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I've learned that you should never accept books like Nicolas Sparks writes, but you should appreciate the little guys who write well and are never discovered.
I veer towards the classics, towards history, biography, philosophy, and everything else that is interesting without being contrived.

I love people. Always have.
They're very strange and complex; easy to hear, hard to read.
I like anything to do with different cultures.

My library on this website only contains the books I've actually read front to back. Not the snippets I've read, or the articles, or anything I picked up a long time ago and don't remember. Just the ones I really concentrated on finishing. I hope that it will become much bigger than it already is.

I am always open to suggestions!

Sobre mí
There's something about finding myself in literature that makes me feel fulfilled.
I find myself a lot.
Over and over.
My friends think I'm nuts over books.
I pawn off my old ones on my unsuspecting boyfriend.
He opens our walk-in closet every day with a cry of frustration.
I am an archaeologist, a marketing adviser, and a creative writer.
My ego is much too big for the way I look.
I'm twenty-four, and I've been almost everywhere.
I'm interested in everything from science to the fine arts to science-fiction.
If there was anything I love as much as books, it would be television. Just another form of storytelling. I'm not ashamed to admit it.
My head is always in the clouds.

I like that I have a personal library waiting for me at home; a haven where I can sit and stare at everything I am learning and will learn one day.

I like to say I'm a hippie. I have a tattoo on my wrist of a peace sign and a heart. My friends are all nerds or mediawhores or just the regular kinds of whores. We all want our moment in the sun; we usually get it. Eclectic are we.

They hate that.

I am not rich. Meaning I have no money.
I want to start a reading group called The 49 Design.

My professors always love me because I'm a challenge. And because I won't put up with nonsense. But they also love me because sometimes I come into class hungover or stoned, saluting them with my sunglasses.

I'm always smiling because I don't know how else to react.

Men love me, but boys do not.
I am pretty as a picture but a picture from the Italian Renaissance. Lots of symbols, rubenesque, and very hard to tame.
Some people become mystified because they cannot connect my appearance to my personality. (Cupid, chubby cheeked innocence meets hardcore drugs, where?)

I love animals. My boyfriend and I have a dog named Huck, and two cats named Fritz and Wybie. (If you want to know why, Snicklefritz is the bad weed in Pineapple Express and Wybie is one of the main characters in Coraline-my favorite movies). Huck is just Huckleberry Finn. And, damn, if he's not the same personality.

I plan on being incredibly successful one day.
Not in a way that matters culturally.
Others say I will be, too.
But they only say it because I've said it first.

But it isn't money I'm after.
I just want the ability to continue being proud.

I feel as if everyone and no one understands what I am thinking.
It drives me mad every day.
But by night I am satisfied with this thought.

I love the colors deep red and orange.
I am a Capricorn.
I have blonde hair.
I am wildly sexual.
I believe in Fate.
I do not rely on it.
Books are my life.

And, in the end, I am interested by everything. Even the things I hate interest me. I can't get enough of everything.

I can't get enough.

It is tiring to live each day.
Durham, NC
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