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Michael Wittmer, Ph.D., is professor of systematic and historical theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. His books include Becoming Worldly Saints: Can You Serve Jesus and Still Enjoy Your Life?; Don't Stop Believing: Why Living Like Jesus Is Not Enough; Heaven Is a Place on Earth: Why mostrar más Everything You Do Matters to God; Despite Doubt: Embracing a Confident Faith; and The Last Enemy: Preparing to Win the Fight of Your Life. Mike and his wife, Julie, live in Grand Rapids with their three children. mostrar menos

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The Last Enemy speaks to Christians facing death or troubled by its inevitability. It brings clarity and hope to the subject of death and dying by exploring our emotions and reactions, the pain imposed by the enemy, and Jesus' triumph over sin and death.
phoovermt | Apr 29, 2023 |
5 stars, Awe Inspired Learning

By Michael Wittmer

For such a small book, this one packs a significant punch in helping you to easily learn about the Holy Bible. Everything about it is nice and inspiring. The entire Bible is tastefully simplified for you to tackle reading and comprehending God's handbook for all of humanity. I like the heading on each title page, it draws your eye there first. The next thing I see is the uplifting illustrations and artwork, each image is accompanied by a short text discussing the chapter. Here's a list of each section.

Jesus' Return

Each chapter simply takes 5 short minutes to read and think about. Highly recommend.

I am extremely blessed because #BarbourPublishing gifted me a complimentary copy of #the5minutevisualguidetothebible I was under no obligation to post a review.
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HuberK | otra reseña | Jul 20, 2021 |
Are you a visual learner? Do pictures and illustrations help you better understand what you are reading? If so, this new book from Barbour Publishing is the perfect addition to your Bible study and devotion time. The 5-Minute Visual Guide to the Bible covers all of The Holy Bible, from the Creation to Jesus' Return, and it is filled with timelines, photographs, paintings, and maps that truly enhance Michael Wittmer's interesting narrative. I especially like that there are two pages devoted to each topic: one of text plus one of visual material, and I also appreciate the Scripture Index in the back.

The 5-Minute Visual Guide to the Bible is a unique resource and I recommend it to all who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of God's Word!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. These are my own thoughts.
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fcplcataloger | otra reseña | Jul 12, 2021 |

The search for a third way has almost become a cliche - but a third way is what Grand Rapid Theological Seminary's Mike Wittmer has provided. To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. The emergence of emergent is in part a reaction to conservatism. Wittmer has provided us with an irenic book, that provides a third way between the extremes of fundamentalism and the liberalising influence of emergent.

Many controversial topics are addressed; these include: must we believe something to be saved? Are we generally good or bad? homosexuality; penal substitution; does the kingdom of God include non-Christians? hell, can we know anything at all? The inerrancy of the Bible.

Each chapter utilises the diagram of a pendulum illustrating the postmodern and conservative extremes and the third way that Wittmer proposes. He sees strengths in both sides and incorporates them into his triangulated third way.

Particularly helpful was his chapter on penal substitution. Something that is rapidly becominga shibboleth among conservative evangelicals. This chapter examines the question: Is the cross divine child abuse? He looks at some of the problems advanced with penal substitution: it is too individualistic, it is too limited and too soft on sin. He assesses strengths in the penal substitution view, but maintains that it does not explain everything (p 93). He then combines the penal view with the Christus Victor model, which alleviates the problems of a 'business transaction' view of the cross: Jesus purchases our life with his death. 'Penal substitution is the heart of the Christus Victor, for it explains how Jesus accomplished his misson' (p. 94). Both views are required to do understand the atonement.

Not all postmoderns or conservatives will agree with Wittmer's approach - he will either be too postmodern or too conservative for the extremes - but for the open-minded he has produced an excellent resource. It is well written and accessible.

Wittmer is a professor of systemtaic and historical theology this comes through in the copious footnotes (they account for almost 20 per cent of the book). Here Wittmer shows us how the debates are not new but have echoes in the past. He is able to draw upon Calvin, Kuyper, Augustine, Luther, Aquinas as well as contemporaries such as McLaren, Padgitt, Rollins, Plantinga and Warren.

A set of study questions and brief case studies make the book ideal for small group discussion. This is one of my books of the year; it deserves to be read widely.
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Denunciada | otra reseña | Jul 23, 2020 |

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