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Gordon D. Fee (PhD, University of Southern California) is professor emeritus of New Testament studies at Regent College. He has authored numerous works, including Pauline Christology; God's Empowering Presence; Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God; and commentaries on 1 Corinthians, Revelation, mostrar más Philippians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus. He also coauthored How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. mostrar menos


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CORINTIOS (20L) (ESTANTE 12) (1987) 1,547 copias
Romans 2 copias
I Corinthians 1 copia

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I read most of this one through page 160, but not every single page, and then sampled important aspects of the rest of the chapters. Some chapters had summaries of points covered at the end, though most did not. It is too bad this wasn’t provided with each chapter as it would have been very beneficial. I definitely plan to return to certain chapters as needed when studying the Bible to apply their wisdom.

I wasn’t a fan of the writing style so much and it could be repetitive (mostly I don’t think this book is as accessible for most, and could have been written more simply to make it so). That said, my book is full of flags to reference later.

Also, as a disclaimer for those who might need or appreciate it:

The author somewhat promotes his own view of some issues (opinion of best translation—he was one who helped translate the NIV, egalitarian vs complementarian/women’s roles—he leans toward the former). So if this bothers you (as it seems to have some readers; it didn’t bother me personally), it might be good to know that going in.
… (más)
aebooksandwords | 34 reseñas más. | Jul 29, 2023 |
A reliable guide to reading and understanding the Bible for yourself.
MenoraChurch | 4 reseñas más. | May 5, 2023 |
This book is a how-to guide for interpreting the Bible. It gives some general principles for interpretation, but the bulk of the book walks chapter-by-chapter through the major literary genres of the Bible and explains the challenges of each genre and the necessary principles to study and teach from such texts. A few of the chapters are lacking, especially the one on the Gospels, which focuses too much on the Synoptic Problem, and the one on Revelation, which gives helpful general principles but is lacking in specificity. -JPS… (más)
stilibrary | 34 reseñas más. | Dec 11, 2022 |
This is a textbook for those interested in learning more about Paul's perspective on the Holy Spirit. Good for a Pentecostal view on Pauline passages - especially with preaching.
JourneyPC | 4 reseñas más. | Sep 26, 2022 |



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