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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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PinnedPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!22 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 22Crypto-Willobie, abril 12
PinnedGeneral help and topic title change requests38 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 38amanda4242, Ayer 9:25pm
PinnedAnnouncements35 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 35humouress, marzo 20
HELP FIND YA SCIFI NOVEL1 sin leer / 1Uncle_Chuckles95, Hoy 8:30am
Regency romance, beauty and the beast retelling2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2Aquila, Ayer 11:21pm
Trying to recall books from Irish Fantasy5 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 5Aquila, Ayer 7:50pm
Crime/Mystery, possible psychic element1 sin leer / 1mykneehighsocks, Ayer 5:47pm
YA/Teen Diary style book5 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 5curioussquared, Ayer 1:31pm
Children's book bunny overwhelmed by loud noises1 sin leer / 1Marian_Liu, Ayer 12:40pm
Romance novels with characters named after states2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2Cecrow, Ayer 11:34am
Found: Book about a blind lighthouse keeper's daughter3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3stickyfingers1, Ayer 11:16am
Found: YA Dream Adventure4 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 4Sakerfalcon, Ayer 5:54am
YA Fantasy about a bad wizard27 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 27humouress, Ayer 3:41am
Unknown title of novel1 sin leer / 1OLUWATISE1997, Miércoles 8:02pm
Louisiana bayou, teenage pregnancy, adoption, mystery/romance1 sin leer / 1JHillgrove, Miércoles 6:20pm
YA Fiction Old Ladies1 sin leer / 1alyssa1008, Miércoles 5:17pm
Shifter Romance Series2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2lesmel, Miércoles 4:17pm
fiction, womans has affair, , living with man who tried to kill her2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2juels, Miércoles 3:56pm
young adult/fiction3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3bryanf, Miércoles 2:16pm
Book - war time - main characters are children4 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 4Tamilou, Miércoles 12:40pm
Looking for a book from the late 90's early 2000's.2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2juels, Miércoles 11:53am
Name the book and author1 sin leer / 1VNamieV, Miércoles 10:34am
YA Fiction (Fantasy?) Novel - Book of Destiny/The Destiny Book?1 sin leer / 1Kadeo13, Miércoles 10:29am
Name of a shifter romance series !!2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2juels, Miércoles 9:12am
childrens book1 sin leer / 1shanbabe, Martes 9:21pm
I’ve been searching...1 sin leer / 1helloitsautumn, Martes 8:23pm
Sci-Fi or Space Opera -- War with chalk?5 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 5Termas, Martes 6:21pm
Forgot the name to a book3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3Caramellunacy, Martes 3:21pm
Looking for a Children's Picture Book About a Crow that became beautiful and then plucked it's feather's out1 sin leer / 1Ixchelb, Martes 2:27pm
Mystery novel that I need to know the title of!!3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3juels, Martes 2:10pm
Paranormal FMC1 sin leer / 1Obsidian22, Martes 1:47pm
flying ships dragons and everything is powered by elemental animals1 sin leer / 1gabrielhurd, Martes 12:55pm
Found: environmental prevention boy from future to stop world collapse3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3gabrielhurd, Martes 12:43pm
LDS Fiction from late 90’s early 2000’s1 sin leer / 1mjones86, Martes 12:36pm
YA Story about a girl who sees ghosts4 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 4eoverkamp, Martes 11:56am
Found: Paranormal, Romance, Action, Individuals discover they are players in a game and have various abilities3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3Caramellunacy, Martes 11:08am
1980s hidden object fantasy gamebook1 sin leer / 1campsuds, Martes 11:01am
70's YA novel with teens searching for Sasquatch in Oregon1 sin leer / 1rinkaan, Martes 4:07am
Book Series2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2Yenera, Martes 2:26am
Found: dramatic short stories collection3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3metamorphe123, Lunes 11:58pm
pre-reader "I am a duck"3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3merrystar, Lunes 9:23pm
Italian title of The Heart of Enterprise written by Stafford Beer1 sin leer / 1Gdmpr, Lunes 9:18pm
Shattered1 sin leer / 1Sky3, Lunes 7:57pm
Novel -- Fallen High Rise Building1 sin leer / 1Dave_Perry, Lunes 5:37pm
Dark children’s fairy book3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3SolusUmbra, Lunes 4:55pm
Found: unnerving fiction about "swapped" twins6 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 6juels, Lunes 4:08pm
Kids, hiding dinosaurs in the house1 sin leer / 1cjclover, Lunes 3:51pm
YA mystery book2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2rarm, Lunes 2:01pm
Help4 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 4beyondthefourthwall, Lunes 11:21am
romance novel1 sin leer / 1librarylady1715, Lunes 11:17am
Found: Fantasy trilogy, female bisexual protagonist3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3Jaimbo, Lunes 10:34am
Runestones/shapeshifting1 sin leer / 1Red351, Lunes 3:22am
YA fantasy quest apothecary1 sin leer / 1caseyejackson, Lunes 3:21am
I'm looking for a book, can you please help it would mean a lot1 sin leer / 1A_Chocolate_Orange, Lunes 2:04am
girl works for secret organization that saves fairy tale characters and creatures and tired of it1 sin leer / 1rose100911, Lunes 12:46am
Wealthy lady befriends artist and wants her to take her deceased daughter’s place2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2patti-pkc2, Lunes 12:19am
Illustrated Sojourner Truth giving her Ain't I a Woman speech4 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 4SainaR, Domingo 11:19pm
Veteran,kid2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2MissSquish, Domingo 11:17pm
Can’t remember the name..please help1 sin leer / 1Fae339, Domingo 9:21pm
Girl has suppressed memories raped by a live bat by her brother1 sin leer / 1pjgoodson64, Domingo 4:24pm
Fantasy Fiction book about girl or woman lost at sea.7 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 7NelSprinkle, Domingo 4:07pm
Anthology of children’s stories from a series of books1 sin leer / 1ada_todd, Domingo 3:51pm
YA French girl Adelaide1 sin leer / 1Lonna1626, Domingo 10:12am
Historical romance maid becomes cook1 sin leer / 1KitaiNi, Domingo 9:50am
Help! Children book naughty boy underwater..3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3masaNASA, Domingo 6:35am
YA fiction made in 1990s?1 sin leer / 1SamanthaDuran, Domingo 6:05am
YA FICTION made in 1990s?1 sin leer / 1SamanthaDuran, Domingo 5:58am
Woman renovates old hotel diary in wall1 sin leer / 1brandiemiller, Domingo 2:29am
Vampire Book 80/90s1 sin leer / 1Navala, Domingo 2:23am
Vampire Book 80/90s2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2Navala, Domingo 2:17am
Found: 90's Children's Ghost Stories Book3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3DisassemblyOfReason, Sábado 5:33pm
Subplot about bored wife who runs away2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2CaliMartha, Sábado 4:03pm
African story women sabotage water well1 sin leer / 1anaternent, Sábado 10:35am
kids book about a girl and boy fighting the girl runs off and gets hit by a car1 sin leer / 1Mileycfan4eva, Sábado 9:14am
Romance novel 90s/2000s Woman in witness protection/two daughters and husband1 sin leer / 1meg1935, Sábado 2:05am
Found: YA Series Creative Girl, cross between Ramona and Alice2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2darsais, Sábado 12:27am
Help1 sin leer / 1serena00, Sábado 12:04am
Does anyone know this book?2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2Pamplemousse999, Viernes 2:54pm
Children's fiction, prince must save sick father1 sin leer / 1CFJAziz, Viernes 2:51pm
horror-Dreams that make do bad things2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2RAspenson, Viernes 1:02pm
Teen/ Young Adult set in high-school8 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 8FortisIndy_LRC, Viernes 9:37am
Revenge Romance1 sin leer / 1bmeisenheimer, Viernes 8:52am
young reader wizard female protagonist cat on cover6 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 6colebl, Mayo 6
Children's Book about Old Woman Babbling Brook1 sin leer / 1alyssarose, Mayo 6
Children's book- a boy & his dog hearing a female spirit out by the ocean1 sin leer / 1ENPB, Mayo 6
children's book about man with wanderlust comparing places hes been1 sin leer / 1cactus-lover, Mayo 6
please hlep, ive been looking for years...1 sin leer / 1cactus-lover, Mayo 6
Murder Mystery3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3CorieDenise, Mayo 6
YA coming of age? think it was published in the 00s, maybe around 2005.2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2beyondthefourthwall, Mayo 6
Teddy Bears Tell Stories1 sin leer / 1Shaz4Books, Mayo 6
Found: Young Adult/Teen Book about Clone (Thriller?)15 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 15Caramellunacy, Mayo 6
Can’t find:(1 sin leer / 1daisy1199977, Mayo 6
a girl that walks down this path and chased by these creatures that live in the dark. Later meets a boy and they travel2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2daisy1199977, Mayo 6
A woman who adopted a boy1 sin leer / 1eliena, Mayo 5
Mystery/adventure in egypt2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2RachelP_21, Mayo 5
YA boy collects deformed candy3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3RachelP_21, Mayo 5
YA Supernatural Teenage Girl Lives with Relative and discovers secret in attic1 sin leer / 1RachelP_21, Mayo 5
Black American city-set coming of age novel3 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 3juno22, Mayo 5
Country girl from small town looks for her childhood best friends attempted murderer1 sin leer / 1mcoe1055, Mayo 5
YA Goosebumps-esque Horror short stories collection2 sin leer [nota: mensajes, plural] / 2SJaneDoe, Mayo 5
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