Fairy Tales Retold

Twisted fairy tales, adult fairy tales, or just a new retelling of an old favorite. This is the place to share your love of fairy tales in whatever form they may take.

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So, What is your favorite or what are you currently reading?31 no leídos / 31BookNrrrd, agosto 2010
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worst retold fairytale?6 no leídos / 6SusieBookworm, abril 2010
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Fablehaven: secrets of the dragon sanctuary6 no leídos / 6pwaites, julio 2009
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most commonly shared books6 no leídos / 6Hermee, marzo 2009
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Tin Man (mini series)2 no leídos / 2Zeesosa, marzo 2008
Gregory Maguire2 no leídos / 2Kerian, mayo 2007
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