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Brent Cox
About My Library
Philosophy: Mostly continental/existentialism.

Politics & Government: I care far more about personal freedom, but I can't ignore that I live among others. I have to know what kinds of ideas will help protect my freedom from those who would take it intentionally or simply by the common rush toward the crowd. My books reflect that I care about political principles of individualism, social justice and progress toward a better world.

Scholastic Books: You'll find rows and rows of Scholastic books for kids, circa 1960. I love their didactic yet adventuresome approach to some conflict. And I'm pretty sentimental about boys haunted by harmonica-playing ghosts or who grow wings over the summer.

Gay & Lesbian History: When I was a teenager, I didn't own any books about being gay—which is why I stole every book in my high school library that had anything to do with homosexuality. All two of them. My current library has many books about LGBT history, mainly the personal and political work for greater freedom—personal and political.

I've followed circuitous paths, sometimes losing, sometimes meeting friends. My books have always been beside me.
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I live in Washington, DC where I read Walt Whitman.
Washington, DC
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