New release: Transformational Travel Adventure / Personal Growth

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New release: Transformational Travel Adventure / Personal Growth

Abr 13, 2020, 5:04pm

Hi guys,

Just released The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit's Travel Adventure Into The Unknown as an eBook (no physical books due to covid right now).

It's the comedy of errors of my personal journey of evolution. Think a way more wild Bridget Jones meets Eat Pray Love!

If you need entertainment, comfort, wisdom and a healing via live alchemy in motion as you read then this book is for you! Feedback so far has been amazing. It's as entertaining as it is enlightening.

5 stars on Amazon.

“I couldn’t put it down! Walden’s story is a no holds barred honest, and often hilarious exploration of one woman’s search for her true self. She’s a kiwi Cheryl Strayed.” Ann Glamuzina, Author of Rich Man Road.

“An uplifting tale of bubbles and bruises on the rocky road of self-discovery. Jo walks the hard yards so that we don’t have to.” Claire Chitham, Actor.

"Your book took me on an incredible journey. Into my biggest fears and my greatest weaknesses. It took me with you, into the light, the shadows, and everything in between. All a reminder of who we really are - perfectly imperfect. And that we actually DO know that we are enough. Thank you Joanna. Your book is refreshingly (and often brutally) honest. You have spoken out loud that which humanity needs to hear." Catherine Newton, Strategic Leadership Expert.

Half price launch special right now:
*available in all regions so just search The Inside Hustle if not based on USA for the above link.


Can't wait to hear what you think - and please review me!