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For fans of SF, Sci-Fi, Scifi and any other abbreviation you can think of!
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For all of you who enjoy a good thriller, a mystery story, bloody or not :o) To share opinions and get to know new authors! I'm thinking James …
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For those that love to delve into the past and get lost in a saga about a past era.
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We are discussing historical, contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, chick lit,... romance novels and everything else that takes our fancy. Please note: …
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For fans of Fantasy fiction, of any type
The idea behind Queery is simple: this is a group for discussing, promoting and recommending LGBT+ books (or books with LGBT+ characters) from all …
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Hey, why not. For those of us who enjoy Laurel K Hamilton, Catherine Asaro, Mercedes Lackey and others of that ilk The image is from Stephanie Pui-Mun …
For devotees of the horror genre and all things from the dark side of literature. Vampires and werewolves and demons... Oh My!