Automatic Indexing of Catalog - Can I Turn It Off Temporarily?

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Automatic Indexing of Catalog - Can I Turn It Off Temporarily?

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Feb 2, 2014, 11:01am

I am making a lot of tag changes today - relocating books to different shelves - and every single search tells me that it's indexing my catalog from the previous change made.

Is there any way to (temporarily) turn off automatic indexing of books to avoid wasting so much time when mass changes are being made one book at a time?

Feb 2, 2014, 12:12pm

You can't turn off the automatic indexing with the search, but there are ways to avoid doing searches for mass changes. Here are the ones I know:

For mass changes to existing tags you can use the tag box on Your Library page. That will bring up all existing tags in alpha order. Using the edit thingee under a tag you can change that tag to something else on every book you own. You can delete tags by making them blank.

To add new tags you can search the books (use a broad search that will bring up a lot of books you want to change). Use the power edit setting (lightening bolt icon). Check the books you want to add a tag to. Put the tag in the edited box at the top of the screen and it will change all the checked books. You don't have to re-search until you've done everything you want to that list.

Changing books one at a time: Either do a broad search or bring up all your books in the Your library mode. Use the pencil icon. This will bring up the full edit screen. Make any changes you want, hit the save key and you will go back to the Your catalog page you were on. You can just keep paging through the catalog until you're done.

I usually index every time I change a hundred or so records. I've gotten the feeling (probably erroneous) that the response time is slower on the your catalog page if there are lots of things to index.

Happy editing.

Feb 2, 2014, 1:03pm

Thank you, aulsmith! I've just come back from lunch and have round II to work through, so will read the above message again in more detail and have at it.

I appreciate your response.