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Jul 29, 2006, 8:54pm

I count among my favorite authors Antonia Fraser and her daughter Flora Fraser as well as Alison Weir. I've just finished An Elegant Madness: high society in Regency England. Wow, it makes Desperate Housewives rather uptight by comparison. Very juicy. Amanda Foreman wrote the wonderful Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire another terrific Regency tale. From the Georgian era The Unruly Queen was amazing. I still love the Tudors and am just embarking on the Derek Wilson book In the Lion's Court. I have all Henry's wives and Henry himself as Christmas ornaments-I'm still searching for Elizabeth I!

Ago 3, 2006, 3:50pm

I'm quite fond of Alison Weir's work - although I've only read Six Wives of Henry VIII and Eleanor of Aquitaine to date. I was rather disappointed in the Eleanor book, but as that's not really my area of interest, it's not surprising. I have most of her other works on Mt TBR -- probably will pull one of them off the shelves to read after I finish with this round of library books.

Have you read any of David Starkey's work? I really liked his book about ER I; but haven't yet read his bio on Henry VIII's wives (although I saw the BBC/PBS production a few years back).

What did you think of Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire? At times I really enjoyed it and yet other parts left me wanting. I read it while I was traveling around England last fall -- and made a trip to Chatsworth where I saw several of the portraits that were in the book. Fascinating woman and times.

The Unruly Queen sounds really familiar. Must check to see if that's one I have or want to acquire. But now I must take a peek at your catalog and see what you've got there that I should add to my wish list. Not that I need to add anything more, but one can never have too many books.

Ago 5, 2006, 11:48pm

Marcinyc said:
Have you read any of David Starkey's work? I really liked his book about ER I; but haven't yet read his bio on Henry VIII's wives (although I saw the BBC/PBS production a few years back).

I've read quite a few of David Starkey's books; he's one of the three "Davids" that I'll buy anything they write on 16c England (the others are David Loades and David Cressy)

The costuming in the BBC production of the Six Wives was truly appalling, but the narration was interesting.


Nov 2, 2006, 1:09pm

It's surprising that this message board has had no posts for three months!!

I love Alison Weir's books and have them all. She has just branched out into fiction and has written a novel about Lady Jane Grey Innocent Traitor - pls see the LT entry for my review of it.

David Starkey is great also and his Six Wives of Henry VIII a magnificent read - this must surely be the definitive collective biography unless a major new primary source is uncovered.

Nov 3, 2006, 9:14pm

I hadn't heard about Weir's new novel. I'll read your review today. I read Mary Lovell's book Bess of Hardwick. She mentions that Bess always kept a small picture of Lady Jane in her room. She had been friends with Jane and was horrified by her execution. Poor Jane, such a tragic story!
I just returned from a trip to visit Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth. I was so glad I had read the book about Bess before I went. She was second only to Elizabeth as the most powerful and wealthy woman of her time.
Lovell also wrote the wonderful book The sisters:The saga of the Mitford family . Since the dowager Duchess of Devonshire is Deborah Mitford, this must have been her inspiration to research Bess. It's an excellent read!