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Apr 24, 2014
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Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor
Sobre mi biblioteca
Our largest library, named for the school's first librarian, Ellie Klopp, is the Lower School Library which offers the RSSAA community over 5,000 titles --- everything from Readers for those beginning to experience the joy of written words, to Paperback and hardcover Fiction books and series for older readers, as well as a General collection for all students to explore an array of subjects (nonfiction and literature classified by a modified Dewey Decimal system). This library is open for circulation on Monday through Thursday afternoons when the Lower School is in session. Books are checked out using a card system which includes handwritten or stamped book pocket cards, due date cards, and borrower cards. On site, there is a classic Card Catalog for patrons to use, along with an internet connection for librarians to access online resources and tools, such as LibraryThing!

*Update Fall 2016: We invite you to try a new and user-friendly search version of our catalog (powered by TinyCat from LibraryThing.com) which can be found at https://www.librarycat.org/lib/RSSAA.

All newly acquired library books as well as current collections are in the process of being added to the RSSAA Online Catalog which can be publicly accessed (no signup necessary) on the LibraryThing website at www.librarything.com/catalog/RSSAA.
Link to specific collections described below: [Select VIEW and SEARCH OPTIONS at the top of each catalog page, including which Collection to view and a suggested Style for viewing our library listings.]

All collections
>Books from ALL COLLECTIONS (described below) at both the Lower School and High School campuses.

Collections in the Ellie Klopp Library at the RSSAA Lower School
Your library
>Includes all the books at the Lower School Library; shelved according to Call Numbers denoting which collection the book belongs to and first three letters of the author's last name [for example: R/Arn, PB/Bot, F/Chi, or 398.2/Zuc].
LS/READERS [R] >fiction and nonfiction for our youngest readers
LS/PAPERBACKS [PB] >mostly fiction and some nonfiction paperback books
LS/FICTION [F] >fiction hardcover books
LS/GENERAL [#] >mostly nonfiction subjects, plus folklore and literature, with Call Number based on Dewey Decimal Classification
LS*World Languages >List of books at the Lower School which are published in German, Spanish, or other World Languages.

Collections at the RSSAA High School
HS/Stone House Library
>A wondrous collection of books available for high school students and faculty, shelved at the Stone House. This library was dedicated on March 16, 2005, in memory of Steiner student Meagan Margerum-Leys on the date of her golden birthday.
HS/Languages [German/Spanish]
>Collection of books, magazines, and other German & Spanish Language program materials, shelved in various classrooms throughout the High School.
HS/Coordinator's Shelf
>Collection of resources shared by the HS Coordinator on topics particularly pertaining to college planning, including: ACT/SAT/and other standardized test preparation, colleges and college majors, college financial aid and scholarships, college admissions process and essay writing.

Collections for the RSSAA Community
EC/Parent Library [yellow dot]
>Collection of parenting and educational resource books, shelved in the Early Childhood wing of the Lower School; marked with a yellow dot and available for self-checkout.
*Waldorf Selections
>List of select books from all our collections which are typically used in the context of Waldorf Education.

Books Not in Circulation
{Books in Process} and {Books to Fix}
>List of books off the shelf such as newly acquired items being processed for circulation or previously cataloged items needing adjustment, repair, or replacement.
{Book Requests}
>List of books or sample titles requested by students, faculty or others, to be reviewed by the Librarians.
>List of approved books which we wish to acquire for our various library collections.
Sobre mí
The Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor (RSSAA) is committed to providing a comprehensive and balanced academic, artistic and practical experience for students in grades pre K through 12, consistent with the ideals and methods of Waldorf Education*. Working together, our faculty, staff, Board and parents seek to create a community where childhood is honored and held in reverence. We strive to help our students develop initiative so they will have the fullest capacity to make meaningful contributions to society.
*Visit The Online Waldorf Library for a comprehensive resource on Waldorf Education.

Visit the RSSAA Library Blog: rssaa-library.blogspot.com where we share community news together with Library Program updates, tips and resources.

The RSSAA Library Program aims to provide students with creative venues, meaningful resources, and the freedom to explore and develop personal interests within the context of their Waldorf Education at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor. Read more About Us on the Pages and Posts of the RSSAA Library Blog!
2775 Newport Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (Lower School); 2230 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (HS)
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