Robert Macfarlane's "The Old Ways" on BBC Radio 4

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Robert Macfarlane's "The Old Ways" on BBC Radio 4

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Jul 2, 2012, 12:44pm

Robert Macfarlane's new book The Old Ways is the current "Book of the Week" ( on BBC Radio 4

Episode 1 is available for 7 days at:

"Humans are like animals and like all animals we leave tracks as we walk. Pilgrim paths, green roads, drove roads, corpse roads, trods, leys, dykes, drongs, sarns, snickets, holloways, bostles, shutes, driftways, lichways, ridings, halterpaths, cartways, carneys, causeways, herepaths."

Author Robert Macfarlane follows some ancient routes in the UK and overseas. As well as having adventures on the way - as you do on foot - he ponders the creation of old paths, the people who trod them, and how they resonate in today's landscapes.

Setting off, Robert Macfarlane hits England's chalk paths
and soon finds out there's a price to pay for this..

Abridger Penny Leicester
Read by Dan Stevens

Producer Duncan Minshull.