Feb 26, 2010
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Susanna Oxenbridge
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Oxenbridge's library as reflected here includes the books listed in her will, dated at Boston, 6 June 1695; books given to Mrs. Oxenbridge by her husband in his 1673/4 will are also included.

Notes on the books, including the people to whom Susanna left them, are included in Comments. Worth noting is that five of the eight people to whom Susanna leaves books are women.

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Susanna Abbit (or Abbott) Oxenbridge (d. 1696), widow of John Oxenbridge. Her maiden name is not known. As the widow of Mr. Abbit (probably of England), became the third wife of John Oxenbridge c. 1667, at the advice of "her chefest friend, Mr. Thomas Parris." She came to Boston with Oxenbridge in 1669, and was admitted to the first church with her husband on 20 January 1669/70.

In John Oxenbridge's will, he leaves her much of his estate, including money, household items, gold rings, silver pieces, and books. He notes "and this small portion of my ruined estate I desire and hope she will accept with love and satisfaction, as being more than she had from her former husband, Mr. Abbit, and more then, before marriage with me, was expected or promised, for she did then say she had enough for us both, when, by sore losses, my estate was much impaired, and I would thinke in equity she will consider that her annuity of one hundred a year will be more than I can leave to my children, and more than she was willing to follow the advice of her chefest friend, Mr. Tho. Parris, who made the mach between her and me, ...."
Boston, MA