To all my Pernese friends.

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To all my Pernese friends.

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Ago 15, 2012, 2:38pm

I have been away but last night I started to remember my friends and felt sad because I hadn't thought about them in a while. So to the people I loved Menolly, Piemur, Jaxom, Ruth, Master Robinton, Sebell. F'nor, Canth, Breke, Lessa, F'Lar, Ramoth, Mnementh, Nerilka, Moretta and the rest. A special thanks to Anne McCaffrey I know your looking down and smiling at your creations. To the members of this group I wish you all well. I am heading back to Pern.
P.S. forgot T'Gellam, Monarth, and Mirrim. If you remember one please add to the list

Ago 26, 2012, 7:39pm

Manora and Silvinia, Sharra, Domick, Alemi, Elgion, Shonagar, Fandarel, Wansor...