Do the author's preferred pronouns matter when reading erotica?

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Do the author's preferred pronouns matter when reading erotica?

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Editado: Mar 15, 2020, 6:51pm

Those things that get us interested and hold our interest vary from individual to individual. Can someone who identifies as a man write erotica for those that identify as women? Or the other way around? Or someone who doesn't identifier as either, can they write erotica to be consumed by the public? Don't the author's skills matter more than which pronouns they prefer for themselves?

I don't think the author's gender identifier matters. I think what matters is what's on the printed page. If I think it's hot, desirable, and something that appeals to me I really don't care about which pronouns the author prefers, I do however care about their writing skills.

There is no generic connection formula to leads to people being in bed together, having a need for a St. Andews Cross, or a paddle. Each of those is has it's own audience. Those not of that persuasion might find it difficult to write for that persuasion.

Is that true when a straight person writes GLBT erotica? Or the other way around...someone in the GLBT community writing straight erotica?

Personally, I think the GLBT community has been writing straight erotica for a very long time. The reverse perhaps not.

What are your thoughts?