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A great biography or memoir can be just as enthralling as any great work of fiction, so please tell your favorites and let's share the wealth.

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For Kerouac Fans: On the Road the movie: Website is Open. Premier Date Unset3 no leídos / 3JulieLill, junio 2017
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Elizabeth I: Or a Tale of Too Many Bios11 no leídos / 11annesion, mayo 2009
another old guy telling his life4 no leídos / 4TimBazzett, mayo 2009
Mrs. Astor Regrets1 no leído / 1maggie1944, abril 2009
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The Women Who Raised Me1 no leído / 1Aberjhani, mayo 2007
Churchill & Gandhi4 no leídos / 4Miro, marzo 2007
Bronte, Murdoch, biographies of authors1 no leído / 1Mallou, Febrero 2007
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