Book Series for PDCRead

Series that books in PDCRead's library belong to

Resumen: 864 Colección

The 100

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

84 Charing Cross Road

The Academy: Priscilla Hutchins

Adeptus Mechanicus

Aether Series

African Trilogy

Age of Legends

Alec Milius

Aleutian Trilogy

Alex Verus

Alexandra Fuller Memoirs

Alexi Korolev

Alien Influences

All Clear

All Creatures Great and Small - UK

All Creatures Great and Small - US

All The Birds In The Sky

Allison & Busby Writers' Guides

Alphabet Juice

Alternate Histories


The American Empire Project

American Gods

Amos Malone

Anatomy of Britain

The Ancient Blades Trilogy

Anders Knutas

Angelique de Xavia

Anglo-Saxon Studies

Anguished English

Angus Donald's Robin Hood

Anna Fekete

Anna Nicholas Mallorca Travel

The Anomaly Quartet

Answered Prayers Sextet

The Anubis Gates


Apparatus Infernum


Arbai trilogy

Archaeology in the Field Series

Arena Mode Saga

Arnold Morgan

Art and Imagination

The Art of (Kevin D. Mitnick)

Arthur C. Clarke Anthologies

ASH: A Secret History

Assassin's Curse



Auguste Lupa

The Australia Trilogy

Avalon, Chronological Order

Avalon, Published Order

Avery Cates

The Awakeners

Azaro Trilogy

The Ballad of Sir Benfro

Bangladesh Trilogy

Banner of Souls

Banners of Blood

Bannon and Clare

The Baroque Cycle




Batman Vol. 1 [1940-2011] (collections)

BBC Historical Farm Series

BBC Radio Collection

Bedside Readers


Bel Dame Apocrypha

Bel-Air de Grezelongue

Believer Columns

Best American

The Best American Science and Nature Writing

Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year

BIG IDEAS // small books

Bill Bryson's Complete Notes

Bill Bryson's Travels


The Black Magician Trilogy

Black Orchid

Blackåsen Mountain

Blade Runner

Bloodsounder's Arc

Blue Ant

Bold As Love

The Bone Season

Book Lust

Book of the Ancestor

The Bookman Histories


The Bradt rail guide

The Bradt travel guide

The Brentford Trilogy

Bridge Trilogy

The Bridges of Madison County


The Brilliance Saga

Britannica Natural History

British Museum Objects in Focus

The Broken Empire

The Broken Empire World

The Bromeliad

Brooke Family

Bruce Mason

Bruna Husky

Buccmaster Trilogy

Burned Man

Burton and Swinburne

Bush at War

Cabinet of Curiosities

Cadogan guides

Cannery Row



Catharine Arnold London Trilogy

CBC Massey Lectures

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Centenal Cycle

The Century Travellers

Chaos Walking

Chaoswar Saga

The Checquy Files

Children of Time

The Children's Crusade

Chris Bronson

Chronicle of the Fallers

Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne

The Chronicles of Fate and Choice

Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox

Chung Kuo

The Cinder Spires

The Circle

City Blues Quartet

The City of a Hundred Rows

Civilizations Rise and Fall

The Clash of Eagles Trilogy

The Clockwork Century

Clone Series

Cobra Rebellion


Code Name Verity

CoDominium Internal Chronology

Common Ground

Commonwealth Saga

Commonwealth Universe

Die Commonwealth-Saga

Complete Idiot's Guide

Connemara Trilogy

ConSentiency Series

Cookie Orbach

Cool Stuff

Corfu Trilogy

Cornell Studies in Security Affairs

The Corporation Wars


Council for British Archaeology Research Reports

Country Series


Craw Trilogy

Crime, Justice & Punishment

Critical Perspectives on Animals: Theory, Culture, Science, and Law

Crown & Key

Crown Journeys

The Cruel Stars

The Culture

Cyber Noir

Cyber Series


Le cycle d'Ender



The Dales

Dandelion Dynasty

Dark Gifts

Dark Ink Chronicles

The Dark is Rising Sequence

Dark Mountain

The Dark Passages

Darwin Series

Dead Boy Detectives

Delanua family

Delphic Division

The Demon Cycle

Desolation Road

Destiny's Children

Detective Comics Vol. 1 [1937-2011] (collections)

Dial H For Hero


Dilbert: Business

Dirk Gently


Discworld Mapps

Discworld: Children's Picture Books

Discworld: City Watch

Discworld: Death

Discworld: Gods