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Cataloguing CDs on LibraryThing

Oct 24, 2020, 9:44pm

How many people catalogue their CD collections on the site? So far, I've used the site purely for CDs: am I odd? It would be good to hear from others who are doing the same thing!

Oct 25, 2020, 6:18am

Quite few, I guess, but most of them have listed books as well. The site is not really optimised for CDs or DVDs. Long ago, when some users regarded listing anything other than printed books as heresy, I started this account to separate my music and film from my books. There are now many accounts that include all these media.
Looking at your account I see we share 7 “books”. I’d be surprised if it weren’t more than that but there are work combination issues with music that aren’t easily sorted.
You are welcome here, even with no books ;-)

Oct 25, 2020, 2:16pm

>2 theabbottsmusick: Thanks for the information. Hope that my collection may be of use to others. PS My book collection will follow...

Oct 26, 2020, 11:27am

>3 JacobKirckman:

I also have a separate account for sound and visual media, primarily cinema at this point but with vague plans of cataloguing my music. I do appreciate your library as a resource, especially reviews.

Oct 26, 2020, 12:42pm

>4 elenchus: I'm planning to introduce my 'paper' library to LT before long. I've put the CD side into a separate folder; however, they still stay in the 'main library'. When the books start appearing, I'll see how things are. Thanks for replying.

Jul 10, 7:14am

>1 JacobKirckman: TY for allowing your library to be seen by others. I have gotten some good ideas for future listening. The only thing is I wished you had rated them....what if I choose to listen to a stinker?

Jul 11, 12:03pm

I would like to catalogue catalogue CDs, DVDs, and my Linguaphone collection of vinyl, CD, and cassette tapes. I can't see any other website that I could use other than LT as my book collection is catalogued here so it makes sense. I mostly use Add Manually.

Jul 11, 6:14pm

>1 JacobKirckman:

Not I. For me, the advantage of going to the trouble of cataloguing recordings is having author and title analytics. And for that you need full MARC or its equivalent, as far as I know.

Sep 21, 11:43am

I also want to catalogue music and film. It's daunting because there don't seem to be any matches on my first 4 possible entries. Any suggestions?

Sep 21, 12:23pm

>9 Tess_W:

Are you choosing a search source specific to media?

If you don't object to using Amazon as your data source, there are specific Amazon sources for movies, music, etc.

Sep 21, 12:49pm

You can easily catalogue your music after Amazon U.K. media as your source and edit the work and choose the correct item as either CD or vinyl etc. Sometime it’s just easier to manually add by title and composer and fill in the rest later.

Sep 21, 2:32pm

>10 elenchus:
>11 ironjaw:
ty for that idea about Amazon, I will try that!