Bcteagirls Bookcrossing Challenge

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Bcteagirls Bookcrossing Challenge

Editado: Jun 17, 2020, 12:40pm

Hello all! I was on LibraryThing quite a number of years ago. While I kept updating my library, I dropped chat for a while (Graduated, post doc, moved, married, got a job, first condo purchase).

I am using this challenge to remind me to read at least 5 (hopefully 10!) of the current bookcrossing books I own. I am specifically honing in on books that were registered by other users, and those that have been on my shelves the longest.

1. Seasons in the Sun is a poetry book by Rod McKuen. Apparenty I picked it up at a bookcrossing meeting in February 2015. Finished reading in April/ May 2020. Available, as I am not releasing books right now during COVID.

In progress:
2. Rereadings Seventeen writers re-visit books they love: Although not the one on my shelf the longest, I apparently picked this up at a bookcrossing meeting about four years ago. And somehow failed to add it to my Librarything until now! I felt the need for a light non-fiction. I am enjoying it, although I have not read any of the books myself.









Jun 25, 2020, 10:07pm

Great to see you here. Good luck with your goals!