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Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (1927–2013)

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Ruth Prawer Jhabvala was born in Cologne, Germany on May 7, 1927. She had to emigrate to England in 1939 with her family because of their Jewish faith. She earned a degree in English literature at London University. In 1951, she married an Indian architect, moved to India and raised three mostrar más daughters. She began writing in 1955 and has written a dozen novels. Several novels were set in India such as The Nature of Passion, Esmond in India, Travelers and The Householder, which was also her first motion picture project. Shakespeare Wallah was her first collaboration on an original project. She also wrote screenplays such as Roseland and Jefferson in Paris. Her other fiction works included In Search of Love and Beauty, Three Continents, Poet and Dancer, Shards of Memory, East into Upper East and My Nine Lives: Chapters of a Possible Past. She won numerous awards including Britain's Booker Prize for her novel Heat and Dust in 1975, the BAFTA award for Best Screenplay for the filmed adaptation of Heat and Dust in 1984, an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for A Room With a View in 1986, the Best Screenplay Award from the New York Film Critics Circle for Mr. & Mrs. Bridge in 1990, an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Howards, the MacArthur Foundation Award in 1984 and the Writers Guild of America's Screen Laurel Award in 1994. She died on April 3, 2013 at the age of 85. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras de Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

Heat and Dust (1975) 1,260 copias, 36 reseñas
Una habitación con vistas (1985) — Screenwriter — 247 copias, 1 reseña
Out of India: Selected Stories (1986) 214 copias, 3 reseñas
The Remains of the Day [1993 film] (1993) — Screenwriter — 177 copias, 3 reseñas
The Householder (1960) 142 copias
Howards End [1992 film] (1992) — Screenwriter — 139 copias, 4 reseñas
A Backward Place (1965) 126 copias
Esmond en la India (1958) 123 copias, 3 reseñas
Three Continents (1987) 116 copias, 1 reseña
Poet and Dancer (1993) 90 copias, 1 reseña
Shards of Memory (1995) 88 copias, 1 reseña
Travelers (1973) 84 copias
Get Ready for Battle (1962) 74 copias, 1 reseña
The Nature of Passion (1956) 68 copias
How I Became a Holy Mother (1976) 67 copias, 1 reseña
Amrita: Or to Whom She Will (1955) 49 copias
Le Divorce [2003 film] (2003) — Screenwriter — 49 copias
A New Dominion (1972) 47 copias
A Stronger Climate (1968) 36 copias
Heat and Dust [1983 film] (2003) — Screenwriter/Original novel — 21 copias
The Bostonians [1984 film] (2003) — Screenwriter — 20 copias, 1 reseña
Mr. & Mrs. Bridge [1990 film] (1990) — Screenwriter — 17 copias, 1 reseña
Jefferson in Paris [1995 film] (1995) — Screenwriter — 15 copias
Shakespeare Wallah [1965 film] (2004) — Screenwriter — 10 copias
Jane Austen In Manhattan [1980 film] (1980) — Screenwriter — 8 copias
Bombay Talkie [1970 film] (1970) — Screenwriter — 8 copias
Surviving Picasso [1996 film] (1997) — Screenwriter — 7 copias
An experience of India (1972) 5 copias
The Europeans [1979 film] (2003) — Screenwriter — 5 copias
Olivia (1978) 2 copias
Roseland [1977 film] — Screenwriter — 1 copia
Aphrodisiac 1 copia
The Householder [1962 film] (2004) — Screenwriter — 1 copia

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Nombre legal
Prawer, Ruth (birth name)
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer (married name)
Fecha de nacimiento
Fecha de fallecimiento
Germany (born)
UK (naturalized)
USA (naturalized)
Lugar de nacimiento
Cologne, Germany
Lugar de fallecimiento
Manhattan, New York, USA
Lugares de residencia
England, UK
New York, New York, USA
Delhi, India
Hendon County School
University of London (Queen Mary College)
short-story writer
Prawer, S.S. (brother)
Ivory, James
Merchant, Ismail
Premios y honores
American Academy of Arts and Letters Academy Award(Literature ∙ 1992)
Academy Award (Best Adapted Screenplay, 1992, 1986)
Biografía breve
Ruth Prawer was born in Cologne to a Jewish family. In 1939 they fled the Nazis to England, where she studied English literature at Queen Mary College and began to speak and write in English. In 1951 she married Cyrus H. Jhabvala, an Indian architect. The couple moved to India and raised three daughters there. From 1975 until her death, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala lived in New York City.

Beginning in 1955, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala wrote a dozen novels, many of them set in India. Two of them, The Householder and Heat and Dust, were adapted for the screen. Heat and Dust, Jhabvala's last book written in India, brought her the Booker Prize. A frequent contributor to The New Yorker, Jhabvala also had three short story collections published in addition to her novels.

Jhabvala was also an accomplished screenwriter, known for her many collaborations with director James Ivory and producer Ismail Merchant. This working relationship began with the 1963 film adaptation of The Householder, followed two years later by an original screenplay for Shakespeare Wallah, a film now widely regarded as a classic. Jhabvala also adapted novels such as E. M. Forster's A Room with a View and Howard's End for the Merchant-Ivory team, winning Academy Awards for both.

In 1984 Ruth Prawer Jhabvala received a MacArthur Fellowship, and in 1994 she received the Writers Guild of America's Screen Laurel Award, which is the Guild's highest honor. She became a naturalized citizen of the United Kingdom in 1948, and of the United States in 1986.



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