fiber arts book swap

Este grupo está oficialmente inactivo. A veces ocurre. Si quieres reactivar este grupo, o crear un nuevo grupo con el mismo tema consulta esta página .

1st thing to do is to create a book swap library and be willing to maintain it, then join.

2nd thing is to be good about answering requests for exchange.

3rd thing is to be righteous in your dealings, don't procrastinate shipping something on a swap.

4th thing is to be honest about the condition of your books.

5th thing is to be open to uneven swaps.

6th thing is be patient. I don't expect a a bunch of offers right away, be open to swap for something not on your wish list, you may score a gem you never knew about.

Our group will only work if we operate with integrity, and never ever ever should money change hands.

If you are uptight about a couple of bucks this group will probably not be for you.

Brag about cool new or way old treasures you have scored, and lastly have fun and get to know other fiber art junkies around the world.


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