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Jun 28, 2021
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My collection has a large amount of children's literature, and to a lesser extent, some YA. My focus is on classics, older, and out of print editions. I collect based not only on content but also physical qualities. Books are art! Interior illustrations, cover art, and overall design are reasons of why I love what I collect. I often tell people I like books more than I like reading, and this is why. I'm especially interested in the horror and suspense genres...right now I am working on completing my collection of John Bellairs books with illustrations by Edward Gorey.

I also collect books about the history of Disney Animation, focusing on the Golden, Wartime, Silver, Bronze, and Renaissance eras. Although most of the books in this collection are focused on the development art and animation techniques, I include all aspects of early Disney history, including Walt's life story and the history of the parks.

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I am a student, aspiring artist, book collector, cat whisperer, and hobbyist of many interests. My undergraduate degree is in Arts and Letters with a Minor in Music History. Currently I am a graduate student in Simmons' SLIS program online. My dream job would be to work with old children's books someday, or maybe an art collection. I am part city dweller and part granola; I love going to towny events as much as being at the PNW coast. My interests include drawing, playing cello, baking, and beach combing.
Pacific Northwest
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