Call for Participants: On the Wings of Wadaduga: Cherokee Two-Spirit Lives

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Call for Participants: On the Wings of Wadaduga: Cherokee Two-Spirit Lives

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Abr 30, 2007, 6:31 pm

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Call for Participants: “On the Wings of Wadaduga: Cherokee Two-Spirit Lives.”

Cherokee Two-Spirit/Queer activist, poet, and scholar Qwo-Li Driskill is looking for other Cherokee Two-Spirits to tell their stories as part of a research project. “On the Wings of Wadaduga” is an effort to bring the stories and histories of Cherokee Two-Spirit, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer-identified people to other Cherokees and to the broader public. This research has a goal of publishing the collected stories and creating a public performance of and based on these stories. These stories may also be used in scholarly articles and publications.


Wadaduga (Dragonfly) is an animal that enters only peripherally in recorded Cherokee stories. Wadaduga is a species currently in grave danger of extinction. Like Wadaduga, Cherokee Two-Spirits are currently being attacked and erased and our histories ignored. While contemporary writing and activism has demonstrated the roles of Two-Spirit people within various Native traditions and histories, discussions of Cherokee Two-Spirits have largely been left out of discussion. This project aims to bring our experiences to the center for both our present for future generations.

Who Can Participate?

This research is for all Cherokees who also identify as Two-Spirit, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed, Genderqueer, or Queer. For the purposes of this project, “Cherokee” people will be defined as those who meet at least two of the following criteria: 1.) Have Cherokee ancestry. 2.) Are enrolled members of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, the United Keetoowah Band, or the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians 3.) Are involved with Cherokee community and are recognized by other Cherokees as being Cherokee.

About Qwo-Li:

Qwo-Li Driskill is a Cherokee Two-Spirit writer and activist also of African, Irish, Lenape, Lumbee, and Osage ascent, and the author of Walking with Ghosts: Poems. Hir work appears in numerous publications including The Crab Orchard Review, SAIL: Studies in American Indian Literatures, Many Mountains Moving, and in the anthologies Nurturing Native Languages, Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology, and Speak to Me Words: Essays on Contemporary American Indian Poetry. S/he performs poetry and conducts workshops throughout US and Canadian occupied Turtle Island. S/he is currently living in Three Fires (Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi) and Huron territories while pursuing a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing at Michigan State University. Qwo-Li’s website is

For more information or to participate, please contact:

Qwo-Li Driskill.
Michigan State University
Rhetoric & Writing.
298 Bessey Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

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