confusing issues related to refferences to top level (and other level) author urls

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confusing issues related to refferences to top level (and other level) author urls

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Editado: Oct 13, 2010, 8:44pm

Hi! This should be a metatopic about LT behaviour which might still be confusing for users which have been here for a while. I wonder what newbees are thinking on some of the described behaviour.

a) It happened to me a dozens of times that when going to my catalog I clicked on the author link displayed there and could see that neither was the author combined with another author url nor was there any work associated.

b) A while ago search_works used to display an indication if I own that work or not. It happened that clicking on the author url I had no works there. I woundered why and I assume that it was because of cross author combinations. Maybe I should have clicked on the work link.

c) Similar behaviour as described at b) I could experience at stats/series, stats/awards, stats/characters, stats/places, stats/events; and /tag

d) The links and link titles displayed in authorcloud/gangleri will not lead to the same author name / url . Example: you may see "M. Beregovskiĭ" but the link directs you to Moshe Beregovski (1892–1961). Many might got used to this but the question is if this is also selfexplanatory to newbees.

e) One topic has been addressed already in "characters, places, series should display top level author pictures".

Please understand that the discussion is not about how LT behaves now. It is about looking where minor changes might improuve it. If refference changing would present more atractive results, if the LT system implementation would allow to display better results without additional database queries (eating site resurces / performance). Why not identify these thinks and post the individual feature requests.

Some issues might be ralated to personalized database querries. Example:,+Jr%2E verifies if the user caling the url has the works in his catalog. It displays probably the "dominat" author / author url (and will probably disregard cross author combinations). Depending on the LT db implementation displaying the author url used by the visiting user might require additional db queries. As a nonstandard case it might happen that either the dominant author or the author used by the user is the "empty author field" related one.

Prtobably many of these thinks have been dsicussed already. Please add the refferences to the topics here. Maybe it would be better to discuss some very technical issues in separate threads.

Regards Reinhardt

P.S. added /tag at c)

Oct 13, 2010, 3:13pm

>1 gangleri: a) In order to understand the problem I should explain what I do: I make a catalog search fist and open some links in background tabs. Mostly I open the edit work link but it ofthen happens that I go to the author link directly. When I have identified half a dozen of thinks I want to do I process the background tabs one by one. Th description at a) describes that I opened the wrong LT page. What I want to describe: There are ways to avoid the problems; some additional clicks and I am where I want to be. The isue is not about me; it is about in what kind of problems other users / visitors may run into.

Oct 21, 2010, 8:39am

There are several reports about what is displayed now and what should be displayed in the « Also known as » list and in the « This entry includes… » link section.
Today the presence of "Canonical names" will supress the display of the original author names (this is what is shown in catalog) which are combined to the (top level) author url.

What is common to the topic subject: LT identifies the right db records but displays the wrong field.