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Jan Pieńkowski (1936–2022)

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Jan Pienkowski was born in Warsaw in 1936. During the war Pienkowski moved a lot, from Poland to Austria, Germany, Italy and finally to England in 1946. He went to The Cardinal Vaughan School in London and then to King's College, Cambridge, where he read Classics and English and became involved in mostrar más stage design. Pienkowski co-founded the greetings card company, Gallery Five. He worked in advertising, publishing, and doing graphics for the BBC children's TV series Watch! In his spare time, he started to illustrate books for children. He won the Library Association Kate Greenaway Medal in 1972 for his silhouette illustrations to Joan Aiken's The Kingdom Under The Sea and again in 1980 for Haunted House. Jan pioneered the modern Pop-up book with Haunted House, Robot, Dinner Time, Good Night and 17 others. Meg and Mog, the series of books which Jan created with Helen Nicoll, has reached 14 titles. Four of them became the Meg and Mog Show, exuberantly staged by David Wood and designed for the West End by Jan. His lifelong interest in stage design landed other commissions: two shows for Theatre de Complicite, then Beauty and the Beast for The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden and a spectacular Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland, Paris. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Navidad (tapa roja) (1984) 285 copias
Haunted House (1979) 251 copias
Dinner Time (1981) 233 copias
Oh My a Fly (1989) 164 copias
The Fairy Tales (2005) 153 copias
Easter (1989) 152 copias
Little Monsters (1986) 126 copias
Small Talk (1980) 108 copias
Robot (1979) 72 copias
ABC dinosaurios (1600) 51 copias
The Monster Pet (2000) 48 copias
Shapes (1973) 42 copias
Colours (1974) 31 copias
Gossip (1841) 30 copias
Sizes (1973) 28 copias
Faces (1988) 26 copias
Numbers (1973) 26 copias
Weather (1824) 24 copias
Homes (1835) 23 copias
Zoo (1985) 22 copias
Yes No (1992) 18 copias
ABC (1981) 18 copias
1001 Words (1994) 15 copias
PET FOOD (Little Monsters) (1989) 14 copias
Wheels (2008) 14 copias
Big Machines (1997) 13 copias
Phone Book (Pop-Up) (1991) 13 copias
Farm (1985) 12 copias
Pizza! (2001) 12 copias
Doorbell (1992) 10 copias
Fairy Tale Library (1977) 10 copias
I'm Frog (1985) 10 copias
Food (1988) 9 copias
Time (1980) 9 copias
Snow White (1977) 9 copias
I'm Panda (1985) 8 copias
Boats (1997) 8 copias
I'm Not Scared (1997) 8 copias
I'm Cat (1985) 7 copias
Pets: A Pop-Up Book (1991) 6 copias
The Sleeping Beauty (1977) 5 copias
Road Hog (Pop Up) (1993) 4 copias
Annie Bridget & Charlie (1967) 4 copias
Ninja Cat (2007) 3 copias
Diggers (Nursery Pops) (1997) 2 copias
The Toilet Book (1994) 2 copias
Race You! (Picture Books) (1989) 2 copias
Robot 1 copia
Le medicine di Meg (1988) 1 copia
Robots 1 copia
Oh My a Fly! (1992) 1 copia
Mahlzeit (1992) 1 copia
Monster Pops 1 copia
Batto the Bat (1997) 1 copia
Fun (First Cloth Books) (1995) 1 copia
Zet 'm op ! 1 copia
Jungle: A Pop-Up Book (2008) 1 copia
Home Sweet Home (1989) 1 copia

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Conocimiento común

Nombre canónico
Pieńkowski, Jan
Nombre legal
Pieńkowski, Jan Michał
Fecha de nacimiento
Fecha de fallecimiento
País (para mapa)
Lugar de nacimiento
Warsaw, Poland
Lugares de residencia
Barnes, London, England, UK
Herefordshire, England, UK
Cardinal Vaughan School
Cambridge University (King's College|classics and English)
book illustrator
stage designer
book designer
Walser, David (partner|1962-2005|civil partner|2005|to date)
Premios y honores
Kate Greenaway Medal (1972)
Kate Greenaway Medal (1980)
Biografía breve
Jan Michel Pieńkowski is a Polish-born British illustrator and author of children's books. He is probably best known for his Meg and Mog books with writer Helen Nicoll and for his pop-up books, including Haunted House (winner of the 1980 Kate Greenaway Medal), Robot, Dinner Time, Good Night and seventeen others.

Pieńkowski illustrated his first book at the age of eight, as a present for his father. During World War II, Pieńkowski's family moved about Europe, finally settling in Herefordshire, England in 1946. He attended the Cardinal Vaughan School in London, and later read English and Classics at King's College, Cambridge.

After leaving university Pieńkowski founded the Gallery Five greeting cards company. He began illustrating children's books in his spare time, but soon found the work taking over all his time. He began working with children's author Joan Aiken in 1968; he later won the first of two Kate Greenaway Medals in 1972 for his illustrations for Aiken's The Kingdom Under the Sea.

Pieńkowski has had a life-long interest in stage design. He was commissioned to provide designs for Theatre de Complicite, Beauty and the Beast for the Royal Ballet, and Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland Paris.

In 2005 Pienkowski contracted a civil partnership with David Walser, with whom he has been in a relationship for over forty years.

Pienkowski suffers from bipolar disorder.



Selections from the King James Version of the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew are used as the text in this beautiful picture book presentation of the Christmas story, which pairs these classic words with illustrator Jan Pieńkowski's signature silhouette artwork. Opening "in the days of Herod the King," the narrative relates how the angel Gabriel brought the tiding of Jesus to Mary, how Joseph and Mary went from Nazareth to Bethlehem, how Jesus was born in the stable, how the shepherds heard the glad tidings from a host of angels, and how the three wise men came with their gifts. The story closes with the Holy Family's flight into Egypt, and then their eventual return to Israel...

Originally published in 1984, Pieńkowski's Christmas is a book I have been meaning to pick up for some time now, especially as I greatly enjoyed his Easter, another picture book pairing biblical text with silhouette artwork, some years ago. I am glad to have finally tracked down a copy and read it, as it is truly wonderful. The story holds no surprises, of course, but is as beautiful as ever. The King James Version of the Bible may not be the most faithful or accurate translation available in English (and not the one I would use for study), but it is certainly one of the most beautiful, and has been immensely influential in the development of the English language. The artwork here is lovely—I am a long-time fan of Pieńkowski's, whose silhouette work never disappoints—and I appreciated the decorative flourishes, from the larger, illuminated manuscript style initial letter on each page of text, and the gold-embellished greenery over which the larger illustrations and the text are placed. Recommended to anyone looking for beautiful picture-book presentations of the Christmas story - the real, non-watered-down Christmas story.
… (más)
AbigailAdams26 | 3 reseñas más. | Dec 29, 2023 |
A wonderful addition to collection of Christmas pop-up books.
Huba.Library | otra reseña | Aug 17, 2022 |
Nicely bright and colorful, simple drawings with black borders; each spread has a color---in the order of a rainbow---and picture in which the primary object is that color. After the six basic colors, there are spreads for white, black and pink followed by a final spread saying "what colors" and showing two girls hugging. The end pages are rainbows. I like the bright colors and message of friendship in this very basic book.

(TMI: Note that my cover has a purple background, but the version shown with a purple background says "colours." Also, the covers shown both are from books with different ISBNs from mine.)… (más)
raizel | Jun 15, 2022 |
Young readers will delight in discovering each of the different “monsters” that pop up in this charming book as each page is turned. And when they reach the last page, what monster will they find lurking there?

There’s no story here, just a series of intricate pop-ups for young children to enjoy.
jfe16 | otra reseña | May 10, 2018 |



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