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43,356 (43,377)675289 (3.65)820
The Face of Deception 1,586 copias, 30 reseñas
The Killing Game 1,420 copias, 16 reseñas
Body of Lies 1,383 copias, 19 reseñas
The Search 1,363 copias, 14 reseñas
Countdown 1,355 copias, 13 reseñas
Blind Alley 1,335 copias, 13 reseñas
Stalemate 1,270 copias, 15 reseñas
Dead Aim 1,199 copias, 11 reseñas
Quicksand 1,170 copias, 14 reseñas
Killer Dreams 1,152 copias, 13 reseñas
Fatal Tide 1,128 copias, 9 reseñas
Segunda oportunidad 1,126 copias, 11 reseñas
Final Target 1,118 copias, 8 reseñas
Pandora's Daughter 1,103 copias, 28 reseñas
Firestorm 1,093 copias, 10 reseñas
No One to Trust 1,034 copias, 5 reseñas
On the Run 1,017 copias, 7 reseñas
Dark Summer 893 copias, 13 reseñas
And Then You Die 889 copias, 10 reseñas
Long After Midnight 852 copias, 6 reseñas
Chasing the Night 831 copias, 33 reseñas
Blood Game 797 copias, 16 reseñas
Eight Days To Live 758 copias, 13 reseñas
Eve 756 copias, 18 reseñas
Deadlock 730 copias, 12 reseñas
Reap The Wind 688 copias, 9 reseñas
Quinn 626 copias, 12 reseñas
Bonnie 623 copias, 10 reseñas
Silent Thunder 574 copias, 10 reseñas
What Doesn't Kill You 494 copias, 20 reseñas
Storm Cycle 474 copias, 16 reseñas
Sleep No More 438 copias, 8 reseñas
Taking Eve 432 copias, 6 reseñas
The Wind Dancer 413 copias, 5 reseñas
The Treasure 379 copias, 8 reseñas
Hunting Eve 378 copias, 4 reseñas
Close Your Eyes 376 copias, 13 reseñas
Shadow Zone 376 copias, 4 reseñas
Lion's Bride 352 copias, 2 reseñas
Storm Winds 349 copias, 3 reseñas
Silencing Eve 342 copias, 10 reseñas
The Perfect Witness: A Novel 297 copias, 10 reseñas
Midnight Warrior 291 copias, 1 reseña
Shadow Play 275 copias, 14 reseñas
Live to See Tomorrow 274 copias, 7 reseñas
The Magnificent Rogue (Autor) 271 copias, 1 reseña
The Beloved Scoundrel (Autor) 251 copias
Sight Unseen 238 copias, 6 reseñas
The Golden Barbarian 226 copias, 1 reseña
No Easy Target 218 copias, 11 reseñas
The Tiger Prince 215 copias, 1 reseña
Your Next Breath 215 copias, 4 reseñas
Hide Away 204 copias, 8 reseñas
Dark Rider (Autor) 198 copias, 3 reseñas
Night and Day 194 copias, 7 reseñas
The Naked Eye 189 copias, 8 reseñas
Night Watch 183 copias, 8 reseñas
An Unexpected Song 173 copias, 1 reseña
Shattered Mirror 171 copias, 11 reseñas
Mind Game 164 copias, 16 reseñas
A Summer Smile 164 copias
Capture the Rainbow 159 copias, 4 reseñas
Look Behind You 154 copias, 6 reseñas
The Golden Valkyrie 140 copias, 2 reseñas
Vendetta 140 copias, 4 reseñas
And the Desert Blooms 130 copias, 3 reseñas
Touch the Horizon 129 copias, 3 reseñas
Double Blind 129 copias, 11 reseñas
Dark Tribute 122 copias, 1 reseña
Smokescreen 118 copias, 3 reseñas
Last Bridge Home 110 copias, 1 reseña
Everlasting 109 copias, 3 reseñas
One Touch of Topaz 106 copias, 1 reseña
Always 101 copias, 1 reseña
Notorious 99 copias, 1 reseña
White Satin 98 copias
This Fierce Splendor 90 copias, 2 reseñas
Tender Savage 85 copias
The Persuasion 83 copias
York, the Renegade 69 copias, 1 reseña
Wild Silver 67 copias
Chaos 67 copias
The Lady & the Unicorn 66 copias, 2 reseñas
Hindsight 66 copias, 1 reseña
Blue Velvet 61 copias, 2 reseñas
Satin Ice 60 copias
The Spellbinder 54 copias
Tempest at Sea 54 copias
On the Run [Abridged Audiobook] 52 copias, 1 reseña
Winter Bride 50 copias
The Bullet 49 copias, 1 reseña
Stormy Vows 48 copias
The Forever Dream 45 copias, 1 reseña
Return To Santa Flores 45 copias, 1 reseña
Blink of an Eye 41 copias
No Red Roses 40 copias
Eve Quinn Bonnie Trilogy 7 copias, 1 reseña
High Stakes 1 copia
angel fist 1 copia, 1 reseña

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Iris Johansen was born on April 7, 1938. She worked for a major airline for many years and travelled extensively. After her two children, Tamara and Roy, left home for High School, she decided to devote her newfound free time to writing. Since she loved reading romance novels, she penned a love story, and found to her surprise that "I was just as voracious a writer as I was a reader." During the 1980's, her name was emblazoned on dozens of slender volumes featuring spirited adventuresses, passionate mystery men and smoldering love scenes. These days, Iris is one of a posse of former romance writers dominating the New York Times bestseller lists: Jayne Ann Krentz, Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Tami Hoag, Sandra Brown and Tess Gerritsen all came up through the category-romance ranks.

Iris Johansen's writing hobby became a career after she sent her first romance novel in to Bantam Loveswept. Early on in her career, she developed the habit of following characters from book to book, sometimes introducing minor characters in one novel who then become major figures in another. She developed families, relationships and even fictional countries in her romance novels, which "stretched the boundaries of the standard formulas," according to Barbara E. Kemp in Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers. In 1991, she broke out of category romance (a term for short books written to conform to the length, style and subject matter guidelines for a publisher's series) with The Wind Dancer, a romantic-suspense novel set in 16th-century Italy. She followed it with two sequels, Storm Winds and Reap the Wind, to form a trilogy, then wrote several more stand-alone romance novels before The Ugly Duckling was published in 1996. The Ugly Duckling was her first book to be released in hardcover, and the first to significantly broaden her readership beyond her romance fan base. Since then, her plots have gotten tighter and more suspense-driven; critics have praised her "flesh-and-blood characters, crackling dialogue and lean, suspenseful plotting" (Publishers Weekly). Some of her most popular books feature forensic sculptor Eve Duncan, who first appeared in The Face of Deception in 1998. But she seems equally comfortable with male protagonists, and her books have crossed the gender division that often characterizes popular fiction. Indeed, Publishers Weekly called The Search "that rarity: a woman's novel for men."

Now, Iris Johansen is a bestselling writer, who has more than twenty million copies of her books in print and has won many awards for her achievements in writing. "My writing schedule is very disciplined. I try to be up in my office by nine every morning and I work until I've completed at least ten pages. Sometimes that takes four or five hours, sometimes ten or twelve. It depends on the flow, the research, and the pace at which the characters are moving the story. There are times when the story is streaking like a bullet. Then I just hang on and stay with it. I do have a research assistant, my daughter, Tamara. I wouldn't know what to do without her. She's invaluable in finding out both the small details and the big picture, though I do make her want to pull her hair out in frustration sometimes when I ask her if there isn't a way we can make a certain plot point happen. But then she starts to dig and quite often comes up with a way that can be truthful and factual and still keep my story humming."

Iris lives near Atlanta, Georgia, where she is currently at work on a new novel, while her daughter, Tamara Brooking, serves as her research assistant. Her son, Roy Johansen, is an Edgar Award-winning screenwriter and novelist, and they have collaborated in some projects.
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