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National Geographic Magazine 1999 v195 #2 February (1999) — Contribuidor — 23 copias, 1 reseña


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a discussions of all the different types of bugs and all the different aspects of them
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TUCC | Jan 25, 2017 |
I like this book as informational information called "Bug Faces" by Darlene A Murawski. In this book the author depicts the insects and bugs with bright bold illustrations. The words pop out to you as you read this book and you do not want to put it down. The author in this book gives the reader a great description of each bug or insect in this book.A good book to teach children about different insects around them. The author has a PHD in Botany from University Texas in Austin. She also has a Masters Of Fine Arts from The Arts Institute in Chicago. The author has twice won The Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography.… (más)
KamarandaJones1 | otra reseña | Jul 21, 2016 |
"Spiders and Their Webs" introduces children to spiders and discusses many different types of them. It uses photographs and captions to introduce children to different types of spiders. It gives a great overview of many different types of spiders and students soak up this information and always want to know more.

Every time my class reads this story they love it. They want to know more and more. The pictures are the most entertaining to them (especially the Happy Face Spider). This book will continue to be a favorite of my classes for years to come.… (más)
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jroy218 | Sep 15, 2012 |
These aren't your favorite fuzzy caterpillars. These are the weird, the frightening, and the freakish!

Murawski introduces the reader to a fascinating variety of caterpillars through the lens of her research and photography. She explains the physiology of caterpillars, their food, defenses and more.

Each section on a part of the caterpillar's life cycle or habitat includes stunning photographs with extensive captions, projects like raising a caterpillar or experimenting with caterpillar sight, and anatomical drawings.

The book finishes with instructions on helping caterpillars survive, writing topics, a summary of the facts included in the book, glossary, additional reading, index, and notes from the author.

The Face to Face series is perfect for grade school children who want more in-depth information on various animals or are writing reports for school and this title is an excellent one. I would have liked to know a little more about the author/research ala Scientists in the Field, but that's the only drawback to this series in my opinion.

Verdict: This title and the others in the Face to Face series are highly recommended. A must-have for your nonfiction section, they are the perfect book to hand to kids who want to look at amazing photographs and explore the world of animals and bugs.

ISBN: 9781426300523; Published May 2007 by National Geographic; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library
… (más)
JeanLittleLibrary | Jan 15, 2012 |


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