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Acerca de míABOUT MY PHOTO
I left my heart in...well not quite SanFrancisco, but a little paradise just outside of San Francisco called Half Moon Bay.
This is a photo taken with a disposable camera of a place I spent my life seeking and will spend the rest of my life trying to return forever. If I ever settle down, it will be here in my utopia, Half Moon Bay.
..and if you go, say hello to Pete at Bach's Dynamite and Dancing Society.

I often feel tempted to take a SICK DAY so I can stay in bed and READ.
I rarely leave the house without a book. The best is reading about music or performing!!!

Page is UPDATED Randomly and sporadically.
Static is stagnant
So my profile changes with my whims. Some say that applies to more than my profile.

Good question.
Here's some basics:

Late Night Radio Personality (on hiatus)
Extrovert AND Introvert
Writer: creative non fiction mostly from personal
experience, published locally. Also a playwright, & I write and perform my own cabaret shows for clients and educational institutions.

Adventurer-thrill seeker-adrenaline addict
Novelty junkie

Animal parent/rescue worker: I am a
non-discriminating critter feeder
Mom to three exceptional, amazing cats.

Outdoor enthusiast too often stuck indoors

One Damn fine Cook! My lessons begin in the high chair. Not kidding!

Rainy day Beachcomber
Computer nerd Wannabe

Midnight thunderstorm dancer

Recovering Perfectionist

Seeker of beauty in the mundane-miraculous.

Child of the Fae.

Spider protector.

Seeker of foggy mornings.

Things which Haunt My Dreams
-'Accidentally' being locked in the Library of
Congress for a weekend.

-A year trekking the Amazon river basin with a camera
and blank notebooks to write in.

-Being put into suspended animation and rocketed out
into deep space at light speed for about 500 years
and then waking up to explore things no other
human being has ever seen.

-Sparkly, glittery things.
(call me Magpie:)

-Contributing one substantial, conscious altering,
original idea to the planet.

-Living a full year in an isolated cabin in the
remote wilds of Northern Canada,


-Traveling within every country before I die.

Stories i read as a wee one which are pieces of me still. Like footprints on my soul, these came to me so early they are even more a part of who I am then many of my own stories.
~The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson
read it here:
~The Last Leaf by O'Henry
read it here:
~The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson
read it here:
~Charlotte's Web
~ The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley
~ Watership Down

...are there any stories from your early childhood imprinted into your soul? I'd love to hear, drop an email or add it to my comments. Thanks.

Acerca de mi biblioteca

I'm mad about non fiction. I NEED reference books, regardless of subject. I'm a fiend for words; dictionaries were my first love and rich, layered, descriptive words new to me create spasms of pleasure when I first hear them uttered.

I live for music I can perform (my tattered scores discarded from the Oberlin music library are my treasures). The smell of old, stacks books sends me into spasms of sensual glee. I revel in irreverent humor, shocking content and any book which teaches me something I didn't know.

I strive for minimalism and a house full of open space. I prefer rooms with echoes and flat surfaces without embellishments. At this rate I'm fairly certain I'll achieve that state of perfection about 5 minutes before I die.

Autores favoritosDouglas Adams, E. E. Cummings, Richard Dawkins, William Shakespeare, Deborah Tannen (Favoritos compartidos)

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Nombre verdaderoCassandra

UbicaciónWestern NY

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Miembro desdeMay 6, 2006

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