) - why do they bother to abridge audio books!?

"Helter Skelter" came in for me and it turns out is abridged. I checked and so is "The Stranger Beside Me".

I'm probably going to listen to them both, anyway, since I'm certain I won't have time to read the (e)books. I guess this way, I'll get to them both (I had assumed I'd probably only have time for one).

However, it may still mean I reread the actual book at some point, as well.

Feb 4, 11:21pm

>34 LibraryCin: In complete agreement regarding the 'ugh' for abridged audiobooks. Especially if the unabridged version isn't really that long - I'm glaring at you, Boston Public library abridged Georgette Heyer audiobooks!

I finished Muriel Spark's The Bachelors narrated by Nadia May. Dark humor (as expected from Spark) - good but not one of best books. 3.5* for the book & 4* for this audiobook edition.

Feb 6, 12:39pm

>7 avatiakh: I have the audiobook narrated by Neville Jason- I loved the book when I'd read it a couple years ago, so this might be a good way to revisit it! I hope you had a nice new year's :)

Feb 6, 6:20pm

What are we listening to?

Checking in with everyone. I finished Peace Talks by Jim Butcher and have my library copy of Battle Ground by Jim Butcher. I liked Peace Talks. I think it moved Harry's story forward. I made a note on my thread that I was surprised James Marsters changed Carlos Ramirez accent in Peace Talks, but it looks like we are back to the Spanish accent in Battle Ground. Why James? Carlos is from California! That's my nitpick, but otherwise, Marsters is stellar in his narration and choices. I've also started Dust and Shadows by Lyndsay Faye, narrated by Simon Vance. I will follow that up with The Five by Hallie Rubenhold. It's about the victims of Jack the Ripper. I've been wanting to read/listen to this and since Dust and Shadows is about Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper murders, it seems like a good time.

>32 majkia: Another fan of Luke Daniels and Simon Vance! I met Luke Daniels at one of Kevin Hearne's signings. Such a treat. I actually met them at the bar across the street from the bookstore. I had not realized he was meeting Hearne in Houston for the signing since he was doing a play in Austin. They were both really nice and chatted with me and my friend.

>35 leslie.98: Every time I see Nadia May's name I immediately hear her as Queen Lucia. She was perfection as Lucia.

Feb 6, 8:04pm

>37 luvamystery65: lol - I listened to that audiobook too but I have now heard May narrate such a variety of books that she no longer reminds me of Lucia.

Editado: Feb 8, 7:36am

Finished the audio of The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse narrated by David Colacci. Now listening to Sherlock Holmes by: Arthur Conan Doyle , Stephen Fry - introductions, narrated by Stephen Fry. I switched to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes narrated by Derek Jacobi because I discovered that the one read by Fry was not the one I needed to read for 1001 Books.

Feb 7, 9:16am

I'm still working on A Legacy of Spies but am also listening to One Game at a Time, written and read by Harnarayan Singh, one of the commentators on Hockey Night in Punjabi. Apparently hockey memoirs are my new thing, even though I don't really watch hockey.

Feb 7, 2:25pm

I was in the mood for a soothing comfort read and so I have started to listen to Miss Clare Remembers by Miss Read. The narrator, Gwen Watson, is perfect for this book, and I am enjoying listening to Miss Clare's memories.

Editado: Feb 8, 12:35am

I finished up So Cold the River (by Michael Koryta; narrated by Robert Petkoff) - Ultimately, it is a solid story, just not a great horror story. Lots of local lore, history and, weather; but despite the presence of ghosts and other supernatural elements, it just isn't very creepy.

I've started The Good Girl (by Mary Kubica; narrated by Lindy Nettleton, Johnny Heller and Tom Taylorson). -This book came out a few years ago when Gone Girl (by Gillian Flynn) was all the rage. I didn't read either at the time, but thought I would knock this one out this week. It's about a young woman who was kidnapped and returned, but without her memory. The story is told from three points of view: The mother, the investigating police detective and, the kidnapper. It's keeping my interest at a solid "4-star" level; but the final rating will depend on how it wraps up!

Feb 8, 9:37am

>41 DeltaQueen50: I should see if the Miss Read books are available in audiobook at my library. They would make great listens with a good narrator. I've been thinking I'd like to re-read the Fairacre and Thrush Green books.

Feb 8, 6:37pm

>43 thornton37814: There are a number that have been released as audios so I hope your library has some, Lori.

Feb 9, 10:24am

>44 DeltaQueen50: Looks like I have access to 3 of the Thrush Green titles and one Fairacre in audio.

Feb 9, 10:51am

I've been listening to The Burning White a tome indeed. Simon Vance is, per usual, wonderful.

Editado: Feb 21, 12:52pm

I finished up The Good Girl (by Mary Kubica; narrated by Lindy Nettleton, Johnny Heller, Tom Taylorson and Andi Arndt) - I knew going in that this book probably had an unreliable narrator; but I spent so much time trying to figure out who was "lying" that I didn't see the end coming! There's a part of me that's hung up on the logic in the denouement but overall, the story left me with a bit of a book hangover-- so a solid four-star rating! I wasn't crazy about Lindy Nettleton's and Johnny Heller's performances. Seemingly perfect for their respective roles as the older characters (British-born mother of the kidnapped girl and the lead detective from Chicago), they still somehow don't fully inhabit their characters and in the latter case, don't seem to be as gentle in nature as the writing indicates. Tom Taylorson and Andi Arndt however, feel pitch perfect in their roles of kidnapper and "kidnappee". Maybe one of these days I'll grab a print copy of the book, take another look at the end and, bump up the rating another half-star if the niggling question I have is satisfactorily explained.

Feb 21, 7:57am

>47 Tanya-dogearedcopy:, read that last year (listened). Nice review.

Feb 21, 12:54pm

I am just about finished Pale Rider / Laura Spinney. It's about the Spanish Flu.

Next up will the The Tao of Martha / Jen Lancaster.

Feb 21, 2:29pm

Hello everyone! I'm listening to False Value by Ben Aaronovitch and The Five by Hallie Rubenhold.